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Everyday Zen: Love & Work A Zen Guide To The Problems Of Daily Living, Love, Relationships, Work, Fear And Suffering Combining Earthly Wisdom With Spiritual Enlightenment, It Describes How To Live Each Moment To The Full And Shows The Relevance Of Zen To Every Aspect Of Life My manual for Zen meditation and understanding return return The format of Everyday Zen is a series of transcripts of talks that Joko has given to students during intensive meditation retreats or during regular Saturday morning programs at the Zen Center of San Diego, which she heads return return Joko is a rarity in American Zen American, not Asian female mother of 3 children she had an independent career from which she retired She started Zen when a mature adult As a result, she brings a different, practical perspective to Zen, not always found in American zendos I can speak from personal experience to that return return Beck lives in today s world, not 11th or 13th century Japan She understands, as the Introduction puts it, that the chop wood, carry water idiom of medieval Eastern practice has to be translated, for Westerners, into make love, drive freeway She can speak to a modern, Western student in a way that those following the monastic model of Japanese Zen can not or find difficult return return Beck is a practical, no nonsense teacher One of her objectives is to destroy in her students the romantic notions that many people bring to Zen While psychological change probably will occur, it s not the object of Zen, nor or special powers Joko is relentless in refusing to give her students what she calls cookies false hopes or pretenses for starting what is really a way of life Joko is excellent, as a result, in defining what Zen is NOT, which turns out to be remarkably useful to a student She understands that Americans, in particular, want to be fed enlightenment, preferably by listening to a teacher tell them how to live or by reading it in a book Joko constantly demolishes these notions return return The book organizes the essays for that is what they turn out to be into sections Beginnings, Practice, Feelings, Relationships, Suffering, Ideals, Boundaries, Choices, Service Each gives practical advice on meditation and living While she is insistent that no book can take the place of practice, still this one is invaluable as a manual for those of us who do not have access to a teacher It really is a how to book rather than a series of inspirational messages I have found it invaluable in my own life return return Too bad there is no rating higher than 5 stars. DOES A DOG HAVE BUDDHA NATURE Maybe for Zen is Nothing Special Skimming thru this little miracle of a book again this morning for the umpteen zillionth time, I read My dog doesn t worry about the meaning of life She may worry if she doesn t get her breakfast, but she doesn t sit around worrying about whether she will get fulfilled or liberated or enlightened As long as she gets some food and a little affection, her life is fine But we human beings are not like dogs We have minds which get us into plenty of trouble Last week when I went to the store, I thought back to a walk over there at about the same time of year, 15 years ago, shortly after my retirement It was weird.You see, back then I saw myself as an object in a world of other objects Those objects had eyes and were looking at me Not with great interest, but what were they THINKING No wonder For such is the end result of making a living in what Dilbert remember THAT little nerd called the Cube Farm.The modern office, in other words A place of quiet but powerfully efficacious POWER GAMES.And pity the poor bit players like you and me, ever under the wheel of power , as Hesse puts it, subconsciously find themselves putting their own minutest actions under a glaring spotlight Know the feeling The world is too much with us in the modern workplace It kills your music and I should know For it burnt me out In my retirement, sitting here in my rocking chair, I started reading Solzhenitzen s The First Circle in those first few months.I read about his longtime home, the Sharaska concealed within the murky cloud cover of the Soviet Gulag and with him penetrated deeply into the perfidious modern methodology for the destruction of our souls.In my office, as in the Sharaska, cool was King all emotions being constantly kept under wraps And with incessantly belittling supervision, there was not even room to Squirm But now I was energized by my solidarity with these communist prisoners and gained room to poke my head free of its heavy yoke my supervisors leaden and soulless dehumanization of my creative spirit.And as a result, I put my own MOTIVES into the spotlight, as well Within a few years I had seen CLEAR THROUGH their entrapment.If you re like me, there s HOPE Zen study can fix that.You see, nowadays unchecked OUR own, and OTHERS own worlds can become worthless collections of objective thoughts about objects An endlessly complicated collection of mirrors just read a bit of Deleuze, if you ve never experienced postmodernist isolation you ll catch on But then I thought of my walk in the present I had now becomelike Charlotte s dog In the liberty of retirement I was free and comfortable in my own skin My burnt out phony self of had vanished in a mere puff of smoke.So what had happened Certainly, with age most people let things goeasily But it wasthan that.Back then, I had seen things objectively in a world of OBjects and now I saw things subjectively in a world of SUBjects Like when I was a kid.I changed from being burdened by the weight of past events to being responsible for living and loving in the present I read and prayed and meditated rather than reading compulsively, nonstop I had learned to BREATHE again.When I bought Charlotte s book in the late eighties I thought at first it had helped me quite a bit.Now I KNOW she helped me to change just enough.But that just enough those little tweaks of insight that tenth of an inch s difference was a Whole LOT.A Whole EARTHSHAKING lot.Funny, isn t it This little gem has helped so many people to see their world ANEW, so here goes FIVE BRIGHT BRILLIANT FULL STARS, Charlotte You may now be gone but your SOUL lives in this book.And that s what you gave back to us our SOULS Thanks, Charlotte, and Shanti For ever. This a great no nonsense guide to Zen spirituality, free of Asian exoticism and specialized language, whose only purpose is to make you see According to Joko Beck, enlightenment is really very simple and yet may take an entire lifetime orto achieve Enlightenment consists in this being present in the moment, every moment, for the rest of your life For you Christians who have been nourished by the spirituality of Juliana of Norwich, Meister Eckhardt and Brother Laurence of the Resurrection, you will discover a kindred spirit here. I ll be honest here The reason I got these books on Zen and meditation in the first place was to help me clarify what I was supposed to be doing in karate.Damn this book is sobering I don t even know where to startThis book is a series of lectures that were transcribed by some of Joko s students I guess the biggest thing that I got out of this book is the idea that yesterday is gone and tomorrow s not here yet so just live out today Now I know that the point isn t that tomorrow isn t here It slike the next second isn t here yet But those are baby steps.Another thing that s big are the ideas of the superstructure and the ego I didn t realize how much the ego rules everything I apply a superstructure on top of everything The idea of Zen kinda leaves me at a crossroads if I accept the philosophy, which, if I m honest with myself, I ve already begun to accept in very subtle ways, then it feels like it s a very lonely path.

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