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The Ever After, The Demonic Realm That Parallels The Human World, Is Shrinking If It Disappears Completely, So Does All Magic It S Up To Witch Turned Daywalking Demon Rachel Morgan To Avert Catastrophe And Keep Life From Changing For The WorseWhile Saving The World Is Important, It Isn T Rachel S Only Motivation There S Also The Small Fact That She Caused The Ley Line To Rip In The First Place, Setting Off A Chain Reaction Of Unfortunate Events That Little Mistake Has Made Her Life Forfeit Unless She Can Fix It It S Also Made Her Than A Few Enemies, Including The Most Powerful Demon In The Ever After A Terrifying Entity Who Eats Souls And Now Has An Insatiable Appetite For Her He S Already Kidnapped Her Friend And Goddaughter To Lure Her Out, And If Rachel Doesn T Give Herself Up Soon, They Ll DieBut Rachel Has Than A Few Impressive And Frightening Skills Of Her Own, And She Isn T Going To Hand Over Her Soul And Her Life Without One Hell Of A Fight She S Also Got A Surprise Elven Tycoon Trent Kalamack With This Unlikely Ally Beside Her A Prospect Both Thrilling And Unnerving She S Going To Return To The Ever After, Kick Some Demon Butt, Rescue Her Loved Ones And Prevent An Apocalypse Before It S Too Late Or, At Least That S The Plan Ever After (The Hollows, #11)

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    512 pages of Trent and Rachel on a mission together

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    Like the finest of wines, The Hollows gets better with age As you can see, I present definitive proof that I ve indeed read the book And man oh man is it fantastic It s my new favorite I normally worry about using that term too loosely because it could diminish the potential quality of the series as a whole, but I genuinely think it s

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    argh i m so obsessed with this series it s not even funny if i can get triple the amount of Trent in this book as the previous one, I m gonna be very happy shove some Al in as well and a whole lotta action and I m gonna be extremely happy Obviously, since the title is Ever After , there s gonna be a lot of Al, and I ve alwa

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    SpoilersLess a review and a collection of ranty thoughts Did Rachel really need to describe how good looking Trent was every single time she saw him Also why was she so obsessed with how everyone smelt Ooh Trent smells like cinnamon, ooh Quen smells like cinnamon but a different kind of cinnamon Enough with the pointless des

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    Is it bad if i want Rachel to have Al s baby and then be with Trent Update Epic Everything I didn t know i wanted As the odds stack against Rachel, you start to really feel her depression but she rises above like always with an explosive ending that was was all parts satisfying My wishes weren t granted in this book but theres always hope for

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    Kim Harrison is the reigning Queen of Urban Fantasy One of the most highly anticipated reads of 2013 for many people, Ever After by Kim Harrison most certainly will not fall short of expectations It will, in many areas, surpass them It will also shock, it will thrill, and my goodness it will entertain An outstanding instalment, easily re

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    This is my absolute favorite installment of the Hollows series to date The best book I have read in months I loved it Loved it Loved it Loved it It s as though Kim Harrison made this book to order, handpicking all of my favorite elements of the series and letting them shine Tons of Trent Al Jenks And, of course, the ever after It s light on Ivy, the

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    My God, you have beautiful hair in the firelight, he said softly, and I blinked It s like your thoughts, all cinnamon and wild untamed I ve always liked your hair sigh For those of us who have anxiously awaited each Hollows book, we knew the moment Trenton Aloysius Kalamack came on the scene that he was the one for Rachel And what s funny is this is NO

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    All I can say is WOW WOW WOW Kim Harrison, you have outdone yourself Again I did not think you could top Pale Demon Then A Perfect Blood I WAS WRONG Quite simply, this book is pure Magic written into existence This book was action from beginning to end, with returns of all our old favorites, a few new ones, and than a few surprises Not all of them good B

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    Ever After The Hollows 11 by Kim Harrison is another Hollows book and that means a great novel for sure Again Rachel is in trouble, this is a given If it is her fault or not, she will be blamed Lots of action, suspense, our wonderful characters of Ivy, Jenks, and Al are in it The elves, gargoyles and demons all play a big role together in this book There is

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