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Eternal Echoes: Celtic Reflections on Our Yearning to Belong There Is A Divine Restlessness In The Human Heart, Our Eternal Echo Of Longing That Lives Deep Within Us And Never Lets Us Settle For What We Have Or Where We AreIn This Exquisitely Crafted And Inspirational Book, John O Donohue, Author Of The Bestseller Anam Cara, Explores The Most Basic Of Human Desires The Desire To Belong, A Desire That Constantly Draws Us Toward New Possibilities Of Self Discovery, Friendship, And Creativity

10 thoughts on “Eternal Echoes: Celtic Reflections on Our Yearning to Belong

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    Some books simply find you They enter your life at the right time, when you are most in need of and receptive to hearing their message This book My soul The Universe recognized what I neede

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    Does anyone else read a book, then can t decide whether they loved it or hated it Sometimes I bounce between a 2 star and a 4 star rating and I wonder what other people must be thinking that I keep c

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    This is not a book you simply read from cover to cover There is so much timeless wisdom contained in this book that you will often find yourself pausing to reflect on what has been said time and time again Tot

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    GREEN PASTURES OF BELONGING I wrote down about 40 pages of quotes from this book during the month of reading it If I read it with a yellow highlighter instead, there would be no page left unmarked For all the brilliance

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    Mr O Donohue, in his masterful book Eternal Echoes, takes you on an exquisitely organized, vastly scenic, interpretive journey through the corridors of the human soul His profound knowledge and sensitivities in the realm of the h

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    I just love John O Donohue s writing His gently probing reflections, woven with rich Celtic and Catholic learning and a love of language, combine to form a deepening meditation that spirals inward and outward at the same time You feel like

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    Like Anam Cara the words in this book just washed over me soothingly, making me receptive to the ideas contained within It gave me some insight into where that search to belong comes from and what to expect from the world in terms of an answer.

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    This little book felt nothing short of sacred O Donohue takes spritual concepts and applies them directly to our world today in a way that is uplifting but doesn t tiptoe around real issues.My only complaint is that I can t have excerpts read to me every morn

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    This was a somewhat disappointing read but not without it s strong points The main theme was the cohabitation of longing and belonging in the human experience It explored the role of both feelings and the importance of a balance between them I would not recommend this

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    Some books are to be returned to again again, and this is one of them I picked this up in a charity shop and I had no idea what to expect from it I quickly fell in love with John s reflections and deep insights, drawn from the Celtic way of life his simple, honest and engaging w

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