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Enshadowed 2012 2012 I feel sick 2012 Edit Oh A cover titters Errrrrrrm.why is this guyugly then the one on the first book Edit No.2 Yeah I don t really remember book one anyAnd if there is book 3 gosh, what will be first The end of the trilogy or the end of the world This will sound harsh, but, who needs two years to write and edit a book who s backbone you had to already have seeing as how you sold the idea to a publisher I mean, it s not like you are writing a Russian classic It s just a silly YA book It could be glam, but it the end, it s mostly a shallow teen bed time story with a bit of Edgar Alan Po thrown in. This book was beautifully confusing and frustrating FULL REVIEW Enshadowed is one of those stories that can simply leave you breathless and exhausted from so much beauty.I kept turning pages furiously inhaling every word and, even in the moments when there was no actual action, my elevated heart rate made me feel like I was reading the most exhilarating of the books In a way I was because this story is awesomely intriguing and confusing, even though also terribly frustrating.Now I need to think I need to understand If Kelly wanted to leave us in that insurmountable darkness that she wrote about well she pretty much succeeded.I am in some sort of state of awe I have now evenquestions than before and I am stuck not knowing what might come next.To put it simple The story is beautiful and it reveals so many wonderful details about Varen, his dream world, Poe, Reynolds and so muchIsobel s searching for a way to bring Varen back, her dreams, her struggle all these were so. palpable I love it when I can feel a story, when it gets to the bottom of my heart, when I can connect with the characters, when I get to care for them Yes, I neededinteraction with Varen, but even in his absence I could savor this story as much as I did with the first one The book isdescriptive compared to Never, but still there was a lot happening, keeping me on the edge from the first page to the very last one.Note that the synopsis is a bit deceiving it leaves you thinking that their encounter will be the major conflict in this story, but somehow that is not really the case, as it was all too quick, quite painful and pretty much confusing all at once.The Writing I love Kelly s beautiful prose, the entertaining dialogue, the wonderful descriptions, the humorous scenes also her sassiness and wittiness and the darkness of the dream world Not to mention how well crafted the characters are Kelly can make you care even for the bad guys imagine that.Not having the romance in the middle of the story view spoiler yes, love made Isobel act the way she did, seek for ways to bring Varen back, but the interactions were dreamy alike and short hide spoiler True Love Takes A Twisted Turn In The Second Book Of This Modern Gothic Romance Trilogy Channeling The Dark Brilliance Of Edgar Allan PoeVaren Nethers Is Trapped In A Perilous Dreamworld A Treacherous And Desolate Realm Where The Terrifying Stories Of Edgar Allan Poe Come To Life Isobel Lanley, Plagued By Strange Visions And Haunted By The Nightmares Of Varen S Creation, Is The Only One Who Can Save Him Isobel Knows That Her Only Hope Lies Within A Balti Cemetery There, In The Early Morning Of Edgar Allan Poe S Birthday, A Mysterious Stranger Known As The Poe Toaster Will Make His Annual Homage At The Legendary Poet S Grave Only The Poe Toaster Holds The Key To The Way Between Worlds But Great Dangers Lie Ahead For Isobel An Ancient Evil, Draped In Veils Of White, Is Watching, Challenging Her For Varen S Affections When Isobel Finally Finds Varen, He Is No Longer The Quiet And Brooding Boy Who Once Captivated Her, But A Dark Force, Powerful And Malevolent Could Isobel S Greatest Love Also Be Her Greatest Adversary Absence makes the heart grow fonder Maybe it s a little early to post my review for this, but I couldn t help it because this kind of love needs to be shared Enshadowed isn t just about Varen and Isobel being together it s about them being apart and fighting all the shadows literally to reunite It s less about school life,about the haunting dreamworld we only got a glimpse of in book one In short I loved Never, but this installment just blew me away Some people may not be satisfied since Varen is mostly stuck in his dreamworld, struggling to return to Isobel, but I thought it was PERFECT It shows, rather than tells, how much Isobel is willing to go through for him The things she endures like being tormented by dream monsters as well as real ones all broke my heart like a recorded accident replaying over and over again on the news.Isobel is my HERO I love her so much She sthan the beautiful blond cheerleader stereotype she was growing out of in Never She s sent tumbling into Varen s literal nightmare head first with its horrifying shadows and monsters but she still manages to right herself before she hits that harsh impact of a climax Isobel is strong and determined and brave and so, so brilliantly written Aching for her is mandatory, not an option But even though Varen isn t as present in Isobel s real life, he s still in her mind, her heart, her dreams, and her mirrors They still make up one of my all time favourite couples not just because they trump the whole cheerleader and goth stereotype, but because their heart wrenching and twisted journey proves how much they belong together Unable to resist, Isobel hugged the jacket close, rewarded with a scent that seized her heart like a clenched fist.It smelled like him God It stillsmelled like him. page 319 in the ARC Izzy s hilarious friend Gwen is back with all of her gothic quirkiness And her dad also plays an important role in this book, as do her mother and adorable little brother Danny You can see how much her family cares about her, and that s what makes watching Isobel claw through shadows so much harder.With the beautifully dark storyline and Kelly Creagh s hauntingly dream like writing, Enshadowed makes my favourites shelf right next to Never The ending just about broke me, unhinged me, and waiting for the next one is going to be torture but I ve already decided that waiting for anything that Kelly Creagh writes is well darn worth it BUY or BORROW Sometimes I wonder why I even ask this question Buy for sure, please MimiSo you can witness firsthand how beautiful the writing is, here s one of my favourite quotesIs is any of this real she asked Are you real He lifted a hand to her cheek, his fingers brushing her jaw Even if this is a dream, he whispered, I m not Isobel s eyes widened, recognizing those words as her own, the same ones she had once uttered to him She reached for him, her arms twining around his neck, drawing him closer so his scent poured over her, that combination of incense, citrus, and dried leaves overriding the funeral funeral smell of the crowding flowers Don t leave, she breathed I m here, he whispered Right here Waitingpage 16 in the ARC Original review at Mimi Valentine s YA Review Blog Side by side we ll fight the tideThat sweeps in to take us downHand in hand we ll both withstandEven as we drownI have this desire to want to dust off some Edgar Allan Poe and get lost for a little while after reading this second installment in the Never series This was better than the first book because it didn t feel like the story was divided into two halves the before dreamworld realistic romantic fiction and after dreamworld paranormal horror segments Enshadowed feltlike one cohesive book, which made me appreciate it that muchThe funny thing is, even though so much of this book didn t have much going for the story other than Isobel being on one big search to find someone, there was never a moment where it felt overworked or tedious, the way I d felt the first book to be in parts or a completely unnecessary effort like the second book in the Beautiful Creatures series was The beauty of Enshadowed was that there happened to be an effortless blending of the past and present, of the paranormal and the normal I adored the greater addition of Poe s character into the story I appreciated that the author brought into the story some of the mystery surrounding the real grave visitor who dedicated himself to Poe s memory every year If you are into this series, do a little digging online and see what you find There s some interesting theorycrafting out there It s not often that you ll find a tale about a couple striving to be together which doesn t get bogged down in the telling of the romance The spooky vibe of the story and eerie feeling of the atmosphere makes this an intriguing way of delivering the paranormal genre to an audience who isn t looking for yet another sappy love story The characters are about as unique and sometimes scary as you ll find, and the lore is absolutely riveting After waiting two years for the chance to finally get to read part 2, I now get to wait impatiently for part 3 Boo for the wait, yay for another book Enshadowed is a disaster pure, terrifying, earth shattering literary disaster, hurling your way at velocities too fast to imagine Ever since I finished Never, I ve been dutifully stalking Kelly Creagh s website for any mention of a sequel a release date, a cover, a summary. Thus, on August 28th when I finally held Enshadowed in my hands, I was breathless, shaking, and oh so very excited Well, talk about a slap back into reality because it took me nearly five months to read Enshadowed. Yes, you read that right five months. If you look up frustrating slow dull meaningless or just Middle Book Syndrome in the dictionary, this will be the book cover next to those words In the future, if I ever say a novel suffered from MBS, slap me and direct me to this review, because there is not even one book in the world that suffers from it as much as this one does Not One What I m trying to say here is that nothing happens in Enshadowed. Absolutely Nothing Creagh s sopho novel picks up directly where her debut left off, which is possibly its first flaw You see, this series is not meant to be a trilogy there isn t enough material for that Instead, it s really just a duo, but Creagh has a talent for writing long, beautiful and languid phrases, rich with description and detail so much so that it takes up this entire novel For 70% of the story we are treated to Isobel as she sees visions, wanders through life shell shocked from the events of the past Halloween and grieves Varen In the last 30%, we are treated to a sudden shift into action, into what we think is answers but we learn is just a solid dose of confusion In fact, I can t even summon up enough emotion to feel irritated by yet another cliffhanger ending I think I m just too happy I finally finished this You see, the problem with Enshadowed is that there is too much of the wrong thing and too little of the right thing Over half of this novel is dedicated to character development, gradually building Isobel s relationship with her parents and charting its changes as Varen s disappearance is prolonged Out of all the people in the world, I am most probably one of the strongest supporters for character development, but character development without plot is a tragic flaw Isobel simply pushes aside her parents well wishes, she does exactly what she wants and makes no effort to conceal her new sense of insanity from those around her If I could have, I would gone in and just strangled Isobel Not only was she extremely disappointing as a character, but nothing happenedIf Enshadowed had started out from Isobel reaching Balti, as she vowed in the end of Never, and giving us flashbacks, building up the familial relationships that Creagh so obviously found important, perhaps then this would have been a better novel Perhaps If all of that didn t sound bad enough no plot, frustrating characters, too much character development, confusing visions that did nothing for the story then it all just gets worse with Isobel constantly moping Never perfectly captured the tense, tender, and enriching relationship that Isobel and Varen shared, but Enshadowed reduces that into an Isabella Swan eque pining I kid you not Sure, perhaps Isobel isn t running out to dive from cliffs to see visions of Varen, but she s not doing anything a whole lot safer either Now, looking back, I can fully admit that the only reason this novel is getting two stars and not one or zero is because of Gwen, Isobel s best friend, Danny, Isobel s brother, and Isobel s parents herself Considering that character development ruined this story, at least those characters shone and I enjoyed some parts of this tale, particularly Isobel s relationship with her parents, brother, and friend While I do firmly believe that this could have all been condensed, at least into a novella if not just a final installment, at least Enshadowed has strong characters and beautiful writing to offer it some type of absolution I will, without a doubt, be reading the last novel It is, after all, the last book the one with all the answers that I wish this one had the one where something will actually happen and not just drag on like a filler Nevertheless, I won t be making the same mistake twice I won t be checking Creagh s website anytime soon, I won t be pre ordering the last novel, and I will keep my expectations so ridiculously low that there is no possible way I can be disappointed If you haven t read Enshadowed yet, take my advice and skip to Chapter 25 Everything that is worth knowing about this book happens in the last ten chapters and if you want to know everything else, just go back and start from the beginning it s too much of an effort to read this all the way through Trust me, I know I did, after all, struggle with this for five months You can read this review andon my blog, Ivy Book Bindings. Ahhhhhh this author is killing meeeee Why why whyyyyy do these things keep ending this way And the dreamsso damn terrifying Though, I can t help but to love every minute of this mix of dream and reality, never knowing where Isobel is and what she needs to do to save Varen And Varenwhat a lost, poor, tortured soul His story is a sad and desperate one One where no matter how hard Isobel tries, he sinks lower and lower, slipping farther from her grasp I am so beyond invested in this story that it s sickening Consuming my every thought on vacation, including on the beach, I am lost within this story just as Varen and Isobel are Lord help me I don t think I can handle this lol WILL BE ADDING QUOTES TO EACH VACATION REVIEW WHEN I CAN, SO EXPECT EDITS Forof my reviews, please visit Some thoughts in place of a review for now Enshadowed is a suitable sequel with some delightfully creepy moments, but while I was reading it I honestly felt it could have beenThis is not a story about a girl saving a boy or even about two lovers trying to save each other this is the story of a girl s mental, emotional, and physical undoing as her sanity is stretched beyond ordinary bounds in her attempts to rescue the boy she loves In the face of the current YA market where almost everything profitable seems to be a glorified love story on some level , Enshadowed is bold for what it does and doesn t do but is it satisfying I m still not sure Also curious is how Creagh will tie all the loose ends in just onebook Can she do it I m looking forward to seeing if she can. This is how I felt before reading this bookHow am I expected to wait that long FML, someone should change the date to this year NOW Not to sound crazy, but I Need My Varen And this is how I feel now I almost feel like crying This doesn t seem fair, that the sequel to such a great debut should fall so flat I almost don t know what to feel, it s all a mess of disappointment, sadness and confusion What do you do when something you ve waited for with such high anticipation and delight just leaves you hollow Goodreads SummaryTrue love takes a twisted turn in the second book of this modern gothic romance trilogy channeling the dark brilliance of Edgar Allan Poe.While Varen remains a prisoner in a perilous dream world where the terrifying stories of Edgar Allan Poe come to life, Isobel travels to Balti to confront the dark figure known throughout the world as the Poe Toaster This man, the same man who once appeared to Isobel in her dreams and abandoned her in Varen s nightmare world, holds the key to saving Varen But when Isobel discovers a way to return to this dream world, she finds herself swept up in a realm that not only holds remnants of Edgar Allan Poe s presence, but has also now taken on the characteristics of Varen s innermost self It is a dark world of fear, terror, and anger When Isobel onceencounters Varen, she finds him changed And now Isobel must face a new adversary one who also happens to be her greatest love The ReviewEnshadowed by Kelly Creagh strikes me as being an utterly absurd book In some cases, it brings new meaning to the word, filler, solidifying my idea that there really is such a thing as curse of the second in terms of book series and their sequels.The book, following the preface, begins with a dream Isobel, being in the middle of practising for Nationals with her cheer squad, is interrupted when none other than Mr Nethers appears They go off together, only to have a strange interaction, and before Varen leaves, he imparts a very eerie message, one I will NOT spoil As the dream closes to an end, Isobel wakes tolife without Varen Christmas is around the corner, we even have snow but where I m from, that white stuff is all annual, and it is revealed that nothing much has happened since we last left off Like nothing I use the word very literally because aside from inheriting the Dark One s moodiness, Isobel really isn t on a set path to finding Varen, let alone bringing him home She has an idea of what could happen, providing that her very concerned parents do not lock her up in asylum before said plans materialize Still, she isn t 100% on the exact details for Operation Bust Varen from Clutches of Evil Demoness Nope, we re still working out the bugs on that one.Now, if I was Varen or anyone trapped with Lilith, for that matter I would bethan a little pissed Maybe it was the overall pacing or the fact that the word development wasn t relative to Enshadowed s story line at all Isobel looked like a pouty, angsty, teenager whining, but doing nothing about the problems in terms of solving them.YeahListen up, I get that you miss Varen, I ve missed himprobably these past months, butcan you LIVE a little Seriously, Isobel has a loving family, the most adorable little brother, and while they d all give the world for her she just cuts them out of her life completely Isobel Ah, life is so meaningless without Varen Very Confused Readers of Never and now Enshadowed blinks Were you always this annoying Tell me you weren t always this annoying Yep, the death of one of my favourite characters just happened Her dad and mom kept trying for her to connect Danny tried Isobel wouldn t budge And while I used to adore this coupling, hers and Varen, their relationship started to look a lot like every other PRN YA out there where the lead heroine loses the love of her pubescent life, consequently slipping into manic depression I couldn t stand this happening, not with Isobel and certainly not because of Varen Because they were both better than this, or at least I thought so The only thing this book gets points for are its side characters, Brad believe it or not , Danny, Gwen, and Isobel s mom and her dad The writing was pretty, but ultimately didn t take the reader anywhere I could handle reading about a depressed protagonist if being inside her head did not make me feel depressed also The only thing that got our little cheerleader acting lively was Varen, any mention or memory of him and she gained about a zap s worth of energy Not that she did anything useful with this energy, mind you And as you can imagine, this source of restoration got old pretty fast Isobel s perception of Varen suddenly took a turn for the worse he became the tortured artist and misunderstood, giving the whole thing an awkward hero worship quality I became sceptical of him, disliking Varen to an extent when ordinarily I wouldn t have The whole mess with Lilithit was his fault Varen failed to connect appropriately with humanity, and hence, he sought the understanding companionship of a soul sucking banshee Go figure The problem here is not that he is being made to face the consequences of his actions, but rather that Isobel seems utterly blind to him being at fault at all She wants to stop Lilith from hurting anyone ever again, but what if they, like Varen, want her summoned What then Isobel Varen was tricked, and Lilith, she corrupted him Every Reader, and I, who read Enshadowed and head desked on a grand scale post and during the read Sure, sweetheart Hey, show me that pretty somersault of yours Yes This was absolutely unbelievable That my intelligent, witty, Isobel would put aside rational thought, reason, to defend the Great Varen Nethers there was just no point to it, like none at all Whichever way you look at it, he is responsible for whatever s happening to him Her denial of his involvement,than anything, made her look stupid You cannot seek to resolve anything by hiding or avoiding the truth someone should have told Isobel Nowto his Darkship what the hell happened to you Frick, man, you were on a roll people loved you, America s ovaries were in your favour And then you went and ruined it I don t know care if the tool committing that heinous act at the end of this book was you or just a Noc, but, that my friend was absolutely unacceptable NO OVARIES FOR YOU I am kind of royally ticked off about this, Kelly Creagh would have been better off never writing you Varen into this sequel and just sticking with the endless and somehow elegant prose of description Listen up Varen, you should file a character complaint or something in the underworld s court of justice that is, if Lilith will allow you because you, my friend, have officially been victim to a total massacre It will take a lot to win back this reader, I feel let down by this series Maybe I should have just stuck to re reading Never and foregone Enshadowed, I would have been happier Major Problems The writing was endless, almost 430 pages worth, but there wasn t an actual story, nor substance Somebody mentioned that Gwen almost became a plot device, but luckily I stopped reading before then At first she was my Batman, saving the world reading experience of this book for the masses, until I realized that Isobel s role was being greatly overshadowed by Gwen Isobel is the main protagonist, and while she is there, her presence failed to accomplish anything by me A chunk of pages at the beginning should have been sacrificed, if only to start the book off rightly, preferably when the action begins in Balti Final ThoughtsI leave Enshadowed thinking badly of both Isobel and Varen, even considering if the final instalment in this series will be worth the anticipation wasted on this second novel This was a hard review to write, but if the next book is anything like this one, I m thinking that maybe placing a hold for it at the library instead of pre ordering a copy might be a better decision I am safely disappointed, and I have said it before, but I ll say it again, this was not the sequel I waited almost a year for 1.5 5 stars OH NO D until 2012 whaaaaaaaaaaaaat TTDude, it s TOO LONG.I want to know what happens to Varen NOW.And it better be GOOD.He deserves some HAPPINESS.go, Varen March 28, 2011 seems like book 2 has a title and a BEAUTIFLY AWESOME cover,and a summary Varen goes to THE DARK SIDE DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I can t wait any longerrrrrrrrr locks herself in mental sanatorium

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