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Emerald City Dreamer (Dreams by Streetlight #1) This story is good, it has a nice plot and pace, and the characters come across as very real The faerie mythology and snippets of historical context felt lovingly researched and detailed Though the setting seems a bit sparse, it s done well enough to be there without being distracting.I got a little lost in the beginning, because the story switches point of view between four different characters Jina, Sandy, Jett, and Ezra Their lives all interconnect, yet Ezra felt like an odd man out, even when I understood his purpose in the story The I read, the I cared about Jina The rest all seemed secondary to her, and while their stories were somewhat interesting, seeing their perspectives muddled the story for me Perhaps that was the point, as it s difficult to tell the good guys from the bad guys for most of the book When it finally does settle out, there s still some niggling doubt.The end bothered me Without offering spoilers, everything was generally fine until a climactic confrontation between Jina, Sandy, and Jett The story takes us into a strange semi dream sequence that essentially fixes everything It felt forced and a bit silly when compared with the weighty, grave nature of everything leading to that moment That major plot arc deserved to have time spent on its climax, and the three characters deserved to have a satisfying, real resolution It s still resolved, though, and has a good setup for the next book.Despite the ending, this book did provide me with several hours of entertainment, and I recommend it to folks who like urban fantasy with a literary bent This is a study in self destructive behaviors and the people who love them So to speak. Although I found the beginning of this book a little confusing at times, I did enjoy it overall I felt that the chapters swapped between several different characters at the beginning without fully explaining who they were and what relationships if any they had with the others There was just too much swapping about for me to feel a real flow but eventually probably about 1 3 of the way through I had a much better idea of who was whom and what they were doing.Jina and Sandy have set up a faerie hunting group following on from their abduction and torture, and in Sandy s case, rape in the hands of an unseelie fae They are both still trying to come to terms with what happened, although it was several years prior to this story, but those events have made them both determined to eradicate all fae from their world To aid them on their mission is Gretel, a human woman who spent many years in the fae realm and can see them without their glamour and Hollis, a weapons expert They all live together in Sandy s huge mansion and have a support group to try and recruit people to their cause.Everything is going fairly smoothly Trey, a visitor to the support group, becomes involves slightly with Jina, who also works as a singer Jina then becomes involves with Jett, who supports starving artists At one of her gigs, Jina spots Jett scaring off a fae she calls Scarf, who is insistent in stalking Jina He turns out to be a lot trouble than anyone expected It s only when Trey meets Jett and spots her elfin ears, does Jina realise that she may be in the middle of something bad here and just doesn t know what to do and what to admit to either Jett or Sandy When one of Jett s humans turns up at the support group meeting run by Jina, all hell breaks loose and the really good bits of the story start There s lots of moments where I wasn t really sure what was going to happen and what I wanted to happen didn t always And that flaming Scarf fae always seemed to turn up when he was least wanted And I certainly wasn t expecting what happened to Jina by either Scarf or Sandy I didn t feel overly enamoured by any of the characters though Jina just seemed too eager to find love and seemed to just jump in with both feet first at the first window of opportunity with anyone Sandy, I understood her hatred for all things fae and her alcoholism, but she really needed help in dealing with happened to her and wasn t getting the help in the bottom of a scotch bottle Jett was nice enough, but as with all fae, you could never quite trust her 100% Overall this book was quite good, just wish the beginning had been better connected Now I know who the characters all are, I think I will probably read the sequel. It took me a little bit of getting into, but once I got my bearings I was fascinated Nice to see Seattle drawn well, and the issues around addiction treated honestly rather than as mere character color Lindsey s fae have an edge to them that is refreshingly unexpurgated. It s an amazing thing to be a book lover these days Not only because of the massive amount of books available for purchase, loan, and lending, but also because of the ease of access the internet and reading devices have provided It works that way for authors as well Now instead of suffering through the endless rejections, authors have the ability to self publish through mega corporation engines, like , and be heard in ways that were not possible a decade ago.This has good and bad sides to it Several months ago, when I went back to school, I made the decision to no longer accept self published works simply because my time was valuable and I needed to choose my reading wisely I had been burned, no only by bad writing which I can deal with but also by plot less story lines and inane drivel which covered anything from political rants to wild and steamy fantasies which made me feel uncomfortable But every once in a while a book appears on the radar which has that glimmer of hope I will admit, first off, that I know Luna Lindsey She is dear to close friends of mine, but she and I do not know each other that well She knew I review books and requested that I read and review her book, Emerald City Dreamer, and I will admit to agreeing with a bit of trepidation I m not one to pull punches when I review books, but she s accepted that about me and, with that said, I finished Emerald City Dreamer tonight and have feedback that should please and challenge her.Lindsey s book takes place in a fantastic city and one that s ripe for an urban paranormal book Seattle is quirky, artistic, and if there s any place that could be filled with the Fae it definitely is top of the list The first thing that came to mind upon finishing this story, however, is that Lindsey may have bitten off than she can chew with her first novel in this series I was overwhelmed by the number of characters and events taking place As I tried to absorb everything what I consistently was thinking was how, if she d split it into two novels, things would have been both simple and complex For example Jina Jina was the center point of Emerald City Dreamer, but I never connected to her and I think that s because the character of Jina was lukewarm She was defined by labels, but never really exhibited those labels in a passionate way unlike Ezra who was, by far, my favorite character and one of the most conflicted characters I ve read in urban paranormal stories Jina, however, lacked conviction and she never really came into her own voice I got the impression that she was being held back by the same labels that should have freed her Jina is bisexual, yet the sex scenes well, what passed for a sex scene in Emerald City Dreamer lacked the steaminess that I ve grown used to seeing in these types of stories She is poly, yet very little focus is given to her emotions with regard to one of her partners Instead, I got the feeling that Jina was just a bit of a playgirl and unable to commit to anyone, which was strange considering how quickly she falls in love These contradictions made it difficult for me to focus on the story, because without a strong character, the story struggles.The added stories of Ezra s past and Jett s past also seemed haphazardly thrown into the story Each of these stories deserves something than just mere mentions and assumptions that the reader is able to grasp everything that is happening Instead of being enthralled by their stories, I felt put off by them instead wanting to focus on the here and now I think it s a common thing when writing to be worried about tension in a story after all, we ve been taught that every story needs tension But tension is not built in setting a scene and describing every item of clothing for characters who barely exist in the overall story it s set in dialogue, movement forward, relationships between people I felt very little tension between Jett and Jina yet they proclaim their love for each other without a second thought The best advice I have for Luna as she works on her second book in this story is to examine the relationships between characters, and to look deep into the characters of Sandy, Jett, and Jina and figure out just how strong each of their voices should be The strongest voice in this book was Ezra s and, I think with some examination, Sandy, Jett, and Jina could have just as strong a voice just don t be afraid to show it to us Forget the labels write the actions. Emerald City Dreamer is a well written and fast paced fantasy novel that grips you on the first page and doesn t let go until the end The first in a series, the novel deals mainly with Sandy and Jina friends who have survived traumatic experiences with faeries and are now forming their own militia style hunting party One kink in this seemingly flawless plan happens when Jina starts to fall hard for a guy a fae guy.The writing style was really easy to read and made the story flow very smoothly along The concept wasn t really that fresh, as many fantasy paranormal books are based on faeries these days It was a fun read that had some interesting twists, including the ones involving romance and friendship Beneath the fantasy surface is a story that deals with abuse, trauma, friendship and other deep topics At some points the story felt to be pushed too far too fast there was tons going on with the story narrative and the characters I felt that they all were great ideas and deserved to have a bit time each, so the reader could get a better understanding of each one.Overall, this is a great fantasy read that will have fans of the fae eagerly awaiting the next in the series.Disclosure I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I ve been on an urban fantasy kick lately and so I ve been reading as many urban fantasy books as I can so I was really interested in reading Emerald City Dreamer.I think that Emerald City Dreamer has a unique and very interesting plot line I enjoyed the story itself as it definitely held my interest throughout the book.I feel that I didn t really connect to any of the characters that much, like you only really get a few glimpses into who they are and what they re really like.The ending had a cliffhanger that made me interested in reading the next book as it just stopped in a place that has made me very curious I don t want to give anything away, but if you like cliffhangers then you will definitely like this one.One thing that I didn t realise was that this book deals with the aftermath of rape and it gives the book a darker angle It isn t gone into great detail with but if you are not someone who likes to read about these sorts of topics then this wouldn t be ideal for you.Overall, I enjoyed Emerald City Dreamer s unique storyline and would have enjoyed to get to know the characters a bit I thought that it was an entertaining read and I look forward to checking out the next book. Jina And Sandy Survived The Unthinkable Now They Ve Set Up A Secret Order In Seattle To Fight The Impossible Fairytale Creatures Born Of Human Nightmares And Nourished On Dreams Their Tools Iron, Lore, Science, Glamour, And Support Groups As Beginners, Without Access To The Ancient Societies Of Faerie Hunters, They Must Rediscover How To Protect Themselves And In Order To Fight The Feinds Of The World, Sandy Must Take Control Her Inner GhostsAs A Dreamer In A Rock Band, Jina Unknowingly Feeds The Fae And Attracts Unseen Enemies At Every Turn Now, They Re Finally On The Tail Of At Least One Dark Monster Bent On Evil She Is A Dreamer, So She Must Follow Her Heart But Which Way Does It Lead Jett Is An Elf Who Only Wants To Protect Her Hodge Podge Clan Of Faeries From The Encroaching World Of Science And Religion Which Have Systematically Slaughtered Her Kind And The Beliefs That Gave Birth To Her People True Dreamers Are Rare Beings, And When She Finds Them, She Does Everything She Can To Protect Them And Claim Them As Her OwnEzra Is A Teenager Who Never Feels Comfortable In His Own Skin Most People Like Him Well Enough, But When He Looks In The Mirror, He Sees A Demon He Has Been Taken In By The Garbage Eaters, Who Expect Obedience And Purity Before Long, He Suffers A Crisis Of Faith That May Lead Him Into Real DangerWhen Prey Hunts, Who Will Lead The Chase, And Who Will Run Wow That s all I have to say This is a twisting turning page turner of a novel More happens in this book than I could even begin to cover here First know that Fae are real, and some of them capture and torture people Jina and Cathy are two such people and they aren t going to take it lying down They are going to fight back Then Jina meets Jett and things change Suddenly she doesn t want to kill the Fae, she s in love But her best friend who was tortured by a fae also, isn t ready to give up her anger and her desire to kill This was a hard book to read It s not a simple little story You have to pay attention to the characters and plot or it s easy to get lost However, a little attention is an easy trade off for such a great story I give this story 4 out of 5 clouds.This product or book may have been distributed for review this in no way affects my opinions or reviews. Couldn t finish the third chapter The narrating style was not for me It was a weird cross between third person, and a first person that kept jumping from person to person. Looking forward to the next book

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