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Embraced by the Light Multi Million Copy Bestselling Account Of The Author S Profound Near Death Experience Betty Eadie Died After An Operation, But Was Later To Recover It Was During The Intervening Period Of A Few Hours That She Had What Has Been Described As The Most Profound Near Death Experience Ever Her Description Of Her Experience Is One Of The Most Convincing Arguments For The Existence Of Life After Death You Will Not Fail To Be Moved By Betty S Story A Devoted Mother With A Loving Family, She Saw Perhaps Than Anyone Has Ever Seen Before, And Came Back With An Almost Photographic View In Embraced By The Light, She Recalls The People She Met, The Truths She Learned And The Magnificent Realities Of The Spirit World The Message She Was Given Has Filled Countless People With Hope, And Her Experiences Changed Her Life Forever Reading This Fascinating, Dramatic And Thought Provoking Book May Change Yours Too

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    I just read this within a few hours because I m stuck at my grandmothers on Christmas waiting for a ride home People are way to harsh on this book I looked through other reviews and it s filled with 1stars The complaints are stupid like it s not written well Well duh, she s not a writer This is a fairly short account of a woman s near death experience I picked it off m

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    Embraced by the Light is the sort of book you read very quickly in the bathtub By the time the bath water is cold, you have finished the book The book is written at approximately an eighth grade reading level The book s author, Betty J Eadie, is super religious and made lots of Biblical references in the book that I didn t understand as my background is not in Christianity Never

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    5 Stars aren t near enough to give this wonderful and moving book.I read this book years ago and saw it at my Husband s Family s church while attending the funeral of a dear family friend and just felt compelled to pick it up again I read it in one night and all I can say is that the second time was better than the first You have to read it than once to get everything Heck, you may have

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    This is what I would class as an inspirational book It did not inspire me, however, though I did find it interesting Betty J Eadie is a North American Native Indian, who has had a near death experience, and now seeks to enlighten us all She is rather too conscious in her book, of being a privileged being with knowledge to impart to the rest of us Hmm.

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    In November of 1973 Betty Eadie was a 31 year old mother of seven children As a young Native American child she had been placed in a Catholic boarding school where she had endured torturous medieval discipline She had been divorced from her first husband, and she was married to a man who loved her and their family.She was alone in her hospital room, having had a partial hysterectomy, when she was lifted out

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    A friend went out of her way to give me this book For all that I admit to be slightly annoyed that someone who knew I was an atheist would give me a book about Jesus, I felt compelled to read it since she ordered it for me and lets be honest, it s short It annoyed me from the start The acknowledgements where she thanks her husband for eating tv dinners while she wrote, the forward written by a doctor stressing a need

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    4.5 Fabulous made me think then and still makes me think now StarsRead this at a very particular time of my life, and I can honestly say it helped me so much Years Later, I can still remember a lot about this book that made me really think, and still does I believe this to be a true account of the Authors Near Death Experience Some have rated this low because the writing itself wasn t very good but hey, she isn t a writer She j

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    A quick, interesting read if you are the type to keep an open mind This novel chronicles a woman s near death experience and I don t generally argue someone else s personal experience It s a hopeful story I found it uplifting and enjoyable.

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    At the time I read this book, it was, and still is one of the best descriptions of what takes place after a person dies To date I have read this book 3 times, and by the Gods of heavy metal, I shall live to read it yet again As Betty Eadie lies near death in a hospital room, she slips out of her body and is taken on a tour of the after world She gives a description of a garden in the after world that is truly magical The colors that exist are livi

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    Because this book held honesty and good will to share such a detailed series of events, I wanted to give it 4 stars, at the least But the writing itself kept me from that extra star She uses identical words for such abstracts of specifics, that at times I felt I wished I could ask her varying questions on her definitions These are such metaphysical and emotive words that I know that would be difficult to answer, as well But still there are some dichotomies

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