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Touch of Power Haar Gave Om Zieken Te Genezen Levert De Jonge Avry Niet Het Gewenste Respect Op Integendeel Al Jarenlang Wordt Haar Soort Opgejaagd En Vermoord, En Als Verantwoordelijk Aangewezen Voor Het Verspreiden Van Een Epidemie Die Duizenden Het Leven KostteAls Avry Haar Gave Gebruikt Om Een Stervend Kind Te Redden, Wordt Ze Verraden Door Dies Ouders En Zonder Pardon Ter Dood Veroordeeld Terwijl Ze Op Haar Terechtstelling Wacht, Wordt Ze Onverwacht Uit Haar Cel Bevrijd Door Een Mysterieuze Man Het Volk Waar Hij Toe Behoort Heeft Avry S Gave Nodig Om Hun Stervende Prins Te Redden Dezelfde Prins Die Verantwoordelijk Was Voor Het Uitbreken Van De Epidemie In KazanHet Redden Van De Prins Betekent Zo Goed Als Zeker Avry S Dood, Maar Een Echt Leven Had Ze Toch Al Nooit En Nu Moet Ze Kiezen Haar Gave Gebruiken Om De Ultieme Vorm Van Barmhartigheid Te Tonen Of Te Sterven In Het Nu Al Verloren Gevecht Voor Erkenning Van Haar Volk WOW.Just wow.There s a famous quote by Toni Morrison If there s a book that you want to read, but it hasn t been written yet, then you must write it For the past few years I ve taken this quote to heart and written the types of things I love to read.But now I may as well just give up.Touch of Power is the perfect novel for me.Sure the writing style is different to mine, and I d do a completely different approach, and there s nothing in plot, characters or themes that are remotely similar to my own young adult high fantasy but still.WOW.I ve wanted to read this type of book for years Because I could not find a book that fit me so personally, I wrote my own stuff For years.YEARS.I mean, sure there s an over abundance of men female characters not exactly lacking but a very obviously skewed ratio in favour of the masculine characters , and for the half the book I wondered why two of the characters even existed because they weren t given much development which does kick in in the second half, trust me , and I was mad as hell view spoiler when Flea died I kept convincing myself that because the Death Lily ate him he d somehow come back to life I really liked him and I was totally devastated when he died hide spoiler Just go read this book.THIS is how a novel should be done I ll be talking about it in my January wrap up video because IT WAS JUST SO FANTASTIC LOL Every little star counts Such shamelessness Okay so how weird is this I have the audio copy of TOP and it s read by Gabra Zackman, who did a fantastic job on my Study books So I wanted to listen to a couple chapters of TOP to see how Gabra did the voices and pronounced the character namesI m on Chapter 11 I ve gotten sucked into my own book how weird is that I ll blame Gabra She brings the story to life it s a different experience from reading the book as she s acting it out with the various voices and the sarcasm and I ve actually laughed out loud so strange and fun She reads Quain with a Scottish accent not quite what I d imaginedbut I ve grown used to it and now I can t hear him any other way Flea is perfect, and Kerrick s a bitoff, but I m not sure how he s supposed to sound Mom is also perfect and Belen sounds just like Poppa Bear.I m going to try and make sure Gabra reads all my books from now on A good reader makes all the difference.I finished a few days ago I really loved Tohon s voice his was so silky and dangerous And now I have all their voices in my head as I write TASTE OF DEATH book 3 On the surface, there is nothing wrong with Touch of Power Avry, a 20 year old magic healer in a world where healers are persecuted and blamed for spreading deadly plague, is a nice character She is kind, courageous, smart, strong, self sacrificing, caring, self sufficient, moral, a quick learner, a good friend you see where I am going with it Avry s adventure is fast paced, something exciting is constantly happening There is no instalove The magical system with 11 kinds of powers one of which is the healing power is fairly interesting The theme of uniting a plague torn country is good.The problem is, there is nothing below the surface of this story There is no depth to it The characters are simple and flat, their emotions and personalities are superficial, juvenile even Avry is condemned to death in the first chapter, for being a healer, and her only response to the death sentence is to shrug her shoulders and go to sleep Her calling is to heal people by taking in their pain and illnesses, and never once does she feel resentful towards this ability, she always welcomes other people s bruises, cuts, whip lashes, infections, fevers Does she enjoy pain No, this is not that sort of book, maybe unfortunately There is hardly a moment of contemplation or any complex feeling in this story Why bother with sappy stuff I guess if there is a new adventure or a game of hide and seek or a knife throwing practice just around the corner The world building is equally thin It is hard to fully grasp it, especially if you pay attention to the language that is used to describe it After finishing Touch of Power I have this vague image of a medieval land of 15 Realms, with mages, castles, princes, wooden carts and swords, but then once in a while the author would drop in a syringe, toxins, virus or president Then there is the familiar dilemma is this YA is this adult fic Avry and her love interest are in their twenties conflicts, violence and sex are of YA variety and the writing style is so simple and void of nuance it would better fit a children s book.But what bothers me the most about this novel is the whole concept of healing Avry can transfer aches and illnesses from sick people into herself Then she experiences it and heals, faster than a normal person would However, a lethal disease will kill her, just like any other person My question is, if Avry can only take away treatable illnesses, why not allow the patients heal on their own Are her sacrifices truly necessary It is probably time for me to abandon all hopes of ever reading something written by the author that is as good as Poison Study I sometimes even think that maybe that book isn t nearly as great as I remember it I would only recommend Touch of Power to Maria V Snyder s most dedicated fans and those readers who like books where stuff happens on every page, but who do not expect to grow fond of the characters, swoon at romances or be enchanted by new fantasy worlds and mythologies Everyone else, try Finnikin of the Rock instead.

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