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Daughter of the Forest Lovely Sorcha Is The Seventh Child And Only Daughter Of Lord Colum Of Sevenwaters Bereft Of A Mother, She Is Comforted By Her Six Brothers Who Love And Protect Her Sorcha Is The Light In Their Lives, They Are Determined That She Know Only ContentmentBut Sorcha S Joy Is Shattered When Her Father Is Bewitched By His New Wife, An Evil Enchantress Who Binds Her Brothers With A Terrible Spell, A Spell Which Only Sorcha Can Lift By Staying Silent If She Speaks Before She Completes The Quest Set To Her By The Fair Folk And Their Queen, The Lady Of The Forest, She Will Lose Her Brothers Forever When Sorcha Is Kidnapped By The Enemies Of Sevenwaters And Taken To A Foreign Land, She Is Torn Between The Desire To Save Her Beloved Brothers, And A Love That Comes Only Once Sorcha Despairs At Ever Being Able To Complete Her Task, But The Magic Of The Fair Folk Knows No Boundaries, And Love Is The Strongest Magic Of Them All

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    Warning Mention of rape and discussion of such follows.I gave this book four stars so obviously I did enjoy it There are actually many, many enjoyable elements to this book and I promise to get to them in a momentI found myself so COMPLETELY annoyed with Daughter of the Forest though I r

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    UPDATE 2.99 on kindle US 3 15 19First let me give a shout out to the rapists and dog killer abusers in the book with a gif below Now let s crack on with a short review So Sorcha was not born the seventh son She was born a daughter with 6 older brothers Finbar, Liam, Cormack, Conor, Padriac and Dia

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    Reviewed by Rabid Reads4.5 starsEverything I could tell you about Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier can be summed up in a single paragraph from the story itself If I were telling this tale, and it were not my own, I would give it a neat, satisfying ending In such stories, there are no loose end

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    I want to call this book a combination of Kushiel s Dart and Assassin s Apprentice But in reality, Daughter of the Forest is a category all its own A gorgeous mix of historical fiction and fantasy, an insightful hero s journey with a dash of romance It s been some time since I ve had the pleasure of reading a book so

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    All that he had of her was his memory,where he held every moment,every single moment that she had been his.That was all he had,to keep out the loneliness Daughter of the Forest is one of those books.The ones that are scored on my heart,the ones that caused both my awe and respect for the story and for the auth

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    Real life is not quite as it is in stories In the old tales, bad things happen, and when the tale has unfolded and come to its triumphant conclusion, it is as if the bad things had never been Life is not as simple as that, not quite The above quote, hands down, sums up Daughter of the Forest for me Yes, this is a fairy tale, bu

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    Sale Alert 3 15 19 Daily Deal on for 2.99It has taken me forever to get to this review because I was just not sure how I could possibly pack everything I felt during this book into coherent words stuck together that would even possibly do it justice I still don t think that I will be able to manage it but I ll try.Daughter of the Forest DoF take

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    4.7 starsAside from a couple of minor qualms, Daughter of the Forest is pretty much an example of an almost perfect debut novel.This book is a beautiful retelling of the Celtic Swans myth, which has been familiar to me since childhood through the Hans Christian Andersen s version The Wild Swans Sorcha is the seventh child and the only daughter of Lord Colu

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    Incredible I know I ve said I ve been speechless when reading books before, but this time, I genuinely don t have the words to express what a masterpiece this novel is I actually finished this novel early today morning, at around 1 30, but it was only at 2 30 ish that I actually got up to go to sleep I couldn t get this story out of my head I simply kept thinking ab

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    I have always loved the fairy tale about the sister with numerous brothers who had a wicked stepmother who enchanted her brothers to turn them into birds The number of brothers and the type of birds can vary I have seen it with ravens and with swans In Daughter of the Forest, Ms Marillier used the version in which the heroine has six brothers and they are all turned into swan

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