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Darkwater Amanda Clarke Is Dead Her Body Was Found Floating Facedown By The Riverbank, And No One Knows What Happened As Rumours Fly And Fear Grows, It Seems That Everyone Suspects Lyndon, One Of Amanda S Friends He S Known For His Temper, His Cruelty And His Criminal Family And Now The Police Want To Talk To Him It S The End Of Summer, , The Heat Is Enough To Melt Asphalt And A Sleepy Riverside Suburb Is Losing Some Of Its Innocence Fifteen Year Old Winter Went To The Same School And Hung Out In The Same Places As Amanda As She Finds Herself Alone In Trying To Defend Lyndon, Winter Learns That You Can Never Really Know Someone And The Answers She Has Been Looking For Are Closer Than She Has Ever Wanted To Believe

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    Darkwater is a languid, atmospheric novel about murder and coming of age in 1970s Australia It draws much of its strength from Blain s use of setting she paints an authentic and vivid picture of life in that time summer days swollen with heat, the tick of ceiling fans through the interminable school hours, front doors left open and unlocked, skateboarding and joints under the underpass.It s an

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    I was attracted to this book by its dreamy cover and the endorsement from Rebecca James on the front that read Utterly compelling and unputdownable Beautiful Malice was one of my fave Aussie YA reads from 2010 so I was going to believe those words Let s just say that although I am still apt to believe Rebecca James maybe her and I have got different tastes I found the first chapter of Darkwater soli

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    I read this only last night and forgive me if I seemingly cannot remember anything So, I stopped reading a book I really want to read to read this It was, to my utmost surprise, startling good I can t even remember why I picked this book up, but the emotions drawn out by Winter, and the conflict she feels, it felt real It was all very brief, but I liked this briefness God, I m not explaining it well Put

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    Nicely understated for a YA mystery it s Australia in the early 70s, a girl is dead, and the protagonist grows increasingly convinced that the police not to mention the community are targeting their suspect for class reasons rather than because he actually did it.There are quite a few subplots at play, and they intersect in ways I didn t always see coming, which I appreciate Plus romance of the mild, realisti

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    I loved this book It was really interesting The last chapter though, i don t think i was paying it much attention because it confused me But this is a MUST READ if you are into mystery and murder Hope you enjoy it as much as i did

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    Georgia Blain s Sydney is sharply real to me This novel has stayed with me, residing at the edge of my consciousness Potent, stark.

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    I m not in the YA category by many decades but I read this out of interest because of the author and the Sydney setting and found it an engaging read However, given than I m not the target audience, my opinion won t matter that much but for the record, I enjoyed the feisty young lead and the descriptions of Sydney Harbour and the narrative journey.

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    An easy, engaging read.

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    A good book, interesting storyline, that kept me wanting to find out Aimed at older teenagers In saying that a good read just the same

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