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Darkness Becomes Her Ari Can T Help Feeling Lost And Alone With Teal Eyes And Freakish Silver Hair That Can T Be Changed Or Destroyed, Ari Has Always Stood Out And After Growing Up In Foster Care, She Longs For Some Understanding Of Where She Came From And Who She Is Her Search For Answers Uncovers Just One Message From Her Long Dead Mother Run Ari Can Sense That Someone, Or Something, Is Getting Closer Than They Should But It S Impossible To Protect Herself When She Doesn T Know What She S Running From Or Why She Is Being Pursued She Knows Only One Thing She Must Return To Her Birthplace Of New , The Lush Rebuilt City Of New Orleans Upon Arriving, She Discovers That NewIs Verydifferent Here, Ari Is Seemingly Normal But Every Creature She Encounters, No Matter How Deadly Or Horrifying, Is Afraid Of Her Ari Won T Stop Until She Knows Why But Some Truths Are Too Haunting, Too Terrifying, To Ever Be Revealed

About the Author: Kelly Keaton

Kelly loves ancient history, fantasy, and mythology She dreams of one day attaining magical powers, discovering the secret to immortality, ridding her home of pet hair, and being crowned Mardi Gras queen As Kelly Gay, she writes the popular adult urban fantasy series, Charlie Madigan, for Pocket Books While she calls Raleigh, NC, home, she can also be found chatting about books and life on Face

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    Not what I was expecting Very different then what I originally thought this was going to be about.Darkness Becomes Her had a very strong beginning, but somewhere between the voodoo visit and the absolutely rushed relationship that followed it kinda lost me.The plot concept is intriguing, the writing well done, it s characters likable and I even thought the combination of paranormal and mythology was cool, but in the end, it just feltforc

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    Normally, I don t bother with reviewing books, but this one really deserves some explanation I picked up this book expecting it to be one of the worst reads ever Surprisingly, it moved fast and it really was engagingexcept things just didn t make sense And even the world of fiction and fantasy have rules view spoiler Firstly, it s awesome that she s got kick ass skills and a healthy dose of potty mouth, but then things turned unexpectedly sour W

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    Ari is a freak With her odd teal eyes and long, silvery hair, she is used to being different, and after spending her life going from foster home to foster home, she is used to being alone Feeling the need to discover her past, Ari goes to the psychiatric hospital where her mother killed herself 13 years ago There she given a box with a message from her mother to run With foreign sword weilding figures pursuing her, Ari knows she must return to her birth

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    In case you couldn t tell from the cover, this novel had a bit of a Gothic tone, and that made the novel all that awesome Although if I m perfectly honest the cover really doesn t do it for me though it is a prettier irl But the thing that I really loved about this novel was the references to ancient mythology, which I was not expecting at all It was a welcome surprise This novel is a must read debut There s a unique setting, an eclectic cast of characters, an

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    Holy crap this book is amazing It starts out with one thread, then slowly and are woven in until it s a complex web of unique personalities, history, and the supernatural The story is extremely compelling and unlike other supernatural fare in its complex history and wicked smart world building.Ari heads into New 2, the dangerous secluded sector separated from the rest of the US in what was previously New Orleans, a place riddled with rumors of dangers and the superna

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    Any book that has the sick to your stomach combination of Greek mythology, vampires and shapeshifters is doomed to go down the crapper.Seriously, this book was like the Gods of mythology and supernatural creatures all vomited into a cup and put it in the oven The book is a perfect example of a good idea with really poor execution The prose is mediocre at best Jenna Black s was better, and I criticized her a time or two about hers , definitely nothing extraordinary.The Darkness

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    Err. Okay This book is kinda hard to review so let me be a bit creative with this Let s pretend I m Annabeth Chase from Rick Riordan s series, okay Annabeth s one of those kickass heroines based from a mythology retelling, so yeah, deal with it Hello Goodreads Friends and Non Friends and Occassional Strolling Troll This is my review of Kelly Keaton s Darkness Becomes Her I shall abandon Percy and the rest of the gang at Camp Half Blood to accompany you on this quest given unto me

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    Love this book Ari is a great herion and sebestion is interesting hero I thought this book was amazing with the fantasy side and the mythology It is way different then anything I have I read before There is a cliffhanger btw 5 5 Stars for sure

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    3.5 StarsI have been looking forward to reading Darkness Becomes Her ever since I saw it on Goodreads a while back, and while it didn t knock my socks off it was a really good read.Ari Selkirk is seventeen and after being passed from one foster home to another for most of her childhood decides to find out about her birth mother After visiting the doctor at Rocque House and being told that her mother had committed suicide shortly after she was born, Ari decides she needs to know The doctor gives her

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    Rating 3.5 stars Darkness Becomes Her is a well needed refreshingly different young adult paranormal read From it misfit bunch of characters to its action packed plot, it was very unique and completely intriguing.From page one it is pretty much just go, go, go Fast paced with a thumping narrative It is dark, edgy and a little creepy The story is a mix of mostly mythology with touch of paranormal Sometimes I got lost with the history and everything else going that I had to go back and re read parts Something

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