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Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin, #2) I Lean Forward, Pushing My Body Out Past The Battlements The Wind Plucks At My Cloak, Buffets Against Me, As If It Would Carry Me Off In Flight, Just Like The Birds Or The Knight S Soul Let Go, It Cries, I Will Take You Far, Far Away I Want To Laugh At The Exhilarating Feeling, I Will Catch You, It Whistles SeductivelyThe Convent Has Returned Sybella To A Life That Nearly Drove Her Mad Her Father S Rage And Brutality Are Terrifying, And Her Brother S Love Is Equally Monstrous When She Discovers An Unexpected Ally Imprisoned In The Dungeons, Will A A Daughter Of Death Find Something Other Than Vengeance To Live For

About the Author: Robin LaFevers

Also publishes under Goodreads Authors

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    4.5 starsAbout a year ago, the words assassin nuns first started showing up around the blogosphere Pretty soon they were everywhere, and everyone was talking about Grave Mercy, some obviously thrilled and some not so much Seeing as I neatly fell into the first category, Dark Triumph became one of those books I often thought about dreamed about, to be completely honest And I was n

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    It had been awhile since I had read the first book in this series Grave Mercy and I was a bit afraid I would be lost going into this book, but the author didn t info dump me into oblivion and I was able to step right into the story again.Assassin nuns what a great story idea These nuns are bad ass They come across as real since the author gives them flaws and they admit they aren t perfec

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    Reread 03 12 Beast and Sybella still own the show LOVE THEM Book 1 Grave Mercy There s a fangirling Gremlins in me who s lurking to spread his love Picture the mohawk one Always been my favorite You ve been warned Possible side effects Irrepressible squeals Yes Like fucking mice You got it Overuse of the words love like enjoy swoon I ll stop here otherwise I ll scare you away if that s not

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    I am so glad I disregarded the weak first book of this series and followed through to Sybella s story I have to admit, the girls in the convent did not appeal to me Ismae, tragic though her story was, initially came off dull as dishwater, and she still did not grow on me throughout her book I did not know murder could be so boring Annith was almost nonexistent in her quiet presence Sybella was a holy terro

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    5 5 HOW F AMAZING WAS THIS stars I am in desperate need of killing something Dark Triumph, the second book from His Fair Assassin trilogy is, to my surprise, even better than Grave Mercy The story follows another very interesting character Sybella In the first book, Sybella shows up at the doorstep of convent St Mortain full of grief and nearly on the verge of madness After Ismae convi

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    4.5 stars Hate cannot be fought with hate Evil cannot be conquered by darkness Only love has the power to conquer them both These books just keep getting better and better A daughter of Saint Mortain, Sybella has been trained in the art of assassinry and death Now that she is a grown woman and fully prepared, the nuns send Sybella to return to her childhood home to spy on her father, and to endure the horrors withi

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    Dark Triumph is a stunning sequel to Grave Mercy I had high expectations picking it up and I was not disappointed I loved this story just as much if not than Grave Mercy Sybella is one of St Mortain s daughter s and thereby gifted with deadly talents, and skills in the art of killing to carry out his will She owes a debt to the convent in service to St Mortain since they brought her back from the brink of madness, taking her in at

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    All the gifs cannot describe how awesome this book was Minor Spoiler Just one If you don t want to know who the knight was, don t read on But we were all expecting it.I have to admit, in the beginning, I was a little unsure of how this was going to turn out One, I forgot kind of what happened in Grave Mercy, and two, I was a little confused But 20 pages later, I was sucked into the absolute insanity that was Dark Triumph.Let s

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    Now this is the book Grave Mercy was supposed to be I was on the fence about Ismae s story, basically when I discovered along with everyone else that the assassin nuns weren t so much espionage, murder, and mayhem as much as forbidden romance and courtesan intrigue, but I ultimately came down on the pro side because the backdrop of Anne of Brittany s attempts to keep her duchy independent and out of French hands resonated with this admitted hi

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    Sale Alert 24Mar19 Kindle Daily Deal for 2.99I loved this book Sybella and Beast together are phenominal This is a great blend of HF with a splash of romance and a little dash of magic.Original Review While grave Mercy was of a political intrigue Dark Triumph is a personal story of redemption Sybella and Beast s story is compelling how they are very similar people with very different attitudes toward what they do I was immediately captured by our broken Sybe

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