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Dancing Feet! EXCELLENT book for dialogic reading One page will say something about a type of foot that s dancing, with a glimpse of the foot You and your child can then try to guess what animal is dancing Little man and I had fun doing that We got one wrong we guessed dinosaur when it was actually a lizard Pretty close LOL The text has rhythm and rhyme too Oh, and the illustrations are collages That s cool We ve only read it at bedtime so far, but I look forward to reading it during the day and dancing with him I seem to be in the minority in not finding this book a wow Perhaps because I did not read this aloud to a little one eager to guess each dancing creature by the sounds it makes Indeed, I think this book is prime read aloud material thanks to the funny sounds and bold, bright collage illustrations However, I just wasn t too captivated by the slappity slappity dancing of the duck or the stompity stompity moves of the elephant. Clickity Clickity Long Green FeetWho Is Dancing That Clickity Beat Lizard Is Dancing On Clickity Feet Clickity Clickity Happy Feet Introducing A Get Up And Dance Toddler Book So Catchy And Rhythmic, You Ll Almost Want To Sing ItLindsey Craig S Rollicking Text Features Funny Sound Words Tippity Creepity Stompity Thumpity , Dancing Animals, A Singsong Beat, And A Guessing Element Just Easy Enough For Preschoolers To Anticipate Marc Brown S Artwork Is Bright, Textured, And Joyful, A Collage Of Simple Shapes For Kids To Find And NameSo Grab A Partner And Tap Your Feet To This Read Aloud Picture Book Treat A rhyming children s book, with dancing animals Fun I wasn t wild about the artwork though. Dancing Feet by Lindsay Craig is a good introductory book for beginning readers The illustrations are bright The book is suitable for elemtary school kids and feature a lot of onomatopoeia which will keep kids interested in reading this book This books talks of how different animals make different sounds when walking From caterpillars to elephants this books covers the whole animal kingdom Overall, I think this I a nice choice anyone for anyone looking for something new for their little kids to read. I thought this book was really cute I think it would be perfect for kindergarten or first grade I really liked the repetition in this book It also described things very well for example, Slappity Slappity Webbed orange feet Who is dancing that slappity beat It uses colors and actions so this would be good for younger ages so they can get the concept This book would really work well with instruments and the kids would be able to participate Incorporating instruments would keep their attention and get them involved I gave it four stars because the pictures were not all that great in my opinion, they seemed like ver basic pictures. Dancing Feetis a great opportunity to make storytime interactive While familiar animals will draw a young group s attention to the excellent illustrations in the book, different dancing descriptions will keep older kids entertained with mimicking the kinds of movement A repetitive sentence structure makes follow along easy and fun for caregivers and doesn t overburden the little ones enjoying it with complicated narrative structure or information This is definitely one I d return to, especially since it doesn t seem to be overly well known yet. This book was fun to read out loud to my adult special needs son It grabed his attention and he grinned and looked at each page as I read almost couldn t help but sing it, it rhymed so well The Illistrations is made to where it s a guessing game for the child as the page shows feet then the next page shows the animal so before you turn the page you can ask your child who do you think it is as in the text it says the sound the feet is making and then the illustration is showing the feet Very cute book. Love the rhythm You can almost sing along to it I did this at Book Babies today as a choral reader every parent caregiver and child followed along with a copy of the board book in hand Lots of fun sounds all throughout the book If it too seems long for babies, you don t have to read the whole thing you can skip pages without losing any of the fun. Great for younger kids We stomped away in preschool storytime

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