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Cut Callie Cuts Herself Never Too Deep, Never Enough To Die But Enough To Feel The Pain Enough To Feel The Scream InsideNow She S At Sea Pines, A Residential Treatment Facility Filled With Girls Struggling With Problems Of Their Own Callie Doesn T Want To Have Anything To Do With Them She Doesn T Want To Have Anything To Do With Anyone She Won T Even SpeakBut Callie Can Only Stay Silent For So Long

About the Author: Patricia McCormick

Patricia McCormick is a journalist and writer She graduated from Rosemont College in 1978, followed by an M.S from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 1986 and an M.F.A from New School University in 1999 Her first novel for teens was Cut, about a young woman who self injures herself This was followed by My Brother s Keeper in 2005, about a boy struggling with his brother s ad

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    I actually read this book approximately two years ago, while I was undergoing the problem presented in this book What I had hoped to find was perhaps a level of understanding, or just some any meaning But in all honestly, I finished it about two hours later, consumed by irritation and aggravation at the injustice of thi

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    I m going to skip over the summary of the story as many other reviewers have already taken care of that and explain my reasoning behind a single star rating.First of all, I am a cutter have been for 10 years and will always identify as such whether or not I m actively self injuring who grew up with a neglectful mother who suffers from

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    You know, it s hard to review a book like this one I bought this book while I was going through some tough situations and they recommended it to me, saying it would help me with my own cutting issues And, I m happy to say, it did.This book was no Love story, it was no inspirational story, not a memoir, not dramatic It was just real I was incred

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    I read that the author researched for 3 years before writing this book Now is that violating GR s terms since I mentioned the author Heck it s to the point where I don t know how to review a book any I guess since I m giving it 2 stars which is not horrible it s ok If she did I just don t get it The characters completely felt lifeless to me Maybe if the

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    Reviewed by Cana Rensberger for TeensReadToo.comCUT is an amazing first novel by Patricia McCormick that offers a glimpse inside the mind of a 15 year old girl who cuts herself For Callie, life just became too complicated The solution lay right in front of her One tiny cut A bubble of red And yes, pain Then, escape Callie now resides at Sea Pines with several ot

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    I find it very strange that Patricia McCormick spent three years of her life doing research for a 151 page book that really had no detail, description, story line, or character development of any kind Callie is a fifteen year old cutter who is a patient at Sea Pines, but half of the time I was reading I forgot that she was in treatment for cutting because most of the boo

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    I remember reading this book when I was eleven or so, and I found it really interesting The way it s written the main character speaks in a way that she addresses You yourself, as if you re her counselor sort of just sucks you in, and you sort of find yourself in Callie s head, seeing things the way she sees them.I read this book back when I was a normal little kid, too The subje

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    We all get depressed every now and then in our lives and to cure ourselves is a good laugh But could you picture yourself becoming seriously depressed and your only relief is to self mutilate Patricia McCormick, the author of Cut , can This book is written in the first hand account of the author Patricia describes growing up as an empty teen with many hardships and her only escape is to h

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    I waited the entire book for some big twist Callie is in a treatment facility because she is lost in her own depression and anxiety to the point that she s completely mute and self harms The whole time I m waiting to hear the details of why and how she s fallen into this pit of despair What horrible traumatic event did she go through Was she attacked Abused Had some horrible accident Survivors gui

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    I just finished reading this about 10 minutes ago, and I wanted to get this review written while my emotions were still fresh I have to admit though, it s kind of hard to have many emotions with this book I picked it up at The Goodwill after a friend told me she read it and liked it It s a pretty short read, so I picked it up Sometimes the shortest books are the most delightful reads This one however, wasn

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