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Conan the Warrior Contents Introduction L Sprague De Camp In Red Nails Robert E Howard Na Weird Tales Jul Jewels Of Gwahlur Robert E Howard Nv Weird Tales Mar Beyond The Black River Robert E Howard Na Weird Tales May

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    This is one of the best Conan books I have the Lancer edition from the 60 s Excellent cover art by Frazetta This contains 3 stories that sum up Conan very well.

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    This collection of original CONAN stories is okay, but my favorite is still CONAN THE FREEBOOTER The problem with the stories in this volume is that there isn t very much romance, and there s a certain cheesiness to the cardboard backgrounds Here s Conan in the ju

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    Book 7 in my re read of the Conan series Spoilers ahead Red NailsI had read an assortment of Conan stories as a kid, and this is one I remember vividly, especially this passage from the beginning where Conan and a busty, blond pirate named Valeria are in a dense fo

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    Robert E Howard was a master fantasy writer,one of the greatest and perhaps most unjustly neglected architects of the genre For me this volume demonstrates that he is infinitely superior to any of the later writers who chose to take up the sword of his enduring crea

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    CONAN THE WARRIOR is a book in the long running anthology series, edited by L Sprague de Camp Thankfully, I don t think the editor interfered with these tales, and if he did it isn t evident.Each of the stories is an example of the author at the top of his game RED N

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    Ah, Conan I have always liked Conan, and I haven t been disappointed in any of the original Conan books so far Concerning Conan the Warrior , I liked all three stories presented in the book Red Nails , Jewels of Gwahlur , and Beyond the Black River In Red Nails , Cona

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    Yes, I m a closet Conan fan and a big one at that although this book has been sitting in my BlackBerry for maybe over a year now It is finally read.

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    Red Nails Tauted by many as REH s best Conan story, I thought it s great but not nearly my favorite story at all It s another story of Conan coming across another ancient lost town with strange people fighting amongst themselves in an ancestral feud And some ancient wiz

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    The continuing adventures of Robert Howard s legendary character Conan the Barbarian, here repackaged by L Sprague deCamp Conan the Warrior only contains three Conan short stories, but all three are Robert Howard originals and two of them, Red Nails and The Jewels

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    I really enjoyed this series and enjoyed the overall arc and intention of the project However, there is a distinct difference between Howard s stories and the stories of Lin Carter and L Sprague de Camp Sometimes there s simply no making up for talent and Robert E Howard

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