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Conan the Wanderer Here s my write up of Book 4, and it s chock full of spoilers.Black TearsWritten by L Sprague de Camp Lin Carter Conan and his band of thieves escape an ambush by Turanian soldiers and pursue Vardanes, the man who betrayed them, into a desert waste The superstitious fears of Conan s marauders get the better of them and they drug his wine and abandon him He decides to press forward, but the harsh environment nearly kills him He wakes in a lavishly furnished tent and his saviors tell him the tale of Akhlat the Accursed a sorcerer summoned vampire gorgon that s been draining the life from the land and most of its inhabitants The monster s power resides in it s third eye, which Conan cleaves in two Black fluid pours from the wound like tears and she crumbles to dust.Shadows in ZamboulaWritten by Robert E Howard Conan rents a room at Aram Baksh s tavern where guests often end up in the local cannibals roasting pit on the outskirts of town After hacking his way off the menu, Conan rescues an intended side dish, a naked woman of course, and gets dragged into her drama involving her recently turned lunatic lover, and a conniving priest named Totrasmek Sex being his eventual reward, he agrees to strong arm the priest for a cure for her boyfriend s case of the crazies He meets Totrasmek s henchman, Baal pteor, a strangler of Yota pong, who laughs at him, which is a big mistake since it sends a red wave of murder lust driving across his vision and they settle their differences with a strangling contest After sending him to Hell with his neck broken , Conan makes quick work of his boss who s been preoccupied watching the girl nearly dance herself to death avoiding imaginary cobras She reneges on her promise of sex, but Conan has the last laugh as he has already stolen a valuable magic ring from her cured, but passed out lover Even though he doesn t get the girl, he settles his score with the tavern owner before leaving Zamboula by feeding him to the cannibals, so I would still call that a happy ending.The Devil In IronWritten by Robert E Howard Conan reunites with his former gang, the kozaki, first introduced in the story Shadows In The Moonlight from Book 3, who have pulled themselves back together after King Yezdigerd s army made mince meat of them Less than thrilled his lands are being ransacked by Conan again, another trap is set and unsurprisingly, a beautiful woman is the bait Plans go sideways however due to the resurrection of an ancient being called Khosatral Khel on the island of Xapur where Conan is to be trapped Though in human form, the statuesque creature is iron hard, has a voice like a bell, and compulsively smashes puny trespassers into a bloody pulp Conan liberates a mystical blade from an enormous serpent watchdog, then channels his inner psycho killer and chases Khosatral Khel down and knifes him repeatedly, reducing him to his original form, which is so grotesque it can t even be described.The Flame KnifeWritten by Robert E Howard L Sprague de Camp The longest story in this collection, The Flame Knife pits Conan against enemies and allies alike, a man faced yeti, and flesh eating ghouls A slave girl Conan helps escape is later abducted by a cult called The Hidden Ones and taken to the secret city Yanaidar Conan finds his way into the city and crosses paths with Olgerd Vladislav, the man who rescued him from crucifixion in the story A Witch Shall Be Born Since Conan repaid him by stealing command of his men, Olgerd looks forward to settling the score The story ends with an orgy of frenzied killing as three different factions war against each other, and the original inhabitants of the city emerge to feast on the survivors I especially enjoyed the following passage that describes the mayhem at it s absolute peak Conan did not waste breath trying to command order out of chaos Craft and strategy had gone by the board the fight would be decided by sheer muscle and ferocity Hemmed in by howling madmen, there was nothing for him to do but split as many heads and spill as many guts as he could and let the gods of chance decide the issue. This was the first Conan book I ever read, and for many years afterward, I read every single Conan book I could get my hands on If you think all fantasy is like Tolkien or Lewis, get ready for a serious kick in the pants. Contents Introduction Conan The Wanderer Essay By L Sprague De Camp Black Tears Conan Universe Novelette By L Sprague De Camp And Lin Carter Shadows In Zamboula Conan Universe Novelette By Robert E Howard The Devil In Iron Conan Universe Novelette By Robert E Howard The Flame Knife Conan Universe Novella By L Sprague De Camp And Robert E HowardCover John Duillo Conan books were the coolest thing in the world when I was in sixth grade, and I m so happy to see the cover art hasn t changed. This is one of the Lancer Conans Some of you will hate them because they are not only NOT the pure Howard stories, but they also include stories made from notes and pastiches by other authors I enjoyed them, maybe not so much as the pure Howard stories, but they are good I don t have all of them any and they are hard to findif you can find them they are worth a try Wish someone would reissue them. I keep giving these books 3 stars despite the fact they are getting better as the series goes along First let me say that I am keenly interested in getting a hold of the original stories because I find myself liking the ones that do not have Lin Carter or L Sprague De Camp listed as co authors I have a sense that they are genre writers than true ghost writers that try to seamlessly add stories endings to the series At any rate, we see some longer stories in this volume as well as the return of some previous characters It is starting to read like a continuous saga with a wide range of characters, instead of random snippets focus solely on Conan Again, the writing is better than I would have expected and the plots interesting, although there is certainly an element of machoism to the tales that would certainly turn off plenty of people There s enough here to keep going into book 5 I d give this one 3.5 stars and recommend to anyone interested in the fantasy genre. The master of Sword and Sorcery Great stories that scare and delight a hero, who s strength and cunning go unrivaled, and a good dollop of other world building that make all Conan s novels great reads. This is the first Conan book I ve ever read There are four separate stories of Conan, two written by the original Conan author Robert E Howard , one altered from an original story of his, and one I think was just made up.The book starts with the non original author story, and it s pretty dreadful It is very linear, no plot twists, and when he finally meets the bad guy for the final battle he basically goes chop and that s the end of the story Such an anti climax.The next two stories are much better, one has a bunch of cannibals out to eat Conan and some random naked lady he finds I didn t expect the book to be very PC, but I was a bit surprised he spent an entire adventure fighting random people after a lady said hit all these people and you can have me for the night, don t tell my fiance , and then Conan fights his way through a magical city after he falls in lust with some random lady he sees at a meeting.The final story is okay, Conan uses his muscles to take over a hidden city of assassins I d say single handedly, but he does get some help Oh, and there s another random woman who wants to put out for him Although she doesn t.Overall, a good read as long as you re not expecting any great words of wisdom, and can deal with the 1930s writing implying women are chattel Listed as one of my horse books of 2018 because Conan rides a horse everywhere he goes Doesn t this man ever walk Five stars for the original Howard stories Shadows in Zamboula and The Devil in Iron The other two tales in this volume are the pastiche Black Tears by De Camp and Carter, and The Flame Knife a story by Howard postumously converted to a Conan story by De Camp. The books I d take to a desert island.The books I d save from a house on fire.The books I read over and over.The best of the best.

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