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Conan the Victorious (Conan, #7) In The Fabled, Mysterious Land Of Vendhya, Conan Seeks An Antidote To The Unknown Poison That Threatens His Life Entangled In The Intrigues Of Karim Singh, Advisor To The King Of Vendhya, Pursued By The Voluptuous Noblewoman Vyndra, Threatened By The Evil Mage Naipal, Conan Has Yet To Conquer The Most Terrifying Adversaries Of His Life The Sivani, Demon Guardians Of The Ancient Tombs Of Vendhyan Kings To Survive, He Must Be Conan The Victorious

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    At some point in his thieving career Conan decided the pay was not too great, so he moved to Turan and became a smuggler he was lucky to find an old friend from the first book of the series who owned a small ship and had successful business Conan s luck ended when he accidentally killed a city guard in a tavern during an argument about a wench As anybody who even p

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    on the cover, conan s sword does not coincide with the storyp42 my lord, the prince s ways with women are well know p178 five animals were in the other pary as well, and conan almost laughed with relief when he saw those leading the beasts.p223 yet even they fought a loosing battle against the forest.what do you know my epub copy has the same exact errors

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    The last book of the author s wandering in the world of Conan An ordinary male adventure, with fewer nude female appearances and even fewer ideas that have not reappeared After that, the writer wisely devoted himself to his great work, The Wheel of Time, after winning the recognition of the world of fantasy and having tried some of his ideas After reading all seven b

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    I really enjoyed this story, it wasn t the best Conan story I ve read, but it was still interesting and fun and it kept me looking forward to reading each chapter or two a night If you love the Conan books I don t think you ll be disappointed.

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    Conan is in Turan living the life of a successful smuggler As per usual, an argument over a wench ends up with a city guard dead and Conan on the run While trying to get out of town Conan is poisoned by a man from far Vendyha This poison, which makes Conan occasionally feel bad and sometimes gives him a headache but otherwise has no effect other than being eventually f

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    It s so weird that the best Conan books weren t written by Robert E Howard, but that s the way it is I can t remember how many writers have contributed to the pretty sizable Conan canon yuk yuk , but I m guessing that Robert Jordan was probably the best His Wheel of Time books are awfully mighty and well written This is a pretty regular Conan story Conan, while drinking

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    Conan faces off against a monstrous demon in another of Jordan s fun pulpy adventures This one doesn t break any molds and delivers exactly what you expect from a longer Conan tale They aren t exactly formulaic, but they feel comfortable and familiar, like a good rpg adventure Not my favorite of the series but still lots of classic low fantasy fun.

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    The Conan books written by Jordan get better with each book and this one was very entertaining as well Jordan has a different style from Howard, but he s an excellent storyteller and his characters are interesting and original Sure, a lot of elements reappear from one book to the other, but they are still fine tales and good Conan books I had fun and I recommend them all.

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    concepts again good but action n plot not intricate or realistic enough so deus ex machina has to kinda swoop in and end things for you Many interesting characters and good idea just they were watered n given subnlight. Like pizza even cold a conan is good.

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    This was actually pretty good right up until the end, which stank As soon as he started going on about round breasts again I knew it was going to go downhill But the part where he s not indulging himself with describing nude ladies is good.

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