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I am a great fan of the Conan novels and short stories by Howard, Carter, Nyberg and de Camp Wagner did a great job, and Jordan s Conan novels are at least readable But this one here is one of the worst fantasy books i ve ever had on my shelf.The story is boring, full of clich s, loads of logical errors electromagnetic shields anyone , the characters are flat like a pancake and something like atmosphere is completely absent The names of people are completely unfitting Elspeth Mutare , the style of writing is that of a 14 year old writing essays on me and my pet.Books like this one are the reason why fantasy is looked down upon so condescendingly by many people Howard turns in his grave for another time One of the poorest of the Tor Conan books You don t expect Shakespeare but this novel suffers from poor writing even for a pulp series. In Conan s early years as a thief he takes some time off for a little RR in Brythunia He decides to buy a present for his current wench, but his thieving skills have not yet advanced to the level of when pass on stolen merchandise He is framed for the death of the king s daughter and eventually sets out in pursuit of the real killer, an immortal demon priestess He gains and loses allies, faces down gods and gets in a bar fight, and on the whole gets knocked around a lot than normal.The action is fast paced generally, though the book is oddly divided into two parts Important characters are dispatched suddenly, and there is far too much deus ex machina for my liking It s not REH, but REH is dead so it s probably asking too much for him to write any new Conan stories. THIS NOVEL WAS OK BUT, I NEED TO SAY THAT I HAVE TO AGREE WITH MR CHARLES GRAMLICH ABOUT THE FACT THAT CONAN IS TREATED TOO MUCH OF A SUPERMAN AND THE TALKING SPIDER WAS JUST PLAIN SILLY THIS IS MY OPINION, OF COURSE. It All Began When Conan Bought The Jeweled Bracelet From The Zamoran Thief It Would, Conan Thought, Make The Perfect Gift For His Lady Of The Moment, Yvanna But This Was No Ordinary Bauble It Had Been Taken From The King Of Brythunia S Only Daughterthe Daughter Who Had Been Cruelly Murdered Only Days Before Cursing His Luck, Conan Sets Off To Find The Real Killers In Order To Save Himself From The Executioner S Ax And Blunders Into A Deadly Web Of Palace Intrigue Masterminded By The Mutare, Those Ancient Priests And Priestesses Dedicated To The Vilest Evils And The Enslavement Of All Men Even Conan S Mighty Muscles, Potent Instincts And Extraordinary Luck Might Not Seem Enough Even Conan Might Need The Help Of The Gods Themselves Good escapist fare. Another exciting Conan tale This adventure slowed it s pacing down at times, mostly from the swicthing of character s viewpoints It released some of the tension, but the author made up for it later on It reminded me a bit of a roleplaying game, where there is a bit of adventure, then storyline, possibly a random encounter, story The format works fairly well and is easy to get used to.One thing struck out at me There was a bit of stretched coincidence as well near the end, but when you get to the part I m talking about you will clearly know However, supernatural hands guide many events, so it doesn t come off as being too unbelievable.This tale reminded me of a quote from Robert E Howard He said that he wrote his tales as though an older Conan were reciting them to him Good storytellers embellish at times, and reading about the abuse Conan takes makes me think of that Then again, this is a fantasy tale Cimmerians were made of sterner stuff than most mortals In other fantasy books, if an Orc or other strong humanoid would take the abuse an keep going, the reader likely wouldn t bat an eye All in all, it was a good book I am reading re reading through every Conan book I can find in chronical order, so I would like to compare Moore s Conan to other author s I am also a little upset that I didn t pick this up when it was released in 95 I remember seeing it on the bookstore, but passed it up in favor of a book I didn t enjoy C est la vie Skemmtileg fantas a um villimanninn Conan sem er sk thr ddur vi presta, dj fla og galdramenn en berst samt trau ur vi me sver i og rj sku auk ess a vera miki heljarmenni g tlega spennandi og me v ntar upp komur og vandam l sem komu m r einstaka sinnum a v rum.Conan var upphaflega skapa ur af rith fundinum Robert E Howard ri 1932 en eftir andl t hans fj rum rum s ar hafa fj lmargir h fundar spreytt sig vi hetjuna auk ess sem Conan og fantas uheimurinn sem hann b r hafa lifa vel teiknimyndas gum, sj nvarps ttum og b myndum. Conan pastiche I think this was Hunter s first book and it showed enthusiasm I think he could have been a fine writer, but this one just wasn t terribly good to me It treated Conan as far too much of a superman. Moore does well to provide a tale of adventure in classic Conan style. Conan The Hunter (Conan)

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Conan The Hunter (Conan) book, this is one of the most wanted Sean A. Moore author readers around the world.

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