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Conan The Gladiator A fine story, but a terrible CONAN story Do not let this be your introduction to Conan. What if Conan visited Ancient Rome and became a gladiator This is the idea that Carpenter used here, unless he just wrote a gladiator book and changed the name of the main character to Conan Complete with the Circus Maximus and an Emperor who liked to play at gladiator named Commodorus It s decent as a gladiator story, terrible as a Conan story Conan does not act at all like himself He is tricked than once but overlooks the slight, fights to entertain others rather than as necessity or through honorable motives, and is astounded by basic medicine Not things Conan would normally do.Several parts of the book are dedicated to exploring the arena, including details of its construction Time is spent reliving some historical uses of the arena, including the killing of religious minorities and the difference between fighting styles of various gladiator types A mildly redeeming characteristic is the reveal that the obvious enemies may not be so bad after all As a straight gladiator story it would get three stars for being readable and useful in passing the time As a Conan story it gets 1 star Better to keep Conan in his own world than to try and shoehorn him into some alien period. Conan The BarbarianGladiator YouTube This Feature Is Not Available Right Now Please Try Again Later Conan The Barbarian Movie CLIP Conan The John Milius S Jingoistic Direction And Pulpy Screenplay Fit Perfectly Into This Film Version Of The Robert E Howard Fantasy Story Of The Sword And Sorcery Hero, Conan The Barbarian ComplementingConan The Gladiator Conan Wiki Fandom This Article Is Littlethan A Placeholder For Conan The Gladiator You Can Help Conan Wiki By Expanding It Conan The Gladiator Is A Conan Novel By Leonard P Carpenter Contents Show Synopsis We Don T Have A Synopsis For Conan The Gladiator You Can Help Conan Wiki By Providing One Conan The Gladiator Wikipedia Conan The Gladiator Carpenter, Leonard Livres Retrouvez Conan The Gladiator Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionConan The Gladiator Carpenter, Leonard Livres Passer Au Contenu Principal Conan The Gladiator Tor Fantasy Carpenter, No, Conan The Gladiator Is Not A Great Book, But In My Opinion It S Not That Bad, Either A Lukwarm Entry In The Conan Canon, That S All A Nathaniel Wallace, Jr Conan The Gladiator By Leonard Carpenter Conan, The Formidable Barbarian, The Thief, The Brawler, The Gladiator The Slayer Of Gods, The Killer Of Monsters, The Man Who Carved His Kingdom From A Savage World The Slayer Of Gods, The Killer Of Monsters, The Man Who Carved His Kingdom From A Savage World Conan The Adventurer Conan The Gladiator TV Conan And His Companions Are Captured And Are Forced To Participate In Gladitorial Games Things Get Worse When They Re Forced To Fight Each Other To The Death Watch Conan The Adventurer S E Conan The Conan, Jasmine And Snag Are Travelling Through A Forest When They Come Across A Band Of Warriors Who Challenge Them The Leader Of The Warriors Turns Out To Be A Youth, The Ruler Of The Local Land Who Was Recently Ousted By Wrath Amon And His Serpent Men Conan The Gladiator Metacritic Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, Conan The Gladiator, When Conan And Jezmine Are Given The News That Zula Has Been Captured By Cannibals And Is Presumed Dead, Conan Vows To Find His Blood Bro I often wonder what Robert E Howard would think if, at this time, he thinks at all As far as I know Howard rarely or never set foot outside of Texas He committed suicide at age thirty, in 1936 He supported himself by selling the stories he wrote to various pulp magazines, which in Howard s day were considered low class and of no consequence Yet somehow the tales and characters Howard created Conan, King Kull, Red Sonja, Solomon Kane spawned a series of books, films, comics and television programs that continue to be made to this day Howard died never knowing he was a success To me that is almost unutterably sad As for the book that prompted these vaguely philosophical musings Conan the Gladiator by Leonard Carpenter is one of a series of Conan pastiches Ace published This novel is pretty uneven, but the ending redeems the rest of it what an incredible spectacle Not sure the payoff is worth what you have to go thru to get there in the end I think I will have to leave that to each individual reader, as I personally am on the fence about it This Conan is a little laid back than the Conan I love Sure he has a mercenary heart he s been a mercenary but when he and some friends are set up for slaughter the Conan I know would have broken the neck of the man who did it, rather than saying oh there is money to be made These events do take place after the death of Belit so Conan is a little older here Mayhap that is a reflection of him being older and presumably wiser The cover by Ken Kelly is nice enough but our hero looks like a roided up version of The Ultimate Warrior Conan got his muscles from running fighting and thieving not pumping iron two hours a day. Probably the worst Conan story ever written Either Leonard P Carpenter knew absolutely nothing about Conan, or he was purposefully trying change sabotage the character in the worst ways It has been many years since I have read this, but I particularly remember that Conan sees some doctors cut someone open and, since he can see how the human body works, he starts to feel bad about killing people Yeah, it s that bad At the end of the novel, view spoiler Conan goes off to rethink his life hide spoiler And Conan joins the circus Yeah, he does some gladiating but he gets into that fine mess by kicking some guy s ass and taking his place as the strong man in a circus Geesh Somehow, I don t see Conan joining a circus, even at his most cheerful.While Carpenter s writing is perfectly fine, his poor grasp of the character and reliance on Roman gladiator not to mention circus elements are marks against him This was almost as difficult to get through as some of DeCamp and or Carter s dreck.And perfectly fine doesn t mean great An example Weeping relatives, Memtep with a small band of arena functionaries, a few bookmakers and some local widows who habitually wailed at every public funeral Local widows Women who habitually wail at funerals Somehow the seems demeaning to women and widows as a general thing Maybe it s me After glancing at one another, the couple did not demur I don t think Conan has ever demured.Or how about this one, where Conan helps to sew up a sword wound He was aware that his own hands were beginning to weaken and tremble then a cloud passed over his eyes and he fainted dead away Riiiiiiiiiiiight Conan sees stitches applied and passes out Much is made, in fact, of how Conan s encounter with a Hyborian era pacifist surgeon leaves him with no taste for killing, which is a shaky premise at best, considering who we re dealing with, here But to say that watching a wound be sewn up would cause him to pass out is to completely fail to grasp the character of Conan He might not enjoy it, but it wouldn t make him faint When he plays nurse and pats his wounded pal on the head on page 221, one might believe one is reading about someone else entirely.Ken Kelly s cover art is nice looking but not exactly on point The scene depicted featured no women but there s a mostly naked one kneeling in the corner with her mouth wide open Conan s mouth is wide open, too, as is one of the priest s What goes on in Kelly s mind What, indeed Conan The Gladiator is not horrible, but it s not that good, either I guess that means it s okay I ve read a few of Leonard Carpenter s Conan books and for the most part they re ok Not this one This would have been an ok general sword and sorcery story, but it s not Conan.Conan doesn t talk or act like Howards sullen barbarian warrior from his books and I could be wrong but I don t remember any of his world that sounded so close to the Romans, plus Conan in a circus Sorry just don t buy it This was an ok read but just not a great Conan novel. Conan in the Gladiator ring You d think that d be something hard to mess up and yet this story was lacking The set up was cartoonish and with an average plot, nothing really stood out to me And by the time something interesting did happen, I was just ready to be done with the book. Again, only a half hearted Conan book Between this and the other one I ve read by him Conan Lord Of The Black River , I m beginning to think Carpenter had a couple historical novels plotted out this one set in Roman occupied Egypt and LotBR set during the quest for the source of the Nile and just changed the names and called them Conan novels I mean in this one Conan even tired of fighting and wants to live a life of peace Even going as far as commiserating with a priest of Set and asking himself what he would do It s just not like Conan at all. This was a weak Conan book I picked it up at a used bookstore like ooh Old Conan YoinkSo Conan joins a traveling circus as their resident strong man no less This iteration of Conan is very tame He s a very passive protagonist He hooks up with the acrobatess Sathilda, and they sleep together in a perfunctory capacity Seriously, they never so much as flirt And they barely speak to each other They just bed down together like an old married couple, and that s the whole reason Conan stays Her presence in the story is obligatory His relationship with his girlfriend is not developed or explored at all By the end of the book, he s almost relieved to be separated from her If you ask me, he was bored with her from the start The book at least tries to honor the tropes that made the original material good Civilization crumbles in a wrath of god style flood, and the story ends with Conan escaping the calamity alive But Conan is no barbarian who dislikes civilization In fact he agrees with the city s ruler that social progress is a good thing Again, he passively agrees with almost everything that comes his way At one point, he meets a priest who s like a battlefield surgeon than an embalmer, with a very Hippocratic attitude Conan watches this guy save a gladiator s life, and then decides he doesn t want to kill people any I shit you not Conan the Cimmerian actually says he dislikes being an assassin Remember in Black Colossus when Conan s commanding officers referred to him as Conan the throat slitter Leonard Carpenter doesn t There is no Lovecraftian monster to battle, but a mute wrestler whose fighting style emulates a boa constrictor That rivalry isn t played up too much, and Conan mentions a couple of times that he s afraid of this guy He stands his ground against the wrestler, but loses and nearly dies but for a lucky break literally, the ground collapses beneath their feet as Xothar squeezes Conan to death, and it s Xothar who unfortunately gets pinned under falling debris This book should have been called Conan the Indifferent or maybe Conan the Shrugger because he shrugs at everything, from circussing to gladiating to his girlfriend This protagonist has no fire in his belly, and there are no buildups between him and any worthy adversaries to keep the reader engaged Carpenter is a competent wordsmith, but he demonstrates the difference between a novelist and a storyteller Howard was a storyteller with lots of poetic flourishes that make the text enjoyable in and of itself Carpenter is clear, but that s all.

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