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Conan the Defender (Conan, #2) Embroiled In Seething Rebellion, Sworn To Defend The Tottering Throne Of Ancient Nemedia, Pursued By The Luscious And Shameless Sularia, Cimmeria S Bravest Hero Challenges The Magic Spawned Menace That Cannot Die, The Invincible, Diabolical Simulacrum Of Albanus

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    In his travels Conan came to Nemedia where he met his friends or enemies you will be the judge from the previous book What is important right away he stumbled upon a guy who was a friendlier type of those Seeking adventure in local slums why else would anybody go there is beyond me they saved a young noble woman who later brought them to an inn

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    Step right up and see the adventures of Conan the Boring MARVEL as Conan hangs out with beatniks and risks his life for them for no real reason STAND IN AWE as Conan gets the crap kicked out of him on several occasions, and has to have the city guards save his life BE AMAZED as you read chapter after chapter of people standing around and t

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    He was called Conan, he was from Cimmeria and was a Barbarian, sadly that s where the the similarities ended.An imposter as fake as the golem King Of Nemedia I ve travelled with the genuine Conan, through icy wastes, and dusty dungeons mazes, trekked through steaming jungles and cried as love was ripped from his pirate hands Conan the defender is

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    Groovy Have you ever wondered what Conan would do in the Sixties Wonder no Here he is, hanging out in coffee houses, picking up liberated young radicals, helping young people who want to make a difference and if you think it s some kind of joke, it s not Pretty good sword fighting, evil sorcery, and a few funny sidekicks too Right on, Conan

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    In his second Conan book, the author continues his different path, always within the framework imposed by the nature of the work he undertook In this, our hero is called upon to use not only his muscles and his fighting abilities but also his mind as he engages in the political struggles of a powerful city that is in a turmoil not unusual in the sup

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    ok, this is way better than the last now i m pumped for twot it s funny how the cover is in itself a spoiler hah my copy gets worse over time ocr error wise

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    If you want to see Conan embroiled in court intrigues among dainty characters with Italian names, all the while protecting a stiff upper lipped feminist, then this book is for you Its grimy backstreet slums and decadent palaces, as well as Conan s underdeveloped pairing with the one eyed Hordo, may just as easily have been rewritten as another Lankhma

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    I think this book made me a worse person.

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    This is the second book found in Jordan s The Conan Chronicles Conan His work with the character of Conan the Barbarian in the early 1980 s is shallow, fast, and fun Plot lines are relatively simple and the action is extremely fast paced Practically opposite of Jordan s later work with the Wheel of Time.In Conan the Defender, our hero finds himself embr

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    This is my first Conan book I ve ever read and the first by Robert Jordan, though I do own quite a bit of his books I do have to say I quite enjoyed it It made me think of Conan in a different way I love the movies and this just expands on the whole awesomeness that is Conan It has everything Plump gorgeous women, epic sword fights, magic and a cast of c

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