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Conan of Cimmeria Contents Introduction L Sprague De Camp In The Curse Of The Monolith Conan And The Cenotaph L Sprague De Camp Lin Carter Ss Worlds Of Fantasy The Bloodstained God L Sprague De Camp Robert E Howard Nv Tales Of Conan, Gnome, The Frost Giant S Daughter Revised From Gods Of The North , The Fantasy Fan, Mar Robert E Howard L Sprague De Camp Ss Fantasy Fiction Aug The Lair Of The Ice Worms L Sprague De Camp Lin Carter Ss Queen Of The Black Coast L Sprague De Camp Lin Carter Ss The Vale Of Lost Women Robert E Howard Ss Magazine Of Horror Spr The Castle Of Terror L Sprague De Camp Lin Carter Nv The Snout In The Dark L Sprague De Camp, Robert E Howard Lin Carter Ss

About the Author: Robert E. Howard

Robert Ervin Howard was an American pulp writer of fantasy, horror, historical adventure, boxing, western, and detective fiction Howard wrote over three hundred stories and seven hundred poems of raw power and unbridled emotion and is especially noted for his memorable depictions of a sombre universe of swashbuckling adventure and darkling horror He is well known for having created in the p

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    Probably one of my all time favorite book covers This cover is pure Conan Just look at him battling 2 frost giants awesome This was the first Conan book I ever read I instantly became a fan of Robert E Howard and this character I probably spent endless hours red

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    The I read the Conan series, the I realize the genius of Robert Howard Despite the pulp fiction nature of the stories, he vividly portrays the exploits of a seemingly simple yet nuanced character in a way few authors have achieved It s no wonder Conan remains a house

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    Here s Book 2 in my re read of the Conan series by Robert E Howard.The Curse of the MonolithL Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter kick things off by having Conan get stuck to a magnet on which a monster of living jelly is called forth by the flute of a scheming Duke he s either a

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    Say what you will, Howard was a master craftsman at his trade story telling I find his fantastical world engaging and entertaining Howard s Conan isn t going to solve any philosophical questions he just takes you for a ride.

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    Conan, the meta physician from the story, Queen of the Black Coast Belit, the pirate queen and Conan s lover, asks, Conan, do you fear the gods I would not tread on their shadow, answered the barbarian conservatively Some gods are strong to harm, others, to aid at least so say their priest

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    Robert E Howard rocked hard.The godfather of sword and sorcery.No crap No bullshit If you like Feist, Goodkind, Martin or any thing like that.Then you might not like anything by Howard.In other words.No wussies

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    Typical Conan monsters, sorcery, women, treasure, swordfightsgotta love it

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    M s relatos del personaje ic nico G nero Narrativa fant stica Lo que nos cuenta Continuaci n del intento de ofrecer los relatos del personaje en el orden cronol gico de su vida , empezando en su viaje hacia el este como mercenario de Tur n y terminado en Kush Algunos relatos son de sucesores por completo, otro

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    These books are difficult to get next to because of the additions by L Sprague de Camp and Lin Carter What they were attempting was fun and worthwhile but just not as good as the muscular dynamism of Howard s prose Why four stars then Because there are three of Howard s stories in here and they are still wonderful I

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    This is one of the Lancer Conans Some of you will hate them because they are not only NOT the pure Howard stories, but they also include stories made from notes and pastiches by other authors I enjoyed them, maybe not so much as the pure Howard stories, but they are good I don t have all of them any and they are hard to fin

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