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Conan and the Treasure of Python Time Hung Heavily On Conan S Hands As He Waited In The Port Of Asgulun For The Next War To Start, And He Wasn T Thinking Of Proverbs When Beautiful, Silver Haired Malia Approached Him The Next Thing Conan Knew, He Was Up To His Neck In Van Pirates, Killer Ape Men, Aquilonian Nobility, An Ancient Blood Cult, A Stygian Sorcerer And The Murderous Tribes Of The Dread Coast Of Bones

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    I ve been on a bit of a Conan kick lately, and I ve got to say, I think John Maddox Roberts is my favorite of all the pastiche writers, and this book is no exception Conan departs to the Black Coast to guide a party of nobles seeking a long lost brother husband, and a lost treasure in this VERY H Rider Haggard inspired tale Throw in a heavy dash of Lovecraft, a scheming Stygian priest, and some half ape minions, and it s a ripping good time.

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    Well, that s like it Where L Sprague DeCamp failed in any way to write a decent Conan story, John Maddox Roberts succeeds There is something of the grimness and grittiness of Howard s Hyborian Age in there and Roberts manages to make Conan sound like Conan Act like him, too I like the Cthulhu sort of element as well.The lack of a Carter and or DeCamp penned introduction means I was able to start this book without being irritated, which was nice.I think it s kind of weird how long all these Tor Conan book

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    I thought this was the best of the John Maddox Roberts Conan pastiches Roberts is a fine writer, so take my ratings in general of his pastiches with a grain of salt I m just not a big fan of Conan pastiches In fact, I read some of the pastiches in order to do essays on them for the Robert E Howard United Press Associaiton.

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    Conan is between wars and looking for work on the coast of Shem Some Aquilonians show up with a foolish plan to look for a lost relative far to the South in the Black Kingdoms Conan tells them it s a bad idea but they pay well so he agrees to lead their expedition They equip a ship and go on safari There s some pirates and a lot of trading with the natives and then a long trek into the interior looking for Dr Livingstone Many dangers are encountered along the way and surpassed with some loss of porters and unnamed men

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    This book was good fun to read Roberts does not try to copy REH s writing style, and once you get past that, it is well written and enjoyable to read Roberts knows the Hyborian Age setting well and does not mess up the details His Conan is a little thoughtful and talkative than Howard s original, but overall nails the character true to the pulp tales of old This story is actually a riff on King Solomon s Mines, using the basic plot of an expedition to track down a missing explorer treasure hunter in uncharted country A great

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    A strong start, a weak and slow middle but an exciting climax all make for an hybrid Conan spin on the classic treasure hunt in Africa theme.

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    I feel like I should dock this story another star for following pretty much every beat of H Rider Haggard s famous King Solomon s Mines not to mention an overly Tarzan like Conan , but unlike some works in similar circumstances, the parts that weren t stolen were also good particularly the sequence in the Stygian city.

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    In this Conan installment, I particularly appreciated the setup Roberts creates in each scene While sailing, he paints a picture of the sailors and rigors of the trip While trudging through the jungle, he does likewise with the sounds and dangers and inhabitants of that locale.All in all, the book packs a sizeable adventure with many environs and challenges for Conan to overcome If you can overlook the lack of tight, elegant writing that was so impressively used in the original Conan stories, this title provides an otherwise decent Hyperborean fi

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    Not a bad read There are no real surprises, our hero acts the way you expect him to Maybe he had an unusual little attraction on the women that were involved in the adventure Main complaint is that it takes John Maddox Roberts 280 pgs to tell a story that Howard would have completed in less than 60, but that is a common trait among the authors that write the new Conan stories.

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    Conan good Me like conan

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