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Conan and the Manhunters (Conan) Treasure Beyond Imagining Waited In The Temple Of Ahriman, A God So Evil And Terrifying That Even The Despicable Priests Of Set Aided In His Banishment None Dared To Steal The Treasure Until Conan The Cimmerian Came To Shapur Now He Must Smuggle Tons Of Gold And Jewels Past The City Guards And Escape To A Place Of Safety, While Pursued By The Most Efficient And Dangerous Band Of Manhunters Ever Assembled, Led By A Warrior Whose Skills And Ferocity Rival Conan Himself But Great Dangers Lurk When Conan Returns To The Temple And The Priests Of Ahriman Conspire To Bring Their Fearsome Deity Back Into The World

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    Conan pastiche is always a sticky subject There are REH purists that will not read them on principle, and there are Conan fanatics that make little distinction I fall somewhere in between Early to late 80 s, I fell deep into Conan fandom first, it was my discovery of the Marvel Conan comics, particularly The Savage Sword of Conan, second and of great lasting power, I watched the 1982 Conan the Barbarian movie In my mind, anything Conan w

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    A decent fantasy story Didn t feel a lot like Conan to me This character is less impetuous and controlled than Howard s Cimmerian at this time in his career I d probably rather just read about a new character.

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    Conan is thrown in the dungeon again because of a woman again While waiting to be publicly executed he hears of a massive treasure The Sultan of Shahpur has collected an entire year s worth of taxes and stored them in the new temple to Ahriman After escaping from prison surprise Conan rejoins the bandit gang he has been leading and convinces them to steal the treasure Conan is actually interested in getting revenge on the Sultan and his Gen

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    3.5 would be a accurate rating A fun sword sorcery adventure with thieves, a daring heist, sorcery, twists etc As pointed out by other reviewers though, this Conan does not really fit with the Howardian Conan and there is probably too much magic as well A good read though.

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    Fun read Typical Conan.

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    It s ok In my opinion Maddox s Conan is way too civilized considering that he is among rogues and at a very early age in his adventures Anyway, an ok read.

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