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Conan and the Death Lord of Thanza (Conan) Few Places Are As Desolate As The Thanza Mountains On The Border Of Nemedia And Aqilonia Few Area Are So Remote, So Dangerous, Or So Inaccessiblewhich Is Why Conan Chose These Mountains As The Perfect Spot In The World For Conan To BeUnfortunately, It Is The Single Worst Spot In The World For Conan To BeBandits And Sorcerers And Worse Inhabit This Lonely Realm Worst Of All, It Is The Home Of The Soul Of Thanza He Who Possesses The Soul Will Become The Death Lord A Post Unfilled For Many Thousands Of Years If The Death Lord Should Come Into His Full Power, Mountains Will Move, Seas Will Be Pushed Back, The Earth Itself Will Shiver, And Dead Men Will Rise To Fight Again No Army Of Puny Humans Will Be Able To Stand Against The Death Lord Only One Man Would Even Dare To Try Conan The Cimmerian

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    Another rescued tome I ve never read any Conan so I thought I d give it a try The setting is vaguely like Lord of the Rings but with a bit of sex and lots of blood Reasonably entertaining so far I didn t realize so many writers have contributed to the Conan canon So far the author deploys a few too many similes for my taste.Blood here, blood there, blood everywhere sex too A rousing adventure Conan has just f

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    Roland Green wrote seven Conan pastiches He also wrote most of the infamous Richard Blade books I have four of his Conan books Conan at the Demon s Gate, Conan and the Death Lord of Thanza, Conan and the Mists of Doom, and Conan the Guardian He gets points for better than average titles, at least I m not moving on from Conan and the Death Lord of Thanza anytime soon After one book, I m ready to relegate Roland Green to

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    After traveling the known world, serving as Captain of the Guard in most major cities, being a notorious thief in most others, and being a successful pirate on both the Western Ocean and the Viyalet Sea, Conan has finally become famous Which means that the King of Ophir has placed a huge bounty on Conan s head and he needs to exit poste haste In a bid to avoid capture he joins the newly formed Thanza Rangers, whose charge is to

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    Not as wildly uneven as some of his others but just kind of meh the whole way through

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