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Conan and the Amazon (Conan) Roaming The Hills Of Brythunia Conan Comes Face To Face With A Legend Achilea, Once Queen Of A Tribe Of Savage Women, Is A Consummate Warrior, As Fierce As She Is Beautiful Together They Set Out To Uncover The Riches Of The Long Lost Janagar, A Mighty City That Stood Tall For Five Thousand Years It Was Abandoned By Its People, Who Fled On One Strange Night, Never To Return Treasure Hunters Beware Deadly Horrors Are Waiting For Conan And Achilea Deep In The Bowels Of Janagar

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    I liked it OK, although it seemed longer than it needed to be I still think that sword and sorcery works best at novella length Most S S novels seem a little padded I m sure the instructions were clear for John Maddox Roberts regarding word count The back cover blurb provides a very accurate description of th

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    Solid lost city adventure, but nothing outstanding Meh with sprinkles.

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    This Conan story is a little generic than the other two John Maddox Roberts Conan pastiches I ve read, but it still may be my favorite As he so often does, Conan finds himself in the story by chance In need of sword work in a disreputable town, he quickly meets a pack of Hyrkanians, four s, and a dwarf They are all hired to hel

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    John Maddox Roberts Conan books were always some of my favorites from the Tor era Conan and the is no exception A good, fun read This was actually a great Conan story I enjoyed it immenseley.

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    As everyone knows, Ferengi Rule of Acquisition 34 states, War is good for business And, of course, 35 states, Peace is good for business Both are true, unless you are Conan and all your marketable skills include either killing or thieving, then peace sucks Such is how Conan finds himself when peace suddenly breaks out in the land He makes his way t

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