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Conan the Savage (Conan) After A Gambling Dispute Erupts Into Violence And Death, Conan Of Cimmeria Is Condemned To The Hellish Mine Pits Of Brythunia Where No Man Has Ever Escaped Or Survived But Conan Breaks Free And Disappears Into The Wilderness, Far From Civilization, And Into The Eager Arms Of Songa, A Forest Maiden Still The Demon Goddess Ninga Has Seized Control Of Brythunia And Her Insatiable Appetite For Human Sacrifice Threatens To Devour The World Only One Man Can Strike At The Very Heart Of Ninga S Religion Of Blood A Man Who Carries Death In His Eyes

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    Wow, what a piece of shit I think a entire half of this book was boring details about Conan traipsing through the forest being a survivor, skinning animals, making fire, fishing, etc I know it sounds cool to do, but it s boring to read about I think the writer was looking for word count The writer

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    A really odd Conan book Conan is once again cheated at cards and once again runs afoul of the local constabulary and is once again enslaved He is sent to a remote open pit gold mine to spend his life digging in the ground but he doesn t much care for it so he escapes He is left alone in the wilderness, compl

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    Yeah this was OK but I guess there is a reason why the better Conan tales are made up of shorter storiesnamely that although the tales themselves are fun and fast paced they are truth be told fairly one dimensional.Such is the case with this tale a book which in one part tells the story of the ascendancy of a Evil god

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    She lacks proper respect for a huntsman She has provoked you and used you badly He frowned in pious disapproval You should strike her and teach her her place reaching up she clawed his cheek with a sharp nailed hand.Lightning quick, Conan cuffed her on the side of the head Though slight, the blow stopped her she clutched at him

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    An atypical Conan Starts off in a jewel mine from which Conan eventually escapes and ends up in the Land of the Lost and gets married

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