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Conan: The Road of Kings Facing The Gallows For Defending His Honor By Killing The Captain Of The Guard The Mighty Conan Jumps Feet First Into A Rescue Attempt Of One Of His Fellow Prisoners When Conan Learns His Rescuers Are The Daring Rebels Of The White Rose, He Joins Their Blood Soaked InsurrectionBut Conan S Struggles Are Only Beginning, For The Road To The Throne Is Defended By The Final Guard Indestructible Warriors Made Of Stone Conan Must Draw Steel Against These Indomitable Foes And Pray That Krom Will Guide His Blade Both Strong And True

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    Wagner s pastiches are highly recommended A groupread from the Sword Sorcery group in Goodreads led me to this In short, the milieu was true to Hyborbian Age Also, it followed Conan s development from buccaneer to potential king well this would serve as a great prequel to REH s only novel length Conan story The Hour of the Dragon.Karl Edward Wag

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    Diverting enough Conan novel, though Wagner, like other latter day Conan scribes, lacks the sheer exuberance and simplicity of Robert E Howard And his Conan sometimes comes across as too sophisticated and pedantic, a bit like the psychiatrist that Wagner was I mean, how can you grunt or rumble lines like No doubt it s strange to you that I have n

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    4 AND 1 2 STARSWithin some circles, author Karl Edward Wagner is considered not just an amazing fantasy and horror author, but one of the best of all time His short life left us with a small but powerful body of work, most notably the creation of his character, Kane, in the book, Darkness Weaves , among others Here, with Conan, Wagner writes with

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    I ve covered the works of fantasy writer Karl Edward Wagner 1945 94 many times A brilliant writer who died much too soon, Wagner is responsible for creating the dark hero Kane, a red haired giant who resembled his creator Kane was based on the biblical persona with the same name, but in this case rebelled against a mad god who had created humanity

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    A real page turner, I read this short novel within two days, going without spirits on a Saturday night so that I could concentrate on its conclusion such was my enthusiasm Wagner has a range of vocabulary comparable to Clark Ashton Smith and the influence of classical weird pulp is obvious Insofar as political theory and sociology are scientific d

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    The only Conan pastiche written by Wagner A lot of readers think it s one of the best, but I suspect part of that is because they respect Wagner s Kane stories so much I didn t care that much for it and thought it was much, much weaker than his books about his own character.

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    I rather enjoy the Conan books than the movies This one was a pretty quick read with a big shock for a Conan bookfor once, Conan does not get to sleep with either of the women in the story Sure one offers him a chance but he turns it down because she s with a man he considered a friend.

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    I have this small, cheap book for many years and I can t even remember where or how I got it Probably it would have been back in the period where I have discovered Wagner and tried to get as many books of his as possible.As far as I know this is the only Conan story KEW ever wrote Wagner was one of the best successors of R E Howard in the Sword and Sorc

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    I found that I agree with Robert that this story seemed wanting for Kane and it is hard to judge fairly knowing the masterwork Dr Wagner had in his most recurring character But is is written in the tradition of peak era pulp a period of interchangeable characters and plug in stories that reflect the grace under pressure of the giants of the day to produc

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