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People of the Black Circle having only read the L Sprague de Camp editions as a child, it was quite a surprise to find the books in this series, copied verbatim from the original Weird Tales issues If you are a genre, or Conan, fan, these are a must read, but be forewarned, they are of their time racially insensitive, violent, and unapologetic, but no worse than Burrough s original Tarzan stories. Sword and sorcery with a large dash of horror, very dark Pulpy, but wonderfully entertaining. The Phoenix On The Sword Is The First Volume Of Stories About Conan The Barbarian, Perhaps Robert E Howard S Most Famous Creation, Presenting It As It Was Originally Written And Appeared In The Pulp Magazine Weird Tales Meticulously Produced To The Original Magazine Texts This Volume Contains The Phoenix On The Sword, The Scarlet Citadel, The Tower Of The Elephant, Black Colossus And Gods Of The North A Disc CD Audio Edition These Short Stories of Conan are so interesting The Author wrote so descriptive and made things so fluid I have read this book numerous times and never get tired of reading it This edition of People of the Black Circle came with a Frank Frazzetta poster on the inside cover I believe it is still there on my edition I bought back when My date on reading this is just an estimation I had read the story before that and after that as well This is probably the finest and most pure Conan story Plot is fast paced but understandable The action is believable but still heroic in scope and the dialogue is still compelling after decades Some of the lines have even made it into other works of adventure It is a classic I love the Oriental mysticism, martial arts yes it s in there and the fiery action This is not the Conan of the movies He s fallible and foolish sometimes and not the shirtless superman of later years This would actually make a great movie The story is a novella length but if I remember correctly it is in there with another story Well worth the price and if you can find it with the poster it is just a bonus. When the young king of Vendhya pleads with his sister, the Devi Yasmina, to end his irreversible ensorcellment and take his life, she tearfully does her grim duty Heeding his dying words and reading the Book of Skelos, she learns of those whose magic destroyed him, swearing her revenge on the enigmatic Black Seers of Mount Yimsha Traveling up into her kingdoms northern border to treat with the leader of the tribes around the Himelian mountains none other than Conan himself she plans to enlist the barbarian in her struggle, leading to his furthest flung adventure so far, where abduction, mesmerism and betrayal result as the fate of kingdoms hung in the balance The People of the Black Circle is also the longest of the Conan stories written by Howard up to this point, effectively twice the length He takes advantage of the additional room to introduce plot complications, add some depth in the supporting characters and linger fully on creating atmosphere and dread emanating from the magical elements.There is much to enjoy in the longer form, but unfortunately there is almost as much to regret Sure, each story usually contains at least one passage of excruciating prose, but the second part of this one was positively drenched in it, the juiciest example of which I think was this line She was a quivering atom of sentiency driven through a black, roaring, icy void by a thundering wind that threatened to extinguish her feeble flicker of animate life.I also suspect that Howard s pacing came a little unstuck over the longer distance for the first time how else can the eventual brevity of the final confrontation be explained Disappointments aside though, if you want a Big McConan meal with extra meat on the thews, served by the original chef, this is one of only a few places to find it so tuck in. Robert E Howard is my all time favorite writer, but for many years much of his work was heavily edited This is another of the heavily edited collections of Robert E Howard s stories I am a purist when it comes to a writers works I know some of these stories are no longer PC but they should be read as Howard wrote them and understood that he wrote in another time period Don t read this book unless you just can t find any others of Howard s unedited books to read Message me if you need a list of what is good from this awesome fantasy and action writer. Extremely silly as always Conan and his band of bandits against 4 evil wizards But the story is entertaining, full of weirdo characters, whose crass motivations always revolve around either revenge or money And Conan himself is hilarious Like Beowulf, a constant braggart but a charming and intelligent one as well. A Howard collectionone volume from 1977 I incorrectly referred to these 77 books as novels They are one volume Narratives But still good if you can find them. You can t go wrong with Conan, especially written by Robert E Howard himself Plus it has this great color foldout poster.

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Robert Ervin Howard was an American pulp writer of fantasy, horror, historical adventure, boxing, western, and detective fiction Howard wrote over three hundred stories and seven hundred poems of raw power and unbridled emotion and is especially noted for his memorable depictions of a sombre universe of swashbuckling adventure and darkling horror He is well known for having created in the p

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