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Colonize This!: Young Women of Color on Today's Feminism (Live Girls Series) It Has Been Decades Since Women Of Color First Turned Feminism Upside Down, Exposing The S Feminist Movement As Exclusive, White, And Unaware Of The Concerns And Issues Of Women Of Color From Around The Globe Now A New Generation Of Brilliant, Outspoken Women Of Color Is Speaking To The Concerns Of A New Feminism, And Their Place In It Daisy Hernandez Of Ms Magazine And Poet Bushra Rehman Have Collected A Diverse, Lively Group Of Emerging Writers Who Speak To Their Experience To The Strength And Rigidity Of Community And Religion, To Borders And Divisions, Both Internal And External And Address Issues That Take Feminism Into The Twenty First Century One Writer Describes Herself As A Mixed Brown Girl, Sri Lankan And New England Mill Town White Trash, And Clearly Delineates The Organizing Differences Between Whites And Women Of Color We Do Not Kick Ass The Way The White Girls Do, In Meetings Of NOW Or Riot Grrl For Us, It S All About Family A Korean American Woman Struggles To Create Her Own Identity In A Traditional Community Yam Ja Neh Means Nice, Sweet, Compliant I Ve Heard It Used Many Times By My Parents Friends Who Don T Know Shit About Me An Arab American Feminist Deconstructs The Quaint Vision Of Middle Eastern Women With Which Most Americans Feel Comfortable This Impressive Array Of First Person Accounts Adds A Much Needed Fresh Dimension To The Ongoing Dialogue Between Race And Gender, And Gives Voice To The Women Who Are Creating And Shaping The Feminism Of The Future

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    I have been reading a lot of feminist texts and have struggled with the fact that as an african living in the UK I believe wholeheartedly in the empowerment of women but do not know how to square this with my traditional values The book enlightened me to the fact that I am not alone in de

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    This is one of my favorites I have read it a few times, but it never stops me from reading it again Colonize This is a collection of essays by young woman of color writing about their experiences Identity is much complicated then male female when you live in a society in which you are not a p

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    I found the essays difficult to get through, perhaps because I was looking for moments to exclaim, this is how I ve always felt and could never put it in words yet this never happened I think the experiences of women of color are too varied due to culture, class, sexual orientation, and so on I als

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    I think this collection of essays is an excellent read for someone like me a feminist looking to better understand the intersection of racism, classism, homophobia, and other factors with feminism There is a wide representation of women of color experiences in these essays.This book was a hard read at t

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    this book was predictably awesome i d been wanting to read it for quite some time, but it was always checked out at the boston public library eventually i realized it had been lost or stolen wasn t listed as such in the system, so i inter library borrowed it from another branch it s a few years old published

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    The collection of essays by Women of Color definitely helped me check the still white feminism I learn in my college course I connected with most of the essays and appreciated the honesty from the writers Through the essays, I was able to learn the different lessons of feminism that is not from the set of certain

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    Reading this book, reminded me of the women that help raise me, my mom, my aunts, and my sisters and how often feminism in the western world do not include people like the women in family because of their race, religion, social economic situation and culture This book does a great job of explaining the dynamic of thes

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    This book started off slow, but I eventually realized it s worth In the end, I found great value in reading the stories of all the mostly young women who are trying to make sense of their experiences as people whose life experiences are pushed to the margins of the greater social eye I found the article on sexual harrasmen

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    LJ user pachakuti Many of the books on feminism or by feminists are white washed or brush aside the concerns of POC within the movement This book is BY those POC, women of myriad cultures and backgrounds writing and discussing their lives, on their terms, from their point of view.

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    Despite being published in the early 2000s, this still felt very relevant I was pleasantly surprised by how much queer content was included, and I liked the many different perspectives, but I do wish the same kind of attention was paid to trans and disability issues Overall very readable and thought provoking, definitely one I d rec

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