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Just re watched the movie last night, and I thought about the book While Han Solo did pull off quite a few of Clancy s movies with great flair back in the early 90s, Clear and Present Danger notwithstanding, the book is still better Mostly because it portrays Clark and Chavez in a profound, emotional light than they are shown onscreen As a techno thriller, it s relatively low on materiel details, but the action is still solid It s also a beginning of The Fellowship of the Oval Ring, get it, get it, and we see the trio Ryan included in several books later on.Overall, it s a decent read, so if you are into dramatized, Gung ho books that mix politics with action with honest Republican values with a simple, carefree approach to resolving world troubles through luck and Chucknorrisness and heavy caliber guns, then this is pretty good entertainment Don t expect tears or any soulwrenching chapters, though.Now, can we limerick Clancy Yes we can Anything can be limerickized It s Rule 34d of the Internet.When Chavez and Clark to Bogota flewThe ire of drug lords they drewWith the company s checkRyan saved their neckAnd so they became a damn good crewRegardsomely yours,Igor 4.0 to 4.5 stars Excellent Tom Clancy novel in which Jack Ryan and the Mr Clark take on the Columbian drug cartels This was a terrific read from beginning to end and confirmed by opinion of Tom Clancy as a master of the political thriller. Good book about clandestine operations and some also good details about South American intrigue Clancy also does a good job describing action scenes and putting together plausible, while still entertaining scenarios Compared to the book, the movie was stupid Well researched. A Jack Ryan in which we see quite little of Jack Ryan It s about the US war on Colombian drugs and it s quite long And honestly, that s about all I can remember about this particular one Because this was one that I did not re read and I m guessing that also says something As a recommendation to anyone who hasn t and wants to experience the Jack Ryan series, I d say stop at book 8 For the non completist I would say read The Hunt for Red October, The Cardinal of the Kremlin The Sum of All Fears. Colombian Drug Lords, Bored With Uncle Sam S Hectoring, Assassinate The Head Of The FBI The Message Is Clear Bug Off At What Point Do These Druggies Threaten National Security When Can A Nation Act Against Its Enemies These Are Questions Jack Ryan Must Answer Because Someone Has Quietly Stepped Over The LineDoes Anyone Know Who The Real Enemy Is How Much Action Is Too Much Which Lines Have Been Crossed Ryan And His Dark Side , A Shadowy Field Officer Known Only As Mr Clark, Are Charged With Finding Out They Expect Danger From Without But The Danger From Within May Be The Greatest Of All MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME I FINISHED IT.Next time, someone tell me to just watch the movie For the Pop Sugar Challenge, this was a book you started but never finished This is the last Tom Clancy novel I absolutely loved With this one, I felt like he was at peak performance, generating a focused, plausible storyline that could stand on its own, rather than just being an installment in an increasingly outlandish saga Clear and Present Danger is a grand techno thriller, and a fine outing for Jack Ryan, Clancy s all American CIA analyst turned reluctant field operative The story is lengthy, but moves at a brisk pace There are a great mix of supporting characters, settings, and plot developments As I said above, this was the last Clancy novel I completely enjoyed After this one, he felt to me like he started trying to outdo himself I lost interest afterExecutive Orders . I read this book after I saw the movie with Harrison Ford.The President of the United States finds himself between a rock and a hard place A prominent businessman and his family connected to him have been found murdered Turns out they are victims of the drug cartels With things getting out of hand, he wants something done, but politics and red tape prevent him from doing so With the help of his security advisor, they devise a plan of using armed troops to take on the cartels in the heart of South American jungles But is this legal Jack Ryan is a CIA Analyst who finds himself caught in the middle as he watches the FBI chief get himself killed along with a score of agents while trying to negotiate with Columbian officials over how to deal with the cartels.Meanwhile, someone in the cartel plots to takeover the entire organization by having them fight each other With American troops blowing up secret cartel sites in the jungle, people getting killed in the streets, and the President screaming for an end to this crisis, Jack finds himself in the crosshairs of the most dangerous situation imaginable.I was glad the movie followed the book Clancy was known for his detail, although most of his other books I chose not to read because they were simply too long I certainly appreciate the research he did for this book Action thriller fans will not be disappointed The book is better than the movie, which is how it should be, and that s saying a lot considering the movie was top class Review to follow Well, like 4 1 2 stars but I m being generous because this is my favorite of Tom Clancy s novels I m not a big fan of Dad Fiction in general but it s hard to deny the influence of the father of technothrillers in the modern day He s a guy who also was a master of marketing and created, directly or indirectly, some of my favorite franchises like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and Splinter Cell Mind you, his contributions were mostly an ethos but they had a massive effect and I intend to read all of his novels someday.CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER is notable for the fact it s a prediction of what turned into reality Written in 1989, it was written when Pablo Escobar was an infamous drug lord but before he became an infamous narco terrorist It was also well before the United States would, under Bill Clinton, reinforce the Columbian military with massive amounts of money as well as equipment to fight the drug cartels protected by FARC In short, turning the War on Drugs into a literal war It would also predict the fact corrupt officials in the United States would ally with shady individuals to combat these drug lords while said individuals were taking over the drug trade themselves.The premise is the President of the United States unnamed but implied to be George H.W Bush has decided to send U.S Special Forces into Columbia to directly fight against the cartels Ironically, it s due to a bunch of overzealous Coast Guard officials that the FBI manages to deal a much bigger blow to the cartels by confiscating half a billion dollars of their money This results in Ernesto Escobedo a stand in for Pablo and his Cuban intelligence officer ally, Felix Cortez, conducting a terrorist attack against the United States The Director of the FBI is killed and the initial plan to damage the cartels is drastically increased before it becomes public and the President pulls the plug Pulling the plug ends up stranding a bunch of US Special Forces behind enemy lines, though, and it s up to Jack Ryan to extract them.This is a surprisingly nuanced book by Tom and well before his stories became ridiculous jingoistic gung ho propaganda for the American Right Despite Without Remorse depicting drug dealers as just shy of subhuman, this book generally depicts the War on Drugs as an ambiguous conflict While its leaders are evil and they employ some vile people, it s shown the average Columbian involved in the drug trade is no worse than anyone else The attempt to combat the cartels with military force is also portrayed as ludicrous for a variety of reasons In the novel, for example, one of the Special Forces operators points out blowing up a few processing plants will not put a dent in cartel operations while another instance has collateral damage they think is excessive for what amounts to criminal activity.In real life, the War on Drugs has killed tens of thousands of people while doing almost nothing to actually reduce the amount of cocaine or other stimulants available to Americans Many of the points made by Tom Clancy s fictional characters are spot on and predict terrible real life errors in judgement Tom is no bleeding heart but the fact he s a Right Wing conservative makes the ambivalence of the book to the conflict all the interesting It s one of the rare Tom Clancy books which imply there s no easy solution or magic bullet At one point, Felix Cortez bluntly states America will never solve its drug problem because people want drugs so it s paying money against itself.The book feels a bit naive in the post 9 11 world as the President authorizing a military incursion into an allies territory is treated as a shocking overexertion of his authority Not necessarily illegal, let alone an impeachable offense, but morally wrong This is now a day when the power of the Executive to order drone strikes, Special Ops missions, and operate with impunity on allies soil is taken for granted A major theme of the book is the difference between as John Clark would say ing Armchair Military like Admiral Cutter and the individuals on the ground who have to implement their orders Tom s usual assortment of good upstanding men are on display with all of them reading like Lawful Good paladins You know, except when they go off script to do something shocking like hiring two hitmen to eliminate rapists in prison Special Forces operative John Clark plays a much bigger role in this book than Jack Ryan, who is mostly irrelevant until the end of the book John is a bit of a crazy character as he s an ex Punisher style vigilante recruited by the CIA but the book portrays his backstory with a calm reasonableness Sort of like, hey, yeah, he killed like a hundred gangsters once but he s cool now The book s best character is Felix Cortez, ostensibly the book s antagonist but arguably an anti villain Yes, he s a would be drug lord but he s a charming and engaging character throughout Felix just wants to be a billionaire and would happily help the United States out with the War on Drugs if they d just let him do his business quietly The fact he seduces and drives to attempted suicide a character shows his actions have consequences Even so, I actually felt bad for him at the end.My favorite subplot of the book is Domingo Ding Chavez s walking narration of how he feels about going from a kid from an L.A ghetto to someone fighting drug lords in Columbia He s nuanced than your typical middle aged white Clancy protagonist and gives a boots on the ground view of the operations being conducted At one point he accidentally kills an innocent worker and has to deal with the fact that sort of thing will happen in combat Cortez and he never meet but are or less complete opposites in their worldview and causes My second favorite plot is the tragic tale of Moira Wolfson, who Cortez runs a honey pot operation on that gets the director of the FBI killed Her story is treated as a romance right up until Cortez utterly rips her life to shreds If you re ever going to read one of Tom Clancy s books, I d argue this is probably the best one It s relevant to the conflict currently wrecking much of South America and Central America While the characters can be a little broad at times, there s enough big personalities and interesting subplots to keep the story entertaining for a thousand pages It s also fascinating to see how a work of fiction can show how things go utterly off the rails in a government operation and how tragically an author saw all of the potential pitfalls that the real US government fell into.9 10 Clear and Present Danger

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Tom Clancy was an English major at Balti s Loyola College As a Maryland insurance broker with a passion for naval history, his dream of writing a novel came true with his first effort, The Hunt for Red October 1984 He since wrote than a dozen novels, which have a blend of realism and authenticity, intricate plotting, and razor sharp suspense Ten of the novels, including The Teeth of

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