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City of Night When John Rechy S Explosive First Novel, City Of Night, Was First Published In , It Became A National Bestseller And Ushered In A New Era Of Gay Fiction Bold And Inventive In His Account Of The Urban Underworld Of Male Prostitution, Rechy Is Equally Unflinching In His Portrayal Of One Hustling Youngman And His Restless Search For Self Knowledge As The Narrator Careens From El Paso To Times Square, From Pershing Square To The French Quarter, We Get An Unforgettable Look At A Neon Lit Life On The Edge Said James Baldwin Of The Author, Rechy Is The Most Arresting Young Writer I Ve Read In A Very Long Time His Tone Rings Absolutely True, Is Absolutely His Own And He Has The Kind Of Discipline Which Allows Him A Rare And Beautiful Reckless

About the Author: John Rechy

John Rechy is an American author, the child of a Scottish father and a Mexican American mother In his novels he has written extensively about homosexual culture in Los Angeles and wider America, and is among the pioneers of modern LGBT literature Drawing on his own background, he has also contributed to Chicano literature, especially with his novel The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez, which is ta

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    Expansive and electric, City of Night brings to life a young unnamed hustler s coming of age The autobiographical story follows the Texas born protagonist as he treks acros

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    Truly gripping and evocative The ending was so incredibly touching The book is filled with moments that perfectly capture the alienated gay culture of the 60s in an at times shocking way I

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    I just saw in the NYTimes that Grove is putting out the 50th anniversary edition my heart stopped for just a second, and even as I m writing this my stomach has that forbidden fruit feeling of some

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    Amazingly overdone It s one of those books that I read really, really slowly just because I didn t want it to be over Emotionally I think it touched on a lot of stuff I related to and haven t read about bef

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    City of Night, as I remember it, is a powerful, dead on depiction of the gay underworld of the late 50 s, early sixties For a young gay man, and occasional trick turner, it was a book that spoke to my experience in

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    I gave it four stars so you know I enjoyed it But that doesn t mean I don t have a song and dance to tell you about it now Let s commence shaking tailfeathers on this, but only one apiece I don t want any injuries Now, let s

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    CITY OF NIGHT is what you get when you cross headlong, Beat Generation writing with a young man s emerging sense of self as gay and it s a shocking and wonderful meld indeed This 1963 novel stunned readers when it first appeared the

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    I read this because David Bowie cited it as one of his favorite books in an interview, and Bowie s got some good taste did you know Wham, bam, thank you mam is a reference to a Charles Mingus song This book is basically a queer take on On the

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    This book should be required reading for anyone interested in 1950s 60s underground culture for lack of a better term, or sort of the opposite of straight, white, heteronormative Mad Men The book is about a mostly gay hustler who drifts through the ma

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    Oh the places I go in My Big Fat Reading Project At 7 on the 1963 bestseller list, this novel was a ground breaker in gay fiction I had never heard of it but my cohort in the Literary Snobs reading group knew all about it In some ways it was unlike anything I

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