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Chrysanthemum Written And Illustrated By Kevin Henkes, The Nationally Bestselling And Celebrated Creator Of Lilly S Purple Plastic Purse, Owen, And Kitten S First Full Moon, Chrysanthemum Is A Funny And Honest School Story About Teasing, Self Esteem, And Acceptance To Share All Year RoundChrysanthemum Thinks Her Name Is Absolutely Perfect Until Her First Day Of School You Re Named After A Flower Teases Victoria Let S Smell Her, Says Jo Chrysanthemum Wilts What Will It Take To Make Her Blossom Again Supports The Common Core State Standards

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    I really and for all intents and purposes do much love Kevin Henkes Chrysanthemum and on an intensely personal and emotional level at that, and firmly believe that it is a story to which especially those of us and really both children and adults who have unusual, foreign sounding or simply imaginative first names can easily and readily relate like me, for example, with a given name like Gundula And first and foremost, Chrysa

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    Chrysanthemum is a cute tale from Kevin Henkes about how a young girl mouse named Chrysanthemum tries to appreciate her long and unusual name when she goes to school and is teased by her classmates Chrysanthemum is a truly heartwarming story that children will easily enjoy for many years.Kevin Henkes has done an excellent job at both writing and illustrating this book Kevin Henkes story about how Chrysanthemum starts to loathe h

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    I loved the subplot, told only in the pictures, wherein the father consults archaic psychological texts in order to understand his daughter s distress.

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    This is just a darling book Having saddled my eldest with a somewhat unusual name, I used to read this book to him frequently in the hopes that he would absorb the message that an unusual name is something you can be proud of I can t say for sure whether this story made a difference, but he likes his name and has never let anyone s teasing change his mind Chrysanthemum is so much fun to read I do wish that the epilogue was just a little

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    I enjoyed this book and reading the discussion about it I liked the attention to detail in the illustrations For example, the books Dad was reading or the chalkboard with words I also smiled at the little mice sleeping, some of them with their arms strait up in the air Too funny I got a kick out of the students names listed on the page seeing Kay and Max next to each other I will have to share this book with Kaylee and her cousin Max when t

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    Poor Chrysanthemum As a parent, I can surely relate to the teasing that children can dish out My son was much like Chysanthemum, confident in himself and excited about going to school But he had to deal with being teased too as son many kids are What I liked about the book was that it showed how much power grown ups have to deal with this sort of thing Mrs Chud ignored it, but dear Mrs Twinkle lifted Chysanthemum up as a child who should be env

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    Very cute illustrations and a sweet portrayal of a loving, happy family soften a realistic portrayal of how mean and xenophobic children can be, and how easily a child can be excluded and made to feel abnormal.

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    Chrysanthemum loves her name, her parents picked just the right onethat is, until she goes to school and all the kids laugh at her name and tease her She s named after a flowerher name doesn t fit on a nametag , etc Chrysanthemum is depressed and disappointed when she gets home from school, but her parents bolster up her self esteem The other kids don t see the light, though, until a very thoughtful, insightful teacher comes to her rescue and s

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    I absolutely love reading this book with Catherine I love the cadence of Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum over and over I love her outfits I love how she loves her name and is her own person.errr mouse I love how loving her parents are and can we talk about her dad s excellent vocabulary and supportive reading habits I love how the mean girls get their due in the end and want a little share of Chrysanthemum s unique and magical spirit Maybejust ma

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    For a basically sweet book, I think it s a tad too mean at the end, unnecessarily so But, it can be a helpful book for young kids who have unusual names or get teased for their names, or teased for any other reason Good also for kids who tease others or those who have witnessed other kids being teased In other words, just about every young child.

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Kevin Henkes became an author illustrator when he was nineteen years old, working on a card table in his bedroom.Today he s the author of many award winning picture books and novels.