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Michael Marshall Smith Brutal And Uncompromising, With Unforgettable Characters And Real Emotional Punch C Marten Zerf Raises The Bar On How Good Intelligent Action Thrillers Can Be The Review London Hard Hitting And Grittily Realistic Marten Zerf Never Fails To Impress, Once Again Combining Fast Paced Frequent Action With Gut Wrenching Emotion Another Sure Fire Winner To Some He Was Merely The Gamekeeper, A Quiet, Private Man To Others He Was A Soldier, Forged In The Flames Of War But To Manon, Who Needed His Help, He Was Her Ultimate Choice Of Weapon Garrett Had Spent Most Of His Adult Life Fighting Other People S Wars Now He Lives In The Highlands Of Scotland Alone But Not Lonely Reclusive Hiding From The Person That He Had Become Eschewing The Violence That Was Once His Way Of Life But Then He Receives A Phone Call From A Friend Who Needs His Help An Orphanage In South Africa Is Missing Some Of It S Children, Suspected Kidnapped, And The Local Corrupt Police Will Not Help It Is Up To Garrett And He Is Once Drawn Into A World Of Dark And Deep Brutality As He Tries To Do What Is Right Together With The Guard From The Children S Home And An Old Combat Compatriot He Discovers A World Of Darkness And Depravity That Threatens To Overwhelm Him, Forcing Him To React In The Only Way That He Knows How The Way That He Swore Never To Follow Againbecause Someone Has To Protect The Children Choice of Weapon

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    One of the most violent but most beautifully written books I ve ever read If you don t enjoy violence or bad language, you may be tempted to skip this book I usually limit my intake of both, but I m so glad I didn t miss this one As a proud South African, my heart filled with joy as the author s love for my homeland shone through in vivid descriptions that accurately captured the essence of this amazing land.The characters wer

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    In desperate need of a good proofreading I am not finished with Chapter One yet and I already count over 10 grammatical mistakes that could easily be fixed by a good proofreader which I unashamedly admit that I am I will review the book again when I m finished and see if the book is good enough to excuse the glaring mistakes Sometimes I can t even finish a book if the mistakes are so bad Makes me want to contact the writer and be

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    This was a pretty intense Story Game Keeper Garret is a quiet tough protector of the game on the preserve But then, a name from the past Sister Mannon calls for Help, some one is kidnapping her orphans, and the cops don t care When Garrett answers her plea, we discover his past His mission moves along at a feverous pace He picks up help along the way, that makes this book blossom and flame If you like adventure and intrigue you will

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    Great action A former soldier with a a dark past a Zulu warrior, also with a dark past a nun and missing African orphans These are the main elements to this story, the first in a series featuring Garrett Storm, the former soldier, who is enlisted by a local mission nun when a number of orphans go missing Garrett Storm has witnessed some real atrocities in the local civil wars in Sierra Leone As a result, a side of him, which he calls t

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    This is about a deadly mercenary who returns to South Africa when a friend calls for help Orphans are disappearing from orphanages and no one cares, except sister Manon He discovers his friend from the war is now a wealthy security consultant who also doesn t care about the orphans So he begins his search for them, shocked at how no one cares about the orphans This book had a lot of action violence Especially when his mind takes him back

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    A Small Readin the same sense that in August we might experience a slight breeze Billing as Action Adventure Thriller, understates this book An allegory waiting to escape A commentary on the last expression of Patriarchy A Shane for adults Marten Zerf s writing is simple and clean, but with astute observation Cameos of aspects of the human condition The causal element of the story is abduction of orphan children to be sold to pedophiles in S

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    Redemption The story revolves around Garrett, a modern mercenary who had enough killing and retired to Scotland He receives a call from a Nun, an old friend of his who runs an orphanage in South Africa telling him children are missing from various orphanages and she needs his help He reluctantly agrees and once there discovers a group that kidnaps, rapes and kills orphans The authorities don t believe the Nun or him as Orphans run away all of t

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    Heart Breaking Reality Adventure Readers prepare yourself for one of the most exciting, action packed horrors you ll ever read, based on a mix of the author s firsthand knowledge, experience and imagination Heart breaking scenes, blended with heart warning actions and an almost touch of romance might make you late for work like this reader was after not wanting to stop reading one morning No lull in the action from beginning to end.

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    This was an enjoyable action thriller which I finished in less than two days A straightforward and well used plot has a retired soldier of fortune get back into action for humanitarian reasons Of course, his superior experience and skills allow him to wipe out all his foes, while most of his allies are killed or injured in his war against evil The author has the skill of moving the story right along, and making us sympathize with the protagonist I wi

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    Enjoyable BookI thought this was a fairly good adventure Some of the subject matter was provocative, but the elements of the story, gun battle, close quarter violence, child exploitation were not excessive but were depicted with truthfulness and accuracy There are parts of the world where tragic behavior occurs daily and many elsewhere stay unaware of the inhumanity A book like this introduces this reality to anyone who takes time to read.

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