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Chicana Lesbians: The Girls Our Mothers Warned Us About Literary Nonfiction LGBT Studies CHICANA LESBIANS Is A Love Poem, A Bible, A Dictionary, Nothing So Simple As A Manifesto This Book Is Yet Another Reason To Believe To Believe In The Girls Our Mothers Warned Us About, Brown Girls, Lesbians, Making Their Own Love Poems, Bibles, Dictionaries, Manifestoes, Reasons To Believe Dorothy Allison When I Was Selling Books At A Chicana Conference, I Noticed Book Buyers Were Literally Afraid To Touch This Anthology I Say Now What I Said Then, Don T Be Scared Sexuality Is Not Contagious, But Ignorance Is If You Ve Ever Been Curious, Been There, Been Voyeur, Been Tourist, Or Just Plain Under Informed, Misinformed, Or Unaffirmed, Here Is A Book To Listen To And Learn From Sandra Cisneros

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    4.5Although I have to declare I prefer Compa eras Latina Lesbians, this anthology had the privilege of being especifically about chicanas, and that speaks tomes about the content Is less bilingual that Compa eras, but its specificity shows the special sensibility cultural sensibility of the chicana lesbian experience, the mix of mexican folk oral traditions, the struggles between the lesbian fe

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    I found stories and voices like mine

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    Loving this so much Grateful for it s existence.

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    What an amazing book There were a few pieces that were kind of meh but overall, this is an amazing collection that really sheds light on what it means to be a Chicana and a Lesbian and a woman Some parts are in Spanish but they can be easily translated on BabelFish for nonspeakers Just a wonderful and touching collection.

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    This is, basically, an anthology of poems, fiction, and essays about dun dun dun being Chicana and a lesbian It s than that, though it s beautiful, and inspiring, and cuts through stereotypical bullshit to the heart of reality It s truly lovely And, like usual, I can t think of much else to say about it because I liked it that much Just read it, and you ll understand.

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    Some books need to be read over and over This is one of them Rereading a powerful book is like a late night phone conversation with your best friend I promise it won t be another 10 years before I open your cover again.

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    This book helped me, a lot And I don t mean that in a creepy way.

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