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Cave of Wonders Best EPub, Cave Of Wonders Author Matthew J Kirby This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Cave Of Wonders, Essay By Matthew J Kirby Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This book is about how three kids jump around time to fix the breaks in history that were caused by the violent cataclysm Dak, Sera, and Riq find themselves in Babylon They get there just before the town is attacked and destroyed by the Mongol army They came here in order to save the writings of Aristotle from its main library The three kids to the Mongol war camp to try and talk with Hulagu But Dak and Riq get captured and Sera cant convince Tusi to save the writings of Aristotle Dak and Riq manage to escape and they meet up with Sera Riq dislocates his shoulder when he was being chased by a bear Riq tells Abi how he messed up his own timeline and may not exist in the present day Sera soon convinces Tusi to help the group Dak, Sera, and Tusi meet up at the library but, the Market Inspector and his guards began to burn down the House of Wisdom However they manages to save the writings of Aristotle I would recommend this book to anyone because of the books suspense and not know what will happen next For example, I didn t expect that Riq would dislocate his shoulder I thought that they were done after that but the group still manages to complete the mission I like how the author is moving the relationship between the three kids along in a healthier direction There s a lot less unpleasantness in this book rather than the other books and they started to talk with each other about what they are worrying about I dint like how there was so much focus on the adventure that there was not a whole lot of time given to character growth I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars The 4 stars came from the suspense, not knowing what will happen, and because how good the story line was I left one star out because you didn t get to know the characters But overall I would recommend this book for everyone. This book was set in Baghdad in the 13th Century around the invasion of the Mongols Wikipedia said that Baghdad, while once a dominant nation, was never the same after I wonder what Iraq would be like today if Baghdad had not fallen.The story had intrigue about the characters and their personal struggles I like the discovery that Riq made and feel it s applicable to everyone Regardless of the past, it s the choice we make now that matter.I will add one thing, though, I am very disappointed at the epilogue It set me up for the next book to be about Lewis and Clark I was very excited and wondered about it, so I looked at the description of book 6 It is set during WWII Why set me up so well and then not deliver That fact dropped my rating from 4 to 3 stars. I loved this book It was good and had very intense parts that was a real page turner I am enjoying the series and this went so well with all the others I cant wait to get a copy of the next and start reading. Steven has really taken to this series After reading a couple in the series, I found that I didn t feel that it was necessary to read them in order particularly since they are mostly authored by different authors This one follows the formula and presents some history and excitement in an entertaining manner for young readers Entertaining enough for adults for the quick reads that is not painful and makes it a worthy alternative to videos and video games for long trips I was thrilled that Steven asked on two occasions on our trip to and from Charleston to stop the video game and let s read his chapter book In the year 1258 near the city of Baghdad, the trio of time traveling Hystorians, Dak, Sera, and Riq find themselves trying to fix another break in history This time, they are attempting to save Aristotle s great works for all eternity before the invading Mongols destroy the city and burn the books which house these important works As with all The Infinity Ring books, they are up against the SQ and the Time Wardens, but also find allies in other Hystorians who are placed throughout history to help them The Cave of Wonders is a magical place where Abi, their fellow Hystorian, has secretly squirreled away Aristotle s books They have convinced the great leader, Hulagu to allow the learned mathematician, Tusi, to preserve these works for all eternity But, of course, the SQ is out to stop them from accomplishing the goal Will they persevere Time will tell I received this book through Net Galley As soon as I began this story, I knew I had discovered a series that I would heartily recommend to my library students The writing is well done, the story is exciting and adventurousand history lessons are painlessly included Three young people are able to travel through time, using an Infinity Ring Their mission is to repair Breaks in time when events did not turn out the way they were meant to They are hindered by normal events and by Time Wardens and must work together, using their unique strengths to succeed This series is definitely on my wish list Dak, Sera, Riq continue their journey through time, trying to fix the Breaks and avoid the Cataclysm In this adventure, they are in ancient Baghdad on the eve of the Mongol invasion It is up to the three of them, with help from the local Hystorian, to save the great works of Aristotle from destruction Unfortunately, there are several well placed Time Wardens, trying to stop their every move Cave of Wonders is another strong entry in this exciting series A must read for fans of historical fiction and time travel I highly recommend reading the first four books first Recommended for grades 3 7.eARC provided by Publisher. My boys continue to be completely enthralled, but some of the magic is lost for me One of the reasons being they leave off at the end of each book headed for some mission that sound absolutely fantastic but then the next book picks up at the end of that mission So they keep fixing history, and yet we know nothing about what they actually did I ve actually begun to wonder if they originally left off the way they do as a way for the author of the next book to pick up the series But then each new author said to themselves Eh, I don t really want to write a book about Lewis and Clark I d rather write WWII It s also been an interesting comparison to see each author s take on the characters Sera s personality fluctuating the most. In Cave Of Wonders Dak, Sera, Riq continue their journey through time, trying to fix the Breaks and avoid the Cataclysm In this book, they are in ancient Baghdad at the time of the Mongol siege It is up to them to save the great works of Aristotle from destruction Cave Of Wonders is A another great book about time travel and adventure I loved this book along with all the other Infinity Ring series I would recommend this book to readers who love science fiction and a great adventure I loved this book and I hope you do to.

About the Author: Matthew J. Kirby

Matthew Kirby was born in Utah, and grew up in Maryland, California, and Hawaii As an undergraduate he majored in history, and then went on to pursue an M.S in school psychology For ten months out of the year he works with students, and during the rest of the year he writes He and his wife currently live in northern Utah.

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