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Caribbean In This Acclaimed Classic Novel, James A Michener Sweeps Readers Off To The Caribbean, Bringing To Life The Eternal Allure And Tumultuous History Of This Glittering String Of Islands From The Conquest Of The Arawaks By Cannibals To The Decline Of The Mayan Empire, From Columbus S Arrival To Buccaneer Henry Morgan S Notorious Reign, From The Bloody Slave Revolt On Haiti To The Rise Of Cuba S Fidel Castro, Caribbean Packs Seven Hundred Dramatic Years Into A Tale Teeming With Revolution And Romance, Authentic Characters And Thunderous Destinies Through Absorbing, Magnificent Prose, Michener Captures The Essence Of The Islands In All Of Their Awe Inspiring Scope And WonderPraise For Caribbean Michener Is A Master Boston Herald A Grand Epic James A Michener Sympathizes With The Struggles Of The Region S Most Oppressed, And Succeeds In Presenting The Caribbean In Its Rich Diversity The Plain Dealer Remarkable And Praiseworthy Utterly Engaging The Washington Post Book World Even American Tourists Familiar With Some Of The Serene Islands Will Find Themselves Enlightened In Caribbean, There Appears To Be A Strong Aura Of Truth Behind The Storytelling The New York Times

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    Dedicated to a friend who once asked him to write about the region, James Michener turns his well researched storytelling not to one particular country, but instead to several of the islands in the Caribbean region From the indigenous peoples to the European colonizers, historical personages like Sir Francis Drake and Admiral Horatio Nelson make their appearance and tales of rebellion, racism, and

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    In this novel , Michener takes us throught he ages in the magnifficent Caribbean While it may be an exaggeration to refer to the Caribbean as a microcosm of the world , it is certainly a rich and diverse and fascinating region , it s tropical beauty matched by it s vibrant and interesting people.Beginning on the island of Dominica , where the Arawaks, a beautiful , gentle and cultured people where displaced

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    As is typical of Michener s work, one of the main strong points of this book is that it s hugely informative I learned a great deal about the turbulent, often tragic history of the Caribbean I found it interesting, as I ve been to the region several times I m even getting married there in a few months but was never really aware of its history, aside from what I learned from visits to the typical historic tourism sites

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    The Caribbean is a great book spanning the centuries from 1300 to 1989 It starts off with the Arawak and Carib Indians and intertwines history and story throughout the early European exploration of the Caribbean, the Spanish dominance during the 1500 s, the piracy of Henry Morgan, the struggle between the Spanish, French, and English Through a well told tale you can learn about the sugar plantations, the importation of slaves f

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    Michener once again proves he is a master of mixing well researched historical information with a strong fictional story line Each prominent Caribbean location is covered in its own chapter seamlessly weaving historical fact, prominent personalities, and generations of fictional families together.Beginning with an Arawak couple on Hispaniola Haiti Dominican Republic in 1310, the book travels through time to Haiti just after the end of Je

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    Less a novel than a term paper for a high school Caribbean history class The successful multi generational saga formula that Michener milked in other epics fails him completely here or, rather, he fails the formula I d say he phoned it in, but I ve never experienced a phone call this mundane or this long.

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    I m kind of surprised that I m abandoning this book I love Michener s books But this is twice that I ve put it down and not picked it back up to finish It reads like a textbook than a novel Usually, he mixes his history in a novelized style This one, not so much.

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    Read on the cruise to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean A must for historical knowledge not told in a boring scholarly way.

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    This was not the best Michener book I have read, but, as is typical for him, it was a very entertaining and informative romp through Caribbean history One warning if you are reading this in connection with a Caribbean vacation, I highly recommend getting at least halfway through this book before you get on the plane It turns out the history of the Caribbean is very upsetting and makes for an unsettling beach read.

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    James Michener is one of my favorite authors I learned so many things about the Carribean and its history It is just not sandy beaches and palm trees, but about the slavery and piracy and the quest for power between the European nations This book takes you from Cuba to Barbados to Panama and the Yucatan, the rum trade and sugar trade, Rastafarians and Hindu So many things I never knew

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