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Camerons Law (Adelheid, #1) Vampires Are People, TooCameron S Law Has Made All Supernatural Creatures Legal Citizens, And The Boy Next Door Has Suddenly Become The Werewolf Next Door With Sadie Stanton, Vampire And One Of The Public Faces Of The Legislation, Calling The Little Town Of Adelheid, Connecticut Home, It Can T Help But Be A Focal Point For These Once Mythical BeingsBut When Vampires Start Attacking Werewolves Without Provocation, Adelheid Draws The Attention Of Those That Would Seek To Have Cameron S Law Repealed And Would Send The Preternaturals Back Into The Shadows They Used To Hide In, But Without The Safety Of Their Anonymity And Their LawCan Sadie Keep The City S Two Biggest Species From Descending Into Chaos And War Before It Brings All Of Them To Harm And Can She Do It When She Herself Gets Thrust Into The Spotlight

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    Right from the start you are thrust into the action.Her name is Sadie Stanton and she owns the Stanton Agency, where she serves all things preternatural.When Cameron s Law was passed, making all supernatural beings citizens, Sadie saw the opportunity and offered her services for paranormal investigations.She s perfect for the job, after all, she s a vampire.Wh

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    Although I m publishing this review in conjunction with the Adhelaid blog tour, I downloaded an ebook copy for free because I was interested in Cameron s Law anyway and the tour gave me an excuse to read it As always, this is still an honest review I ve become almost immune to books with action packed beginnings, but when a book starts out with someone getting

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    Short and easy and doesn t add much new to the genre, but still a good story and a fun read I read the revised version, which was released with improvements to sentence structure and grammar shortly before Mia Darien s third book s release There were still a few things that irked my inner grammar fiend, but nothing bad enough to lessen my enjoyment of the book I

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    I m going to label this book as an oddity for now It reads like a slice of life for Sadie Stanton running a preternatural agency with some paranormal elements thrown in for good measure The book has vampires and werewolves and shifters but they are really reserved and conservative This could be in part because Darien doesn t show a basic animalistic version of a

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    What I ThoughtThis was a really enjoyable book I blended together preternatural creatures and human life well I like that the whole premise of the story was that a law had been passed and the two were aiming to live together, in honesty and peace It meant the others could come out of hiding and live a regular life, such as vampires However, as the book begins to u

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    The book started out well I loved Sadie right from the very beginning The sarcasm, the snark Those are always traits I treasure in a character The book frequently had me laughing, or just the slightest of smiles at little comments and quirks.Some of the people reviewing commented that it was a little too obvious who was behind everything That is totally true Many t

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    Originally posted on DJ s Book Corner Cameron s Law was a fast, easy read with plenty of laughs and characters that didn t make you wanna punch holes in brick walls I love vampires 4Eva and even though vamp stories don t hold any surprises for me, this one was still refreshing.Darien kept CL all about the brooding war between species and the effect it would have on

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    Sadie is a famous vampire She isn t happy about that, but it was the result of losing someone she loved as well as trying to pave the way for all supernatural beings to be accepted in the mortal world A year ago she was forced into the spotlight as a person involved in the legislature creating Cameron s Law, a law that allowed some protection to the supernatural bein

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    Welcome to Adelheid is a series of books where being a supernatural being is legal, and vampires, werewolves, and other shapeshifters, can live out in the open This reminded me of the set up for Laurel K Hamilton s Anita Blake series However, the similarities end there, and Mia Darien chose to give voice to a different character in each book.While Cameron s Law introd

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.The author has created a world very similar to ours where preternatural creatures, such as vampires, shifters, and fae, have come out of the closet, so to speak and have fought successfully for their rights A year after the law has been created giving them their rights, Sadie, a vampire, is not only dealin

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