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Burro Genius From One Of America S Most Beloved Authors Comes A Raw And Unnerving Memoir That Explores The Transformation Of An Angry Young Man Into The Bestselling Author We Know TodayWhen Victor Villase Or Stood At The Podium And Looked At The Group Of Teachers Amassed Before Him, He Became Enraged He Had Never Spoken In Public Before His Mind Was Flooded With Childhood Memories Filled With Humiliation, Misunderstanding, And Abuse At The Hands Of His Teachers With His Heart Pounding, He Began To Speak Of These Incidents To His Disbelief, The Teachers Before Him Responded To His Embittered Recollection With A Standing Ovation Many Could Not Contain Their Own TearsSo Begins A Touching Memoir Of An Extremely Angry Adolescent Highly Gifted And Imaginative, Villase Or Coped With An Untreated Learning Disability He Was Finally Diagnosed With Extreme Dyslexia At The Age Of Forty Four And The Frustration He Felt Growing Up Latino In An English Only American School System That Had Neither The Cultural Understanding Nor The Resources To Deal With Hispanic StudentsOften Beaten By His Teachers Because He Could Not Speak English, Villase Or Was Made To Feel Ashamed About His Heritage, And Even Questioned The Core Values Prioritized By His Tight Knit Family Villase Or S Dyslexia, And Growing Frustration Over Not Fitting In, Fueled His Dream To One Day Become A Writer He Is Now Considered One Of The Premier Writers Of Our TimeWith His Signature Passion, His Gift As A Storyteller, And His Own Incredible Story, Villase Or Allows Readers Into The Soul Of A Young Life Touched By Insecurity Yet Encouraged By A Personal Sense Of Artistic Destiny Burro Genius, A Complex And Inspiring Coming Of Age Story, Is Certain To Become An American Classic

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    Not very often does a book grab you by the throat and challenge your preconceptions Yet Villasenor s memoir does just that as he recounts growing up as an other in southern California Born into a successful middle class family of Mexican decent, Villasenor quickly learned two things when he started school First, that his teachers and fellow students gringos, nearly every s

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    I added magical realism as one of the descriptions for this book because like many of my favorite Latin American authors, Victor Villase or incorporates the spiritual into his every day life by which I am truly fascinated Perhaps because I envy that natural connection to the spiritual and the ordinary relationship the individual has with his or her higher power and the spirit w

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    The author of Burro Genius is Victor Villase or and struggled when trying to publish the book because it received than 260 rejections This book was published on June 29, 2004 Villase or is a Mexican American author who was often made fun of and hurt by teachers due to the fact that he did not know English very well He unfortunately had to repeat third grade twice and struggled with

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    I really enjoyed this book I found it interesting to hear the struggles he had growing up in California Parts of it made me despise how our educational system used to treat students who were different and the rampant racism that was allowed, even in Private schools I loved the blending of traditional Indian spirituality with Catholicism The amazing way his Mammagrande and other Familia h

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    but I was beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, I was some kind of crazy loco genius, burro genius I mean, to have been able to hold on to my Spirit for this long had to mean something Fantastic memoir This book is not another criticism of the evils of education and the underappreciation of teachers, rather, Villase or sheds some truly unique light on the difference as stark as night and

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    This book had sections in it that were really fantastic, but overall ended up disappointing me Victor Villasenor is writing about his experiences growing up in San Diego during the 1950s, many of those experiences are brutal and heart breaking However toward the end of the book there is a disconnect between some of those experiences and the way his character behaves While he has had a bad time at

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    I ve been reading too many lukewarm books in a row I am kind of getting down on the whole thing myself Anyways I think the book was a healing process for the author, but for me it was just a frustrating, can you get to the point , cruel to people in his past book, and thus not an enjoyable read.

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    Burro Genius by Victor Villasenor was honest and had many inspiring stories in it The idea of this book was him writing about how he had trouble in school, he was treated unfair because he was Mexican, and how he has a close connection with nature The main conflict of this story was that he never liked school and dealt with unfair treatment from classmates and teachers Since Elementary, teachers picked on h

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    I read this book years ago, and elected to read it again for a class I am taking this semester I had forgotten how much I LOVE Villase or s writing Burro Genius is a memoir that tells of the author s family life and schooling in post World War II Oceanside, CA As the son of Mexican immigrants whom you can read about in Rain of Gold and Thirteen Senses, two FANTASTIC books which I may reread he is raised to love

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    I begin this review with this quote He d Villasenor s brother told me what was needed on Earth wasn t control or money or great new inventions No, what the world really needed was so simple patience, love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding Villasenor opens up his memoir giving an impromptu lecture at the California Association of Teachers of English conference where he railed against the teachers who abused

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