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Burning Water (Diana Tregarde, #1) Diana Tregarde is a romance novelist, that is what pays her bills but her greater duty is within the realm of the supernatural as a Guardian Mark Valdez is still a Catholic but this detective went to college with Diana and learned that there are other powers out there A major case has undeniable traces and so Diana is called in to consult but she is in a strange place with unfamiliar traditions Searching for and fighting unfamiliar magic will not be easy.Over a decade ago my sister handed me what was actually the second book in this series, so now I finally read the first book I did finally learn that this is definitely a series where it doesn t matter the order It is interesting that this first volume actually introduces Diana outside of her natural habitat Part of what I love about book two is where Diana lives First published in 1989 this book does show it s age, especially with this cover Diana s standard dress is a leotard with jeans I m pretty sure kids today don t know what a leotard is unless they do gymnastics and they could never imagine wearing one in public There are other details as well though none that made me chuckle quite as much.There are times when I wanted to throw things at Diana and Mark for not catching on, even though I knew there was a reason they weren t I think it is just a dilemma that arises when the reader is given access to information way in advance of the characters The story takes place over a much longer period of time then you would expect based on the pace There is a degree of diversity and it is not just because the magic here is not of western origin Diana also talks about and deals with issues happening back home I felt like Mark s personal connection to the case might have been a bit too much coincidence Really I enjoyed it but I it is not my favorite of Lackey s work This is the first book of the Diana Tregarde Investigations. The original urban fantasy series Its really too bad that people decided that Mercedes Lackey was obviously a demon worshipper or satanist because we might have of this awesome character to read She was a bad ass female lead before Buffy, or Anita Blake, or Xena A Sexy Witch Who Writes Romances And A Police Detective Who Sees Than Mortal Man Team Up To Battle An Ancient Aztec God Dallas Police Detective Mark Valdez Isn T Just Any Cop, He S A Psychic Who Knows That The Cattle Mutilations And Torture Murders He S Been Investigating Are Somehow Tied Together He Also Knows That His Meager Psychic Abilities Aren T Enough To Identify The Killers, Much Less Stop ThemLuckily, Mark Has An Ace Up His Sleeve An Attractive Young Romance Novelist Who Happens To Be A Practicing Witch And Not Just Any Witch, Either Diana Tregarde Is A Guardian, Charged With Protecting The Earth And All Its Creatures Using Modern Science And Ancient Magics, Diana And Mark Discover That They Are Tailing No Ordinary Serial Killer But The Awakened Avatar Of An Aztec God Tezcatlipoca And His Four Beautiful Handmaidens Are Preparing For A Great Sacrifice That Will Transform North America Into A New Aztec RealmDiana Isn T Sure Her Powers Are Strong Enough To Take On Those Of A Risen Aztec God, But She Has No Choice As A Guardian, She Is Sworn To Protect Mankind, Even At The Cost Of Her Own Life Luckily, She Does Not Stand Alone Mark Valdez Is Than Just A Cop And Tezcatlipoca Is Not The Only Aztec God Walking In The World This is the first novel by Mercedes Lackey involving Diana Tregarde There are two others, Jinx High and Children of the Night I read somewhere they didn t sell relatively well, and because of that Lackey doesn t intend to write of them I consider that a shame Lackey is a favorite author and the Tregarde books are among my favorites by her Before LK Hamilton s Anita Blake, before Buffy, Lackey was writing an appealing, strong heroine in Urban Fantasy and she was unusual back then in presenting pagan beliefs and Wicca in a positive light I think that gives a kind of verisimilitude to Diana and her supernatural investigations The Aztec material is interesting and it s striking and unusual to see that used in fantasy This is an engaging and fun read. I love the Diana Tregarde books, and this one is 2nd only to Children of the Night. 1st in series.Kindle Daily Deal 2 21 15 1.99. This series first came out in the late eighties and early nineties I always meant to read it since the mid nineties but just never got around to it I finally saw it on sale for the kindle and decided it was time to give it a try Needless to say, it is showing its age somewhat Computers were still fairly new for most people and there is comments about using a modem and diskettes The economy is suffering because gas prices have dropped so low Wouldn t you like to have that problem now One character buys six hot pretzels in the mall for two dollars Finally airport security has just been lessened to allow anyone into the loading area But while this might cause you a moments pause, you just have to remember it is accurate for when the story is set.There were a few glitches in the book Some were from transferring it to ebook form such as spacing problems I am also guessing that some obvious typos were from the transfer as well There were a few glitches that were in the form of continuity problems Diana knocks on a door but a few pages later it says she rang the doorbell One character changed names over a few pages There was also the strangeness of a walk up apartment having a backdoor and a porch attaches to it.Briefly, this story is about Diana Tregarde helping an old college friend, now a Dallas homicide officer, with a series of ritualistic murders Diana is a self proclaimed witch with some unique powers that just might give her an edge in figuring out this series of grisly murders.This series came out before the big trend of powerful female characters fighting he forces of darkness Truthfully, if I had read it when It first came out, I would have probably given it a much higher rating But now, a lot of the things that I would have thought were inventive and cool concepts seem awkward or just not handled as well as it could have been Diana says she is a witch of the new age type The term wiccan is used only once in the entire book While she does say she is using spells, her powers and the powers of all the others in the book are psionic powers I guess that would make Professor X of the X Men a witch as well It read like it was a fantasy but using science fiction explanations.Diana gets a little preachy at times about accepting those that don t fit into normal society I was living in the Bible Belt when the story was set and still living there actually and I really can t say that new age followers including wiccan, witches , druids, and others were really persecuted and having to hide in fear Yes, I did know quite a few people that fit those categories I guess it was of a live and let live, even if you thought the other was a weirdo As a final note to this, after all of this talk of acceptance, Diana calls a German a Kraut Not very accepting of her.Another problem is the pacing of the book A lot of books of this type, the action would only last a few days before the final confrontation between the good guys and the forces of evil This book takes months for everything to happen, but you only know that because of off hand comments made by the characters Now this is like it would probably happen in real life, so it is a plus But on the other hand, one of those reasons came off as contrived During her investigation, Diana hits a trap when mentally probing which causes her not to think of some fairly obvious things The readers are given the information from the start with just makes it even of a problem When Diana finally figures out this information, it leads to a very anti climatic conclusion This conclusion was again probably believable than most of the other stories of this type, but it was not very satisfying.I guess I have become accustomed to fantasy books saying magic exists without trying to explain it scientifically I am also used to the quick pacing with big flashy conclusions They may not be as close as they could be to real life, but considering mental powers, like those described in the book, are not part of real life either Just go ahead and accept the fantasy moniker and make magic magical.These were the problems with the story There was good things as well The characters and premise were promising and interesting for most of the time It had enough appeal that I will try the next book in the series especially considering I already got it when it was on sale Would I recommend the book Probably, but with reservations. This isn t the first time I ve read this I went through a craze several years ago where I tried to read everything Mercedes Lackey had ever written, and this one, along with select books out of the Heralds of Valdemar series, is one of the ones that I still like.The good It s a portrayal of strong women written in the eighties, when the rapetastic Old Skool romances were still being written not that they re not being written now, unfortunately, it s just a much less widespread phenomenon Also, nowadays it is often diluted into stalking emotional abuse extreme possessiveness sexy, which no And it often involves the supernatural, maybe in an attempt to justify it in some way This is a topic for another time This book is one of a trilogy, though I think she meant it to be a longer series They include werewolves and vampires though the vampires are psychic vampires than blood drinking ones Sort of It has both, okay and witches A strong heroine, men who don t see it as a problem, men who she is just good friends with, men or a vampire who thinks it s sexy as hell Aztec gods Loving and longing from a distance Women who get along On paper no pun originally intended This book sounds like the best book ever, tailor made to fit my interests That s how I feel about a lot of ML s books, actually in theory, they are perfect.Because I m contrary, I of course have some problems with them.My main problem is that Di is just so damn preachy About everything She is the most open minded person on the planet, and she will tell you so And that you should be open minded And that your third cousin twice removed should be open minded I am all for open mindedness I love open mindedness I write entire papers about open mindedness But I feel the same way about telling people to be open minded as I do about Avatar telling people to save the trees, dammit It doesn t work if you beat them over the head with it, and to those of us who agree with you, it s downright annoying to have it every five pages or so.Also, Di just bugs me sometimes I should like her, and often I do, but sometimes I just want to shake her and be like stop going on and on about how open minded you are Stop being so infernally omniscient Have a little difficulty in taking on a freaking god the ironic thing is that ML has Di tell an aspiring writer the same thing in another book Oh, and did you notice how often I used italics up there Was the enforced stress beginning to hurt your brain Try reading three hundred and twelve pages of it.I don t remember the other two being like that, and I should probably mention that they were published out of chronological order if you re thinking about picking them up Burning Water is smack dab in the middle chronologically but published first, and unfortunately, that reflects poorly on Di, since you can see development in the first chronological one.Please don t take all of the above as meaning I don t like the book I do I wouldn t reread it so many times if I didn t It s just that Mercedes Lackey almost always does these things, and after a while you begin to sense a pattern And a little while after that, you begin to wonder why Diana has to be so crazily and amazingly awesome without being shown that she s worked for it while the narrative keeps telling us that it is showing us that she s working for it.I give it a 3.5 5, partially for nostalgia, partially because it introduced me to Aztec mythology, and partially because it is advertised as a mystery and you do really want to figure out who the hell is killing every freaking body. I am so bored by this book They never do anything, just sit around and talk about the case or how great Di is The only action is from a victim s perspective, usually a loser or a jerk or both so I don t even care about them It s also ridiculous how quickly a small Texas town Sheriff accepts her And if I see just one word unnecessarily italicized I shall go batty I ve enjoyed Lackey s fantasy books, but never felt a burning urge to read them all They re enjoyable, but not my first choice This series is paranormal was done before it was really cool, so I give her a bonus for that It wasn t badly written, but I just never developed much interest in any of the characters nor was the end ever in doubt Actually, the script of the book wasn t in doubt.Diana, the heroine, is tough, smart pretty powerful I expected to like her, care worry about how she d overcome the various obstacles in her life I didn t I KNEW she would she did, in perfect style She was never in any danger, thus never really engaged me I knew pretty much how the book would turn out from the first few pages it never varied much from that format The few dangerous situations were shallow Everyone loved her, she never did any wrong Too perfect, perhaps.There were other characters in the book, but none of them grabbed me either The police chief was overdone I don t care much for reading mangled language only done in his case Our hero, blindly following in Diana s footsteps, was a perfect gentleman The only sexual tension was explained taken care of early, never mentioned or felt again Everyone everything was perfectly scripted, adhered to their niches in society without ever straying or really making me take notice.If there was a yawn rating, I d give it that A good book to read if you re sick not tracking so well.

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