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This book is definitely a fun book to read for all zombie fans. It has lots of illustrations and pictures helping the new zombie learn the walking dead life. I read this book for the 2018 #Spookathon and it really was an awesome read for the Autumn/Halloween season. I highly recommend it. This book was a great addition to my massive collection of preternatural books and a fun one at that. The first thing I took notice of was the special effects used to bring real people to life as zombies instead of using computer software or just drawn pictures. This definitely adds to the realism of the book, which isn't for the faint of heart.

Full full review, please visit my website at http://www.musingwithcrayolakym.com/3... The zombie apocalypse has come. The PACE virus, transmittable through saliva, is now rampant; the rule of law has broken down, and it's each man for himself. Pat Kilbane tells his story through an alternating howto manual and journal entries both written by his alterego, J.D. McGhoul, which allows the reader to piece together how the apocalypse came to be. It's a wild ride through postmodern absurdity, and is compulsively readable.

What makes this short read successful is that it stuck with me when I wasn't reading it, and after it was finished. The idea of our species being huntedfor whatever reasonis disturbing enough, but reading about someone who used to be human himself discuss the best ways to eat human brains and hunt humans down goes beyond that. Each chapter was like a horror show; turning the page seemed like a bad idea but, like a bad car wreck, you just have to look.

The addition of scientific speculation in the form of an anatomy lesson, a firearm and melee combat lesson, and discussions on zombie society vs. human society is a bold stroke by the author. It gives zombies human qualities and forces the reader to relate to the confusion of waking up in undeath and trying to find your way in a chaotic new world. The fact that this zombie in particular has maintained his intellect and is selfaware is both fun and terrifying.

The best thing going for this piece is also the worst: I actually felt myself become slightly ill at certain points. From the point of view of a zombie, it is true that, like any other living thing, survival is the number one priority. Knowing that you need human brains to survive and preferring to be the hunter rather than the hunted makes sense. I feel it was taken too far in this case, though. A creature like Mr. McGhoul, who obviously values intelligence, doesn't seem the type to choose his "slow" brothers and sisters which are 99% of the zombie population over the intelligent mass of humanity. Yet there is not a single scratch of empathy towards his exspecies in his character. Was he a bad man even before he turned? A look from the eyes of another intelligent zombie might give some more idea about how the PACE virus changes a person.

Another down side was that the zombies themselves had one purpose: to eat human brains. McGhoul does mention in his journal that, if they couldn't manage to farm people for their harvest, he wasn't sure what would happen once all the humans were gone. Most people like to think that the next step above us in the food chain has an even higher mind capacity and more fulfilling reason for existence than just eating brainsor that we ourselves will cause the catastrophe leading to our demise. Though it could be argued that, because the PACE virus was created by humans, that is indeed the case here.

I am torn on how to rate this book. There are many good things to say about it. I never understood why people feared a zombie apocalypse. It certainly seems an absurd idea. However, the idea of intelligent, super strong zombies, along with the scientific plausibility Kilbane throws into his work, has made me look at it in a different light. In that sense, the author has done his job well. It may also be that, despite the numerous positive reviews out there, I just personally can't find the humor in the subject matter. Therefore, I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the zombie apocalypse especially the plausibility of the ideaor to anyone who likes dark absurdism. Not bad. I think it should be called a journal or guide instead of bible since it contains both information and journal entries. Enjoyed the PofV being a zombie named J.D. McGhoul. He made up the last part but found someone who called him by his first name. The books author information is about McGhoul. Liked that. The book contains great photos, both selfportrait and reference based. There was an idea that some zombies have thinking capabilities and can change. For example, become stronger by lifting more weights. Also indicated that if a zombie ate over 100 brains it would change certain abilities. Didn't exactly enjoy that bit. Didn't like that zombies can gain patience or learn for that matter. I did like the explanations of how the virus spread and infected people and worked in each victim. One chapter is dedicated to tasty brain parts; This was too detailed and real for me. Felt kind of icky. Warning: don't read that chapter while eating or weak stomach.

See this review on my blog: http://dearzombiediaries.blogspot.ca/... The Brain Eaters Bible Sound Advice For TheNotRetrouvez The Brain Eaters Bible Sound Advice For The Newly Reanimated Zombie Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D OccasionBrain Eater S Bible Sound Advice For TheNotRetrouvez Brain Eater S Bible Sound Advice For The Newly Reanimated Zombie, The By Pat KilbaneOctHardcover Et Des Millions De Livres Brain Eaters Bible Sound Advice For The Newly When You Expect A Book To Be Good And It Delivers, You Feel Satisfied When You Expect A Book To Be Good And It Exceeds Your Expectations, You Feel Delighted I Recently Experienced The Second, Which Is Sadly A Rare Occurrence The Book Was Pat Kilbane S The Brain Eater S Bible The Brain Eater S Bible I Brain Zombies The Brain Eater S Bible Is A Field Manual And Manifesto Of The Zombie Survival Guide For The Reanimated Dead What Is Wrong With Me That S What You Re Thinking, Isn T It You Woke Up In A Drainage Ditch Covered With Skin Ulcerations And Nasty Flesh Wounds Your Body Is Numb And Your Memory Is Foggy Someone Tried To Give You Medical Attention, But You Repaid Their Kindness By The Brain Eater S Bible Sound Advice For The NewlyThe Brain Eater S Bible Is A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Rancid, Fetid, Post Apocalyptic Atmosphere Of Zombie Fiction By Using Classic Survival Guides As A Jumping Off Point, Pat Kilbane Has Produced A Work Of Originality, Humor, And Discipline That Is Compelling To Read His Work Maintains Respect For The Reader And The Genre, And Offers Original Insight Into Zombie Folklore By Embracing And The Brain Eaters Bible, Everything A Zombie Needs Kilbane Got The Idea For The Brain Eater S Bible While Shooting Thefilm Day Of The Brain Eaters Bible, Everything A Zombie Needs To Know About Killing You Bloody Disgusting Brain Eater S Bible Free Downloads And Reviews Brain Eater S Bible Free Download Brain Eater Zombie Of Monster Eye Dash Slots, Monster Spider Bites Zombie Brain Eater Attack Free, Monster Spider Bites Zombie Brain Eater Attack Paid, AndThe Brain Eaters Wikipedia The Brain Eaters Was Known During Production As, Variously, The Keepers, The Keepers Of The Earth, Attack Of The Blood Leeches, And Battle Of The Brain Eaters Actor VeSota Wanted To Direct A Film, So He Approached Corman With The Script Corman Helped Him Raise The Modest Financing Needed, As Well As Arranging Distribution Through AIP The Film Was Shot Over Six Days On A Budget Of , Being a fan of The Walking Dead and all things zombie relates, I was very excited when this came in a shipment at the bookstore I work in. However, I was very disappointed when I actually began reading it. The content itself was rather dry a D clinical. I was looking for something fun and strange, not a medical lesson. Truly entertaining on an intellectual level & made me accept that if by chance I become infected during the eventual Zombie Apocalypse, I can go on to lead a full life. Of course, I plan on kicking some Zombie butt, yet my mind is now at ease should I fail. This is an excellent resource for the scientifically inclined with an interest as to what it would be like to be a zombie. Very well researched, and quite funny at times. This was just a fun book that I happen to pick up one day at Barnes & Noble. Since I love zombie books and the funnier the better, this one fit the bill. Very entertaining. Funny and very creative, perfect for that special someone that loves everything zombies. Brain Eaters Bible

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Brain Eaters Bible book, this is one of the most wanted J.D. McGhoul author readers around the world.

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