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Borders of Infinity Hugo And Nebula Award Winner Miles Vorkosigan In All His Guises Prodigal Son, Back Country Judge, Lover, Spy, Diplomat Not His Strong Suit , Strategist, Scapegoat, Mercenary Commander, And Always HeroThis Volume Contains Three Novellas The Mountains Of Mourning, Labyrinth, AndThe Borders Of Infinityin Addition To A Story Framing All Three Into A Plot To Court Martial Miles On Trumped Up Charges

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    A buddy read with Choko and Maria.One of the biggest problem with modern series is to figure out the reading order It is actually very easy for the authors to confuse their readers Imagine somebody wrote an excellent trilogy with

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    Here is my theory and if anyone besides me has noticed this, I haven t read about it, so it s just begging for a English term paper to be written on it I think that Lois McMaster Bujold s novella The Borders of Infinity is among other thi

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    The Mountains of Mourning is the first story comes directly after The Warrior s Apprentice before The Vor Game, so I listened to just it As a murder mystery, it wasn t bad As another story to establish Miles personality the world he lives in, it

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    Following the resounding success of my Locus Quest, I faced a dilemma which reading list to follow it up with Variety is the spice of life, so I ve decided to diversify and pursue six different lists simultaneously This book falls into my GIFTS AND GUILT

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    Borders of Infinity Three Early Miles AdventuresThis is the fourth book about Miles Vorkosigan in internal chronology, and features three early stories in the career of Miles, separately published as novellas but with an added framing story of Miles recuperating

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    Three short stories novellas with a tacked on story to tie them together The first story was strong but sad, the second fun but forgettable, and the third was pretty damn amazing.

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    This book is an anthology of three novellas about the life of the young Miles Vorkosigan Miles is an officer in the space navy He was crippled at birth, has fragile bones and is short in stature So, instead of using his strength, he must survive with his wits He has an ability

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    5.0 stars The best Miles Vorkosigan stories of them all are contained in this book and that is saying A LOT The Mountains of Mourning was AMAZING Highly Recommended.

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    Executive Summary I don t normally do a lot of short stories, and I hadn t planned to read any of these until someone pointed out you could get them all in one collection and that they were pretty good I m glad I picked it up, but I m not sure that I will pick up any of the other short stories

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    Three good novellas bookended by a Barayaran political crisis.

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