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Boardwalk Empire In Boardwalk Empire, Atlantic City Springs To Life In All Its Garish Splendor Author Nelson Johnson Traces AC From Its Birth As A Quiet Seaside Health Resort, Through The Notorious Backroom Politics And Power Struggles, To The City S Rebirth As An Entertainment And Gambling Mecca Where Anything Goes

About the Author: Nelson Johnson

Nelson Johnson, whose family s presence in Atlantic County predates the founding of Atlantic City, is a lifelong resident of Hammonton, New Jersey He practiced law for 30 years and was active in Atlantic City and Atlantic County politics through much of that period.As attorney for the Atlantic City Planning Board at the time of the approvals for many of the casinos, Johnson was inspired first to make sense of Atlantic City and later to write an objective political history The interviews, research, and writing involved in preparing

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    If fans of the HBO series Boardwalk Empire read this hoping just for stories about corrupt politicians, gangsters, bootlegging, sex, violence, and a disfigured hit man, they re probably going to be disappointed However, anyone looking for an interesting history of Atlantic City from its humble beginnings of a second rate resort town through it s glory days of a

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    No, this isn t a pot boiler full of sex, violence and perfect looking people That s the highly entertaining, fiction based on fact TV series, and this is not the novelization of that show.What this is is the whole history of Atlantic City, from its founding as a health resort, its success mainly as a resort for working class folk from Philadelphia, its golden age under N

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    This is the book the HBO series used for its basis Contrary to popular myth, Atlantic City was not a summer playground for the rich but rather a working class getaway that catered to every illicit whim Brothels and gambling flourished, but Prohibition really made Atlantic City famous and rich Under Nucky Johnson, the Commodore s successor, anything nominally illegal elsewhere cou

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    Mane knyga kiek nuvyl miau skaityti tik d l per i r to Boardwalk Empire serialo, bet apie tuos laikus knygoje tik nedidel dalis Pa iai knygai tikrai toli iki gero istorinio veikalo, tiesiog paprastai ir gan blankiai papasakota, kas vyko metai i met Lyg mokyklos istorijos vadov lyje gim tas, padar an , tada at jos tas, nugal jo ir dar va t ir t.t Daug kur nor t si pla iau apie pagrindinius

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    Bound City of SwingSunPost Weekly September 16, 2010 John Hoodhttp bit.ly 90vmwPGetting with the Book behind Boardwalk EmpireThe 500 Club, Paradise Caf , Club Harlem, Little Belmont, The Bath and Turf Club, the Cliquot Club just saying names of these fabled swing spots evokes an era of high vice and low blows These were gambling dens, before the era of casinos, yet run wide open Why Because in Pro

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    If you are planning to read this book for supplemental background for the HBO show, don t bother This book is of a concise history of the city than a focus piece on Nucky and the players of that time Only roughly 3 chapters cover the Nucky era and there s no depth at all A few quotes here and a 3 sentence Al Capone story there The only depth is spent on descriptions of attempted indictments and trials It

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    Boardwalk Empire is an interesting, and enjoyable, if rather uneven, read Victims of this, most recent, recession economy will undoubtedly be interested to know that Atlantic City s initial development and success was brought on, not by the nation s wealthiest vacations, but rather, by blue collar workers and wage earners, eager for a weekend getaway they could afford The resort s unique and complicated relationshi

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    Atlantic City has quite a history, from the rocky beginnings to its colourful characters like Louis Commodore Kuehnle and Enoch Nucky Johnson Boardwalk Empire by Nelson Johnson subtitle The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City tells the history of this US city While this book inspired the current HBO series of the same name, this is not a reason to read this The HBO show tells the story of a fictional characte

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    I m sure that readers of in depth, detailed political history will find this book fascinating from cover to cover Because I am not quite the in depth political history scholar , I didn t find the entire book so much fascinating as I found it to be long winded.That said, there were in depth parts of the book I did like These were the parts that focused on the characters I was familiar with as a fan of the HBO series Boardwalk Empire

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    So Let s talk about this book Because my book club picked this book because the show is based on it and, well, let s just say there are only about two chapters of this book that the show is based on So if you re going into this because you want to learn about the background of the show, uh, you re not really going to find it Yes, you will get some good information But the show fills in a lot of blanks since this is basically just a basic ov

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