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Bluff To The Medical World, I Was A Host Body, Surviving Only To Bring A New Life Into The World And While I Wanted To Die Than Anything In The World, I Never Wanted This No, I Never Wanted To Cease To Exist This Was The Worst Death Of All Jude Black Lives In That In Between, Twilight Place Teetering On Death But Clinging To Life In Order To Bring Her Baby Into This World Only She Knows The Circumstances Surrounding Her Mysterious Fall Off The Bluff That Landed Her In The Hospital Being Kept Alive By Medical Intervention Only She Knows Who The Father Of Her Baby Is In This Poignantly Crafted Literary Novel, The Mystery Unfolds And The Suspense Builds As The Consequences Of Jude S Decisions Threaten To Reveal Everyone S Deceptions, Even Her Own Bluff Offers A Sensitive Look At Essential Questions Such As The Value Of Human Life, The Consciousness Of Those In A Coma And The Morality Of Terminating Life Support At The Core Is The Story Of A Tragically Misunderstood Woman Who Finds Peace, Acceptance, Understanding And Even Love On Her Deathbed

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    Blog Tour Stop Oct, 3Review of The BluffReviewed for Full Moon Bites Blog Tours Oct 3 2012An inescapable reader s hook immediately yanks the reader into this fast paced, engrossing novel, never letting go While we ponder the unfolding story of Jude, from both within and without, we read with heart in mouth and pulse pounding, demanding answers to the questions What happened Why Who was involved Wh

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    Review originally posted here Compelling Powerful three words I d use to describe Bluff which opens with the words I was born a weakling.Bluff weaves together the story of Jude, named after the patron saint of the same name, who is found fallen off a bluff and will indefinitely remain in a persistive vegetative state She is also carrying a child whose chances of being delivered without risk are high

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    I received a copy of this book from the author for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility I m rather at a loss for words to accurately review this book for I m not entirely certain I ve discovered all of the ways it makes an impact It is a roller coaster ride from one peak in the revelations to the next, climaxing with the impact o

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    Mighty Bluff offers a stunning view of life and death In her author s profile, Lenore Skomal says she wants you to eat her books, and gobble I surely did as I read her latest book, Bluff This intriguing novel will keep you on the edge until the very last sentence Skomal is a master at the cliff hanger or shall I say, bluff hanger I finished each chapter only to be left begging for the next Word to the w

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    I would like to give Full Moon Bites a huge THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of this tour I have to say that I have never read a book that has taken my breath away like Bluff did It causes you to look at an issue that is a controversy no matter how you look at it Death and dying is a heated debate that will last as long as man kind is living and breathing.Who has the right to decide when a person di

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    It was sure hard to get anything done in my real life once I picked this book up I kept thinking, one chapter and I will clean house, get dressed, turn off the light, you name it It completely kept my attention The plot focuses on Jude, a gay single woman who is in a coma as a result of falling off the cliff near her home How did that happen Who was Jude How does this accident impact her best friend her la

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    I just finished reading this book and I mwhatspellbound..startled No word seems to sum it up as per my expectations.It is indeed a very different kind of book Everything from the plot to the characters to the the writing is new and fresh.It is not a book you can read, smile and put away It is something that takes control of you, making you think and analyze So if you love books that do that to you, you should

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    This book was interesting The thing I didn t like about it was that there was very little storyline Most of the book was background information on the characters, some of which was unnecessary, I thought For instance, the secretary at Paul Williams law office Too much detail about her as she wasn t an important character at all I wish there had been a little action, but I guess that is hard to do when your mai

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    I LOVED this book If I could give it 10 stars I would It s smart, it s meaty, and it s relevant Another reviewer characterized it as an issues story if it is, then I m an issues kind of reader I like stories that make me think I also admire this book s structure Skomal had a lot to balance here and she did it with grace and panache and real feeling for her characters I know she felt for them because she made me f

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    COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN Throughly enjoyed this book The suspense just builds as each character is introduced The mystery keeps unfolding as the characters are revealed I loved it

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