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Blood witch Morgan Has Found Her Mother S Wiccan Tools, And Her Relationship With Cal Is Strong Everything Seems Perfect Except That Cal S Half Brother, Hunter, Is Stalking Them Hunter Claims To Be A Seeker Who Is Investigating Cal For The Misuse Of Magick Who Can She Trust

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10 thoughts on “Blood witch

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    This is a 3.5 star book but I m rounding up because FINALLY, we see some character flaws in the main love interest that I ve been anticipating since the start of book 2 I m loving these audio books because they re incredibly fast, fun, and I m enjoying the main character I m excited to see where Cate goes with the storyline in future books.

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    Morgan annoyed me one or two times in this, but she wasn t a bad character This was another okay read in the series, but again, the pacing was quite slow It dragged a bit for me.

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    This book is defiantly a solid 4.5It starts out slow in the beginning but it still keeps you hooked I feel so sorry for the fate that became Morgan at the end of the last chapter if you read the book, cue the heart wrenching depth of what happened.I can not wait to finish this series Cate Tiernan YOU WOUND ME.

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    It s not fair that Morgan was blessed with magic She s so daft.This is my fastest skim ever She s worst than Bella Swan Sometimes I feel like I don t know anything, I heard myself blurt out.Well, at least she knows this I m not sure if I still want to read about narrow minded foolish Morgan.

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    Morgan discovers that Cal s mom Selen hided her birthmother s Book of Shadows, she claims it and learns many things about her mother, family and origins She is a Woodbanes, but her clan revoked evil Wicca, unlike Cal, who happened to have a step brother who evokes the strongest feelings in her, who also is a Seeker hunting wicked witches like his name Hunter , Hunter has a friend, her name is Sky and she makes a new coven with Bree and Raven joining her, looking to dissolve Cal s coven Morgan misses Bree but doubt

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    Another great addition to the series We continue to watch Morgan grow and learn about her mother We also get to see of the mysterious Sky and Hunter The only thing I didn t like was how Morgan is being somewhat blind to how Cal has been behaving lately Is there something big that he s hiding

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    What the heck is going on I cannot STOP reading I love this series

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    Overall The Sweep series by Cate is a light read, yet still really interesting I felt like this was the sorbet course, a hiatus, amidst my reading of George RR Martin s much weightier tomes Every novel covers Magick, young love and fitting in or not.However, a novel in the Sweep series is so short that it is almost a chapter in the lives of the characters.Plus The Wiccan research is pretty intense, and the books give an authentic feel to being in a coven and the troubles challenges a young witch Morgan might encounter The fi

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    Once again, nothing really happened in this book I feel like the conversations Morgan has with everyone are very repetitive I still have books to read from this series, but I m not sure if I m going to finish it or not I ve given this book three stars because it wasn t that bad, but if the plot doesn t pick up soon I don t know if I can bring myself to make it all the way to book 15.

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    Really enjoyed this book fast paced and keeps you guessing

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