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Black Rainbow A Sweet And Steamy New Adult Romance From Bestselling Author Of The Ruthless People Series, JJ McAvoy After An Erotic One Week Fling With A Musician She Meets In A Bar, Thea Cunning Never Expects To See Levi Black Again Then Monday Morning Comes Around, And She Discovers That Her Former Lover Is Not Only Her Professor, But He S Also One Of The Top Criminal Lawyers In The State Of Massachusetts With Everyone In Class Vying To Be One Of The Twelve Disciples A Group Of Twelve Students That Professor Black Takes Under His Wing Tensions Run High Thea Considers Dropping His Class, Given Their Passionate Week Together And Their Undeniable Chemistry After All, There Are Other Less Infuriatingly Sexy Law Professors On Campus But To Accomplish Her Goal And Get Her Father Out Of Prison, Thea Knows She Needs To Learn Under The Best Of The Best And That S Levi Black But Can She Learn Under The Best, Without Being Under The Best

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    Black Rainbow stand alone Law student discovers that she spent a week in bed with her new professor Will he accept her as his student guide her in freeing her father Black Rainbow stand alone is Harvard Law student Thea Cunning s story Even though it starts off as professor student forbidden romance, it is so much than that.Story opens up in present ti

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    4 stars Black Rainbow is my first book by J.J McAvoy so I had no expectations going in I picked this book up when a friend recommended it to me and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it Black Rainbow is a highly entertaining story It s a story of forbidden love and the sacrifices we make for those we love.Levi Black is an extremely successful att

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    When Thea meets a sexy singer at a bar, she ends up having the best night of sex she s ever had After their passionate night together, neither Thea, nor Levi, want to give one another up so quickly The two decide to spend a week together, before returning to their day to day lives No , no less.After a week, the two go their separate waysOr so they thought It ends

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    1.5 disappointing stars I gave 4 stars to this author s previous book but I m starting to notice a pattern It seems like the scenarios are getting than a little bit over the top and unbelievable In Black Rainbow, the minor nagging problems I ve had with her previous book are even prominent The obvious lack of research about the criminal law process was something I c

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    11th of May 2015 Review now posted 4.5 highly addictive STARS One week Sex, food, us, and then we get back to reality She went quiet for a moment, and then grinned widely That s dangerous Levi I m going to ruin all other women for you You guys should see me right now My grinning face would give Cheshire Cat a run for its money I adored this book I guess it was one of th

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    ARC kindly provided by NYLA via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you a lot 3.5 stars I was tempted to call her now, or swing by after work, but We d made a deal it was meant to be just a one week fling, after out week was up, we agreed that we d both go our separate ways Why had we made such a stupid fucking deal Blurb fter an erotic one week fling with a musi

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    It s safe to say that when a story hooks you from the first few pages and carries that addiction forward, it s worthy of 5 stars And then some I fuckin ADORED this book Everything about it worked for me The writing, the characters, the plot which I wasn t expecting to be so wild, was all perfectly balanced I felt like I was watching an episode of Suits or How To Get Away With Murder

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    Rating 3.5 StarsMy Views Overrall it was a nice read but in terms of storyline nothing exceptional When I ask you about Teacher student Romance, what comes into your mind Well most of them are present in this novel which made it a so so read for me Style of writing Yeah the author is pretty funny and I loved most part of the story except I think in the middle when I started drifting off,

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    5 LEVI stars We are black rainbows every once in a while we get brighter, but we always end up black again It all started with a dance, that turned into a dream world where nothing else existed, where you can sate your wildest desires and just live purely in the moment Levi and Thea had it all, the confidence to compliment each other and the pride to match It was supposed to be a week, so

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    After I finished this novel my mind went blank and all I could think was I love J.J McAvoy and her books but this one just blew me awaythat s how much I loved adored worshiped it Yesmaybe being a big fan of Suits and How to Get Away with Murder might have had something to do with it but bottom line is that this book was awesome D Now enough with the praiseslet me tell you a little bit about this n

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