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Bitter Sweet Love Although this was a really short story, it was amazing and sweet Really enjoyed reading it Dez and Jasmine were an adorable pair, that got the ending they hoped for, so that was a plus in my opinion Also seeing Zayne and Layla as young teenagers was amazing I still stick to the point that they remind me of close siblings Now, seeing Danika freak out over Zayne, was perfect and hilarious My favorite part had to be when Roth his younger self showed up in the story I ve always wondered how he kept an eye on Layla all those years, when she was unaware, and finally got read it first hand It was adorable he was watching out for her even before they were both thirteen So that was the complete conclusion to that amazing series and it couldn t have ended better. Because loving you loving you was bitter sweetBitter Sweet Love is the prequel novella of the Dark Element series I started White Hot Kiss few days ago but while I was reading the first few chapters, I found myself quite confused with various terminologies such as Seeker demons, fiends, Poser demons, etc that I was wondering if there is a prequel that will explain all these things.Thankfully I found this novella here on GR facepalm and I realized I should ve read it fist before White Hot Kiss.Anyways, this novella is quite helpful because it explains those terminologies and it also somewhat gave me the brief narration as of how countless of demons scattered on earth, and what Wardens are, and what their duties are So yeahThis novella features the love story of Dez and Jasmine both Wardens who fell in love since they were still kids The romance was okay I found the characters sweet, but there s a downside I thought their storyline was quite a cliche and a bit shallow At some point I found myself feeling bored simply because I could not connect with the characters I think there s something wrong with me But this book somehow helped me clear up the confusion in White Hot Kiss, and it s basically a good introduction to the series so I didn t regret reading this Rating 3 Stars This is me This was a re read because I read it over a year ago and I forgot how much I liked it.The story follows Jasmine who is a gargoyle yeah you read correctly a gargoyle who was promised to a young gentleman Dez that her family took in after a tragic accident This is everything that Jas wants yet after her father lets the rest of the clan know his intentions of them mating Dez disappears the next day without a word urgh, men Jas is heartbroken which is completely understandable, imagine the love of your life just disappearing after your father swears you to him Dez turns up 3 years later way hotter and a lot manlier like nothing has even happened again men urgh and expects everything to go back to normal Jas finds this hard to swallow just like any female would, why did he leave Was it because of me Where did he go So many questions yet so little answers.So obviously, like any other female Jas doesn t take this too well as everyone rejoices at the fact that he is back and both of them are back on, she uses this to her advantage to lay down some conditions for their promise to each to go ahead She has never really left her home so she wants to go see New York, Washington, Philly, learn to drive and even skinny dip, Dez like any red blooded male gargoyle or not loves the idea of this but also has one condition he gets a kiss after each condition is completed SWOON The story leads up to you meeting Zayne again swoon and Layla who have such an unusual story which I have fallen in love with already The way he treats our little half demon had me in complete awwwwage smiling from page to page wanting to know Then out the blue, the untrustworthy hot stranger gets thrown into the mix which has you opening the next book before the previous has even closed I love Jennifer L Armentrout, her writing style and the way she makes you swoon over characters has always made her my favourite author and this little add on reminds me of how much I love her books In true Armentrout style it is packed with lots of heartbreak, drama, and swooning than one girl could ever imagine.Check out my blog and please leave yours so I can have a look I loved you the night you brought em pudding and stayed with me until I fell asleep That was eleven years ago and my love for you has never faded, Jas Not for one secondThis one s definitely the start of something new and AMAZING JLA, you really do know the way to a broken girl s heart This book came in at the right time since I m still grieving the end of the Covenant Series But for a few minutes I m so ashamed to say that I actually forgot all about my 1 book boyfriend, Aiden St Delphi so sorry agapi mou I m such a sucker for second chance romance stories and with JLA s creativity and way of writing, I really got what I was looking for and It s like gods and aliens are so yesterday and gargoyles are the shit right now thanks to The Dark Elements It s the perfect combination of swoony and steamy romance with a heavy dose of supernatural action, and JLA never failed in holding me captive since the first page I would ve loved to read about Dez and Jas past and how they ll make up for lost time but hey, beggars can t be choosers and I just hope that I still get to see these two in the next books in the series But you know what got me all excited about this book That little tease of what s to come in White Hot Kiss and I can already predict that it will be a hundred times exciting and swoon worthy than this one Hell, I m already in love with both Zayne and Roth And I already feel so much for Layla as the main heroine as well Because of those scenes with Zayne, Layla, and Roth, I even forgot that this novella was about Dez and Jas It was just that good Le sigh I m definitely counting down the days till White Hot Kiss is here And I HIGHLY recommend you get in on The Dark Elements series if you re a fan of JLA s Covenant and Lux series. 3.5 StarsHow does she do it Gargoyles, Demons, Pukwudgies and who knows what other creatures are waiting for us in this new series PS couldn t find a good female gargolye so pix looks like an angel This novella is Jasmine and Dez s story Both characters are Wardens a type of gargoyle They are old friends who find their way back to each other.During this short novella we learn about gargoyles of the New York area Dez returns after a three year unexplained absence and claims Jas as his mate Jas longs to fly, to explore and to battle All of these activities, females are forbidden to participate in Jas goes for broke and asks for all the things she longs to do before she gives Dez her answer.The couple leaves the mansion and sets out on a mini journey Here s where I wish the book was LONGER because I had a hard time getting invested in this couple s love for one another because I just didn t have much to go on I noticed that the next book, which will be a full length novel will not be on these two It will be about other characters which were introduced during their short journey This saddens me because I would have liked to have gotten of Jas ad Dez They had the makings of a great couple but for me just needed. I have never read a gargoyle book before but had a picture of what gargoyles were like in my head This book dispels all of those previous beliefs Jennifer Armentrout paints them as beautiful, both in their human skin and in their true forms And though their ways of life may differ somewhat from ours, they love and protect one another just as we do.Jasmine has loved Dez almost her entire life, from the day he came into their life as an angry little boy until they day he left It was the day after her father announced that he approved of a mating between Jasmine and Dez, he just left, without saying good bye For three years she grieved for him, never knowing why he left or whether he was alive or dead, until the day he came back and announced that he was ready to be mated with her Jasmine has seven days to give him her answer but she has some requirements she wants fulfilled before she does so Can Dez win Jasmine s forgiveness Can Jasmine love him again and is she ready to make a lifelong commitment to him This is a wonderful first look into this new world J.A has created It is different from anything she has written before and I am so excited to see where she is going to take it. Dez Wasn T Just Jasmine S Crush A Gargoyle Warden Like Jas, He Helped Her Come To Terms With Her Destiny Fending Off Demons And Maintaining The Balance Between Good And Evil He Was Her Everything Right Until The Moment He Disappeared Without A Trace It Didn T Help That Jas S Father Had Just Announced That She And Dez Would One Day Be Mated Hard Not To Take That PersonallyAnd Now He S Back, Three Years Older, Ten Times Hotter, Ready To Pick Up Exactly Where They Left Off But Jas Isn T Taking That Risk Again Dez Has Seven Days To Meet All Her Conditions And Earn Back Her Trust Seven Days Filled With Terrifying Danger And Sweet Temptation Seven Days To Win Her Heart Or Shatter It All Over Again Si digo que es adictivo me quedo corta Jenn tiene una manera de escribir que hace que no puedas parar de leer y te engancha a los personajes de una manera alarmante Nunca decepcionabut with him, I wanted everything and that was frightening 3.5 StarsThis novella should be read before starting White Hot Kiss, which is the first book in the series Des has left Jas after their mating was supposed to proceed He left without informing Jas, or even saying goodbye Three years forward, Dez returns, wanting her back, but Jas can t simply forgive him after he left her She only has seven days to make up her mind, whether she agrees or disagrees to the mating proposal The novella has a simple storyline, and it was ok for me I didn t quite enjoy it as much as I wanted to because I didn t like Jas as much The part when Layla Zayne make up their appearance was my favorite Let s not forget the demon who watched Layla I gave this book a three stars because it was ok, the.5 was because I really liked Layla Zayne s scene and I enjoyed how another person viewed her It also pumped me to pick up where I left in the series

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