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Billy Bunter and the Blue Mauritius Popular Book, Billy Bunter And The Blue Mauritius Author Frank Richards This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Billy Bunter And The Blue Mauritius, Essay By Frank Richards Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You More farcical adventures at Greyfriar s School13 August 2014 Well, I have just come back from watching a performance of The Importance of Being Ernest and while I would love to write about the play I don t feel that I am able to because while I have seen it performed, I have not actually read it and I wonder why I would read it since performance that I saw was so awesome that by reading the play may spoil the enjoyment of the performance but then again it is a play so I doubt it would take all that long , so unfortunately I won t be writing a commentary on it at this stage However, I have also just finished reading this book, and I can certainly write a commentary on this book, which is what I am doing now Now, I am sure many of us me included probably do not know what a Blue Mauritius is, though if you are a philologist, you probably do, and probably also know how much it is worth, but for those of us who do not engage in that worthwhile hobby like me , this is a Blue Mauritius This little piece of paper, according to Wikipedia is worth a tiny sum of four million dollars, which was the price at last recorded sale in 1993 if you believe everything Wikipedia says that is So, if you are a stamp collector, and have one of them in your collection, well, I would consider taking out insurance on it because you really do not want to lose it Anyway, I suspect the reason that it is so valuable is not just because it was the first colonial British stamp ever printed, but because it has the words post office as opposed to postage paid on it, and there were only a few of these stamps ever printed It is like those stamps you get that are printed upside down and released before the error is discovered As for the story a local land owner, Sir Popper, has come into a bit of strife with the tax department and we discover that this is a regular occurrence so he is forced to sell his stamp However, for some unknown reason, he wonders around the woods carrying the stamp in his hand crying over how he must part with it oh the troubles of owning a valuable stamp However, there are some crooks about who, surprisingly, also want to get their hands on the stamp, so they concoct a number of plans to steal it which pretty much involves running up to Sir Popper while he is holding the stamp, grabbing it, and bolting The problem is that the occupants of Greyfriar s school are also wondering about and seem to get in the way of these thieves and every attempt they make in attempting to grab the stamp ultimately ends in failure While I would like to go on, I have realised that what I will end up doing is telling you what happens in the book, and that would not be fair not that these books are widely read these days , but personally, I enjoyed it Billy Bunter, at least as far as I am concerned, can really only be taken in small doses, but it is good mindless fun with a bit of humour as well In fact the story is somewhat farcical such as Sir Popper not learning from his mistakes and continuing to wonder through the woods looking at this stamp and there is also quite a lot of slapstick, which generally involved Billy Bunter being slapped, hit, and kicked, usually by his peers though I believe he also receives the cane at least once in this book Mind you, Bunter is quite a character, and while he is incredibly annoying, I now realise that he only ever solves the problems through sheer luck In fact, Bunter is far interested in food, getting money for food, and dodging class, and then when he gets lines for dodging class or turning up with a face that has been painted blue because he happened to fall asleep in one of the lounges during break , he does his best to try and get out of them, usually unsuccessfully He just happens to be the bumbling fool that through his own sheer stupidity makes everything right The other thing that I love about these books is all of the classical allusions that are thrown about, and in places Richards will actually use a Homeric analogy to describe how lazy and greedy Billy Bunter is, all the while reminding us that the one thing that Mr Quech, the Form Master, is passionate about, is Publius Virgilius Maro otherwise known as Virgil , and his version of lines inevitably involves copying out large chunks of Virgil though that was never the case when I went to school normally when we got lines it would be something like I must learn not to misbehave and be disruptive in class which we would always truncate it to I must be good that is if we would actually do them Actually, as I come to think about it, I don t think doing lines ever made us better students, even though it was based on the false premise that if we write something enough then it would sink into our subconsciousness forcing us to be good however it never seemed to work that way because even though we were given lines we would still play up, and by playing up we would get lines, and when we got lines we wouldn t do them and continue to play up Maybe our High School teacher should have just sent the entire class to the principal s office Oh, we also get to meet Ms Elizabeth Bessie Bunter in this book as well, and as it turns out, she is the female version of Billy. Another brilliant addition to the series

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