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Biggles Flies East Such a splendid read Biggles, in this book, is sent to Palestine as an secret agent for the Germans and in turn for the British I think this one intrigued me a littlethan the first and there was even an interesting turn of events at the end.I liked Biggles attitude toward the Germanshe disliked them, but viewed their job just like his when he fought in France This had a couple swear words in it, but all in all it is an appropriate book for boys full of adventure. It S The First World War, And In A Desperate Game Of Bluff And Counterbluff Biggles Is Sent To Work For The Germans While Secretly Reporting Back To The British Can He Survive The Eagle Eyed Suspicions Of Von Stalhein How Will He Cope Flying In Combat Against The British The Slightest Mistake Could Cost Biggles His Life It s a funny thing, but when I re read these as an adult I can see the early shapes of the things that I love as an adult Here, Biggles and Algy are it feels on their own against the Germans in the Middle East The sheer joy of the h c and friendship makes this one of my favourite Biggles stories One of my early favourites in the near miss genre.Johns was here writing still from what he knew his flying experience was all in WWI, and while he recycled much for the later stories, the post WWII stuff never really captures that fine edge of joie de vivre out on the edge of blood and dust and death Johns is not a great writer, but he had some great stories to tell. B3, an astounding story of mistaken identity, and a double spy.Several great opportunities sadly missed visiting Mark Way, getting decorated with the Iron Cross First encounter with spying, though not with Military Intelligence section 6 Best of the best A Ripping Yarn and plotted like a Swiss watch 20 3 16 Picked up and read again Is Biggles still popular I think there are many good points about this tale First, Biggles likes fighting, so his unpleasant war service is to do something he hates spying Second, the Germans are portrayed as having a range of characteristics Third, there s some quite good descriptions and lots of interesting facts I thought it was so funny that history made Biggles feel uncomfortable, but the facts were slipped in anyway.It is limited in some ways the treatment of the Arabs and the ethics of Europeans fighting over their land is about what you d expect for the era. Biggles wordt na zijn avonturen voor een paar dagen met verlof naar Londen gestuurd Daar komt hij echter in contact met een nogal onguur persoon, die hem probeert te ronselen voor spionage werk voor de Duitsers..Weer zo n verhaal waarin de goede Biggles strijdt tegen de slechte Duitsers, en met name tegen ene Erich von Stalhein. Read this as a child whilst in hospital W.E Johns, along with Anthony Buckeridge and American comis were my staple reading diet. Easy to read adventures of the famous pilot.

About the Author: W.E. Johns

Invariably known as Captain W.E Johns, William Earl Johns was born in Bengeo, Hertfordshire, England He was the son of Richard Eastman Johns, a tailor, and Elizabeth Johns n e Earl , the daughter of a master butcher He had a younger brother, Russell Ernest Johns, who was born on 24 October 1895 He went to Hertford Grammar School where he was no great scholar but he did develop into a crack sh

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