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Biggles Defies the Swastika A good Biggles story, moving along quickly with half way plausible action and some of it is genuinely thrilling, especially the flying.Early in World War Two, Biggles is doing reconnaissance in Norway when the Germans invade and he finds himself marooned in occupied territory With some daring, he uses, without permission, a German motor cycle to escape across the border into neutral Sweden This is where the story gets interesting because British intelligence wants him to go back.Biggles has to be brave and resourceful he does not like spying and is never completely comfortable doing it He goes back On his own For much of the early part of the story Biggles remains isolated among the enemy occupiers, and the Norwegians, who may nor may not be sympathetic to his cause Ginger and Algy join him much later In this claustrophobic atmosphere Biggles masquerades among the Germans, trying also to avoid his arch nemesis Eric von Stalhein, of the Gestapo, who has got wind of Biggles presence in Norway and has high tailed it north to look for him At one stage Biggles finds himself in the unusual position of searching for himself The action builds pleasingly towards a climax involving warships and a British landing force, whose success will depend on Biggles help The most exciting set piece has Biggles overpowering a German pilot while in the air and commandeering the plane Biggles invites the German to jump out making sure the drop into the ocean is both short and near to shore My favourite moment is when von Stalhein manages to catch all three of the boys and their numbers look to have come up But they manage to wriggle out, of course What s it about Adventure, definitely, but there is always and in this case I think the key driver is loyalty to one s comrades and that deeply British conceit that small nations should be aided in their struggle against tyranny and aggression Pretty good Strong three stars. Action packed from beginning to end, this gripping adventure features Biggles, his chums and his old adversary von Stalhein in occupied Norway during the Second World War The twists, turns, devious disguises and splendid schemes come thick and fast as Biggles, Ginger and Algy evade the clutches of the Nazis again and again One of the best Biggles stories I have ever read, which is high praise. Not long ago I reviewed a book by John Boyne on my blog Randomly Reading called The Terrible Thing that Happened to Barnaby Brocket This was a really good fantasy novel about a boy who floats and must be weighed down to stay on the ground Barnaby has a dog named Capt W.E Johns, which caused me to laugh when I read that There is no explanation why that is the dog s name, but I and others, I am sure know exactly who Johns is Captain W.E Johns was a very prolific writer with 169 books to his credit But he is probably best known for two of his series books 96 Biggles books for boys and 11 Worrals books for girls Worrals, or Joan Worralson, flies for the Women s Auxiliary Air Force, part of the RAF I reviewed Worrals of the W.A.A.F in 2011 Biggles, or James Bigglesworth, learned to fly in World War I and continued flying right into World War II and beyond.Biggles Defies the Swastika 22 in the series and written in 1941 , begins in April 1940 A Major with the RAF, Biggles has been doing some work in Oslo when he wakes up one morning to discover that the Nazis have invaded Norway Fortunately, Biggles has false identity papers naming him as Sven Hendrik, allowing him to pass as a Norwegian who supports the Nazis until he can get to his plane and out of Norway Arriving at the aerodome in Boda on a stolen Nazi motorcycle, Biggles finds it is under Nazi control now Somehow, Biggles fools the Germans into thinking he is a quisling who speaks fluent German and is made a leutnant on the spot by the German commandant there Now under a safe cover, Biggles gets himself to the Swedish border on a his stolen motorcycle and crosses over to safety But not for long At the British Consul, he is told to return to Norway to do some ntelligence spying and that his friends and fellow fliers Ginger and Algy will contact him as soon as possible Back in Norway, he hears that the Germans are looking for a British pilot named Bigglesworth who was spotted in Oslo and wanted by the Germans Luckily, as Sven Hendrik, Biggles is ordered to look for himself and given a Gestapo pass that will allow him freedom to get around without question Biggles soon discovers that his old nemesis Oberleutnant Erich von Stalhein is in Norway and is desperate to capture him Biggles calls Gestapo headquarters and tells them he has information that Bigglesworth is in Narvik and he is on his way there But along the way, he runs into some captured British sailors He tells them he s really a British pilot and concocts a plan for them to tell their captors that they saw Bigglesworth escape In Narvik, Biggles finds other British POWs, including his old friend Algy, who was sent over to help him He manages to free all the prisoners, but is then ordered back to Boda Aerodome to be questioned by von Stalhein.Before that can happen, Biggles is ordered to Stavanger airfield by the British to gather intelligence about Nazi defenses there and then to go to Fjord 21, where he runs into his other old friend Ginger It is time to get out of Norway now that they have the needed intelligence, but Biggles refuse to go with Algy Meanwhile, Algy, after being freed at Narvik has returned to Boda to find Biggles Biggles returns to Boda, finds Algy and they make their way to Fjord 21, Ginger in his plane and escape, only to find that the Fjord is now occupied by Nazis and that Ginger is missing But not for long Ginger tries to rescue Biggles and Algy, but things go wrong and Algy is again captured by the Nazis Biggles, with the help of his Gestapo pass, learns that the British warships are sailing right into a trap He can do nothing about it though because of growing suspicion about who he really is He accepts a ride in a water plane back to Boda and von Stalhein, because he has no choice During the flight, Biggles overtakes the pilot Flying low enough for the German to jump into the water, Biggles orders him out, but not before telling him they must get together after the war and have dinner together yes, he really did say that SPOILER ALERT Now flying a German plane, Biggles is attacked by none other than Ginger But then Ginger is attacked by a German plane and goes down Luckily, Biggles is able to rescue Ginger, tells him about the trap the British warships are heading into and has Ginger drop him off to find Algy Ginger delivers his warning, sets off to find Biggles and Algy, but is captured by the Germans Meanwhile, Bigglesand Algy are also captured by von Stalhein at Boda But when Ginger arrives with his German captor, the three of them manage to overpower him, steal a German plane and fly safely off to England and further adventures lots of them All this action adventure tokes place in only a few days The back and forth between Oslo, Boda and Stavanger were a bit like watching a ping pong games with airplanes, but I never got confused, in part because of the simplicity of the writing It is not great literature, is sometimes politically incorrect and everyone smokes, but Johns seems to have understood his young readers There is just action, constant movement, and a feeling of being in control, something young readers probably found comforting in wartime Britain.If you are going to read them for the first time, don t take them too seriously, just have some fun, after all, they feel a bit campy nowadays And I thought the rivalry between Biggles and von Stalhein had shades of the later rivalry between Snoopy and the Red Baron I did, however, learn that anti aircraft flak was refered to as archie, as in you will probably run into lots of archie when you fly a German Dornier over Britain While I have read most of the Worrals books, I seem to only have Biggle Defies the Swastika but I have two copies of it, somehow And both smell like they just came out of my gram s attic Luckily, since Biggles is still somewhat popular, now editions of his books have become available recently, for your reading pleasure This book is recommended for readers age 12 This book was purchased for my personal libraryThis book was originally reviewed at The Children s War Een aaneenschakeling van een onwaarschijnlijke reeks toevalligheden duwt Biggles in een kat en muisspel met de Duitsers die net Noorwegen bezet hebben Als spion tegen wil en dank is zijn leven in gevaar, toch kan hij Noorwegen niet verlaten Eerst mag het niet, dan kan het niet en later wil hij niet Ginger en Algy komen hem te hulp maar bakken er ook niet veel van Om beurten worden ze gevangen genomen waarbij het aan de andere n is om voor de noodzakelijke redding te zorgen.De oorlogsverhalen vind ik het minst interessant, dat verandert hier niet Toch slaagt Johns er in om het spannend te houden van begin tot einde, al speelt het toeval een t grote rol om alle opeenvolgende avonturen mogelijk te maken Volgepakt met aktie en spanning, de humor is ondermaats voor wat we gewend zijn bij de Biggles avonturen. Good adventure with variety of charactersEasy to read, thoroughly good descriptions and characters Takes me back to school days which was a long time ago. B17 This book was on my shelf for many years, but somehow unreadEarly moments of WW2, situated in Norway.It nicely describes the mayhem after a Nazi conquest.Was surprised to find members of the regular German army officers, expressing their attitude towards Gestapo Nazi s This book must have been sitting on my shelf for at least 2 years The reason is because I bought it and Biggles Learns to Fly as a pair and I was not impressed with the other one.Fortunately, this one is a bit better at least there is an actual story to it, where Biggles Learns to Fly consisted of Biggles getting shot down and fighting his way back to allied lines over and over again.There s nothing too deep going on here It s an adventure story that ten year old boys will like because there s lots of action though surprisingly for a war story Biggles never kills anyone and no mention of girls The characters are cardboard and their complete lack of sex lives seems very unlikely but Captain W.E Johns obviously knew his audience as these books were huge back in the day Unlike modern novels aimed at the YA market there isn t much for older readers to enjoy here In fact you may well wince when Biggles and his mates are locked up due for execution and they pull the old, Hey, guard, get in here This man s sick routine I can t imagine many Nazis would care if someone awaiting the firing squad has an upset tummy.I once read that one of the rules of writing a James Bond film is that Bond never goes backwards I never realized how important that was until I read this book Biggles frequently escapes somewhere only to have to go back for some contrived reason It gets very annoying. Popular Book, Biggles Defies The Swastika By W.E Johns This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Biggles Defies The Swastika, Essay By W.E Johns Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I have managed to read almost all of the Biggles books over the years Most are fairly routine, but this is one of the standouts Set against the German invasion of Norway in World War Two and written not very long after the events described, this book tells the story of what happens when Biggles, performing an undercover reconnaissance mission to scout out possible landing sites, is caught in Norway by the invasion At the urging of his superiors he takes the very risky step of remaining behind enemy lines to exploit the unexpected opportunity, a position that becomes steadily and precarious as time goes on and his arch nemesis, Erich Von Stalhein, turns up One of the few Biggles books I read as a child this is one I have revisited over the years, and I expect that I will be pulling it out again whenever I feel the need for a thrilling story that isn t too demanding. In 1940, Biggles finds himself in Oslo with a Norwegian passport when suddenly the city is full of Germans From there on it s full action until the last page This is supposed to be one of the better Biggles books and that seems plausible.

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