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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea You Stop Fearing The Devil When You Re Holding His Hand Nothing Much Exciting Rolls Through Violet White S Sleepy, Seaside Town Until River West Comes Along River Rents The Guest House Behind Violet S Crumbling Estate, And As Eerie, Grim Things Start To Happen, Violet Begins To Wonder About The Boy Living In Her Backyard Is River Just A Crooked Smiling Liar With Pretty Eyes And A Mysterious Past Or Could He Be Something Violet S Grandmother Always Warned Her About The Devil, But She Never Said He Could Be A Dark Haired Boy Who Takes Naps In The Sun, Who Likes Coffee, Who Kisses You In A Cemetery Who Makes You Want To Kiss Back Violet S Already So Knee Deep In Love, She Can T See Straight And That S Just How River Likes It Blending Faded Decadence And The Thrilling Dread Of Gothic Horror, April Genevieve Tucholke Weaves A Dreamy, Twisting Contemporary Romance, As Gorgeously Told As It Is Terrifying A Debut To Watch Sometimes I m that guy You know, the one who reads a book that trusted friends, ones I usually agree with, were super impressed by and ends up unenthused The blurb for Devil since I can t be bothered to type all of that out over and over did give me pause, what with the focus on River coming to town The whole thing suggests instalove, but early reviews were promising and an ARC arrived, so damn the blurb and full speed ahead Well, turns out I should have listened to my first instincts, because both the romance and a plot twist bothered me Be warned that this review contains spoilers, since that was the only way I could explain why I feel the way I do.In no way do I think Devil is a bad book, and there was even a brief time where I thought a 3.5 rating was coming for it Tucholke excels especially at the horror aspects Pretty much everything that happens ranges from eerie to mindfuck to terrifying The concept and execution of River s deal was done incredibly well Tucholke also manages to pull off so many surprises, which upped the intensity If you re really into horror, then I think Devil will probably be worth your time.The other aspect that I really enjoyed was the atmosphere As with most gothic novels, there s a sort of place out of time feel to it Though set in the modern world, Violet s little town and her house seem caught in the past The most popular town activity is watching old movies Violet listens to her grandmother s music and wears her grandmother s clothing, as a way of connecting Violet s been so alone since her grandmother Freddie died, unable to connect with her brother, who she loves but who also irritates her with the way he treats girls Tucholke sets the scene well, with the spooky giant house, the sleepy town disconnected in some way from modernity, and the slower pace of life Tucholke s writing fits the narrative well, though it isn t a style that especially speaks to me.The characters all felt pretty flat to me too, though that could be due to Vi s impaired mental state The only one I really connected to was Neely, who was for me the most likable in a flawed and strange bunch The portrayal of Sunshine upset me especially, as she never actually DOES anything, except hook up with Luke, Violet s brother, even though she knows he s seeing another girl too Sunshine gets called a whore, beat up, terrified and all sorts of things, but the reader never gets a sense that there s anythingthan that to her She s shown as entirely vacuous and vain, living solely to hook up with any willing guy All of the characters seem pretty similarly one note, but Sunshine was the most distressing.One of the aspects I didn t care for, as it so often is, is the romance between River and Violet Now, as the blurb suggests, Violet s instalove for him does have a reason behind it, so, though painful, that s legit He can mess with her mind somehow and create these feelings in her, which speaks strongly to abusive relationships and could send a powerful message Unfortunately, I didn t get a real sense of the change he wrought in her, since the book opens pretty much with his arrival, so I never really got a sense of Violet as a person, because I knew her so briefly before her every thought became suspect I can see where Tucholke put in clues to the brainwashing effect, like how Vi s initial analysis of River s appearance differed greatly once her mind started clouding, but it wasn t quite enough to help me differentiate regular Vi from River s Vi.SPOILERS BEGIN HERE view spoiler For a while there, though, once Vi realized what was going on, everything was great, in the sense that it was creepy and everyone knew that their relationship was unhealthy I was totally on board with that However, the kiss of death for the romance came when, mind clear, Violet still wants River Girl, NO She knows that he lied to her, that he messed with her mind, and that he nearly compelled her to have sex with him, but she still thinks she might be in love with him THAT I am not okay with At all I mean, maybe it s going to be yet another twist of her mind being tampered with, but that would be a bit much.During the point where I thought I was going to give Devil 3.5 stars, Vi was skeptical of River and trying to fight his affect on her She also was learning just how much of a creep he was River has killed people Tons of them I thought that was awesome, and I was looking forward to her taking him out Well, turns out that River s innocent, at least of some of it SURPRISE TWIST An insane half brother with similar powers has been stalking River and framing him for evil deeds in Vi s town No So much no to this It s overly convenient for one thing and it comes across as a way to excuse River for the things he s done, which is, frankly, bullshit Though some parts of Devil were fantastic, I just could not enjoy it personally To me, River does not belong as a love interest but a villain, and everything felt forced in such a way as to not put him in that role hide spoiler 4.5 stars If the idea of Tennessee Williams writing a supernatural gothic novel interests you, you will not want to miss this Shrieking, wild eyed, descent into madness horror I LOVED IT Review to come. Their faces were white And grim They glared at me, streaks of pale moonlight sweeping across their cheeks They looked somber and gruesome and not like kids at all Highly atmospheric, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea is a haunting tale of evil and family secrets for every Gothic horror fan Although most Gothics are set in the past, this one is not, but it takes place in an old and tired estate which gives this book the perfect ancient feel It s not long before strange things start happening in Violet s extremely small, quaint town, setting about hair raising goosebumps that last throughout First we get frightening legends about a kidnapper in a retired tunnel, then creepy kids walking around the cemetery claiming to have seen the devil, but it doesn t end there from start to finish, this book emits a great and eerie vibe that is all mostly due to the excellent way the setting comes alive I could easily picture myself walking these trails, visualizing the cemetery, the collapsed, seemingly haunted tunnel, and the old house by the sea Citizen Kane Big enough to have its own name, this manor just vibrates with secrets and old family histories I love how it gives you chills, yet it s sort of a beautiful kind of dramatic mansion I could hear the house creak and feel the drafts It was fantastically brought to life Great effort was equally spent conjuring the town it s located in Echo glows from its mystique It is one of those tiny towns where everybody knows everyone else s secrets, and if one family has done something gossip worthy, the whole town comes together and shuns them which is what is happening to our protagonist, Violet Violet was brought up by artists who have since abandoned their kids for a life of paintings and museums in Paris Consequently, living alone with her brother, Violet has becomes a little of a recluse, and I liked how eccentric this made her She can often be seen wearing one of her grandmother s old fashioned dresses with no care of how odd she looks But mostly, I respected her for doing everything she could to keep food on the table, putting the guest house up for rent for instance She never expected to have anyone respond, let alone the young man who arrives It s not a secret that something is off with River from the start, especially when after his arrival things start getting bizarre His character left me in constant anxiety and intrigue, I knew not to trust him, yet, he has a way of charming you regardless By their side stands Violet s brother, Luke, and their neighbor, Sunshine, who add an amusing tone to the book I enjoyed the brother sister banter as much as I adored Luke s protectiveness of Violet It s a great cast all around with sometimes clashing, sometimes matching personalities that I thought perfect for the story There are also a few new faces that come into the mix for some surprises down the road While it never became something I viewed as a negative aspect of the novel, the romance is one thing I was not completely crazy about I simply didn t emotionally connected to it as much as we were meant to I do place some blame on the simple fact that I never truly trusted River we were not expected to either The mystery surrounding his character kept my heart at arm s length, even or particularly when Violet was happy in her oblivion Once his secret is out, I became leery for other reasons, not knowing exactly how much it affected Violet It s not an easy romance It is, however, definitely unique When you learn of the secret River bears, you re made to be evenfascinated by him as we re still left unsure of both his true nature and his agenda How evil is he, exactly Because there is clear evil out and about From devil sightings to torture, some pretty disturbing images are generated from this book Though I have read worse, it is not for the faint of heart Mysterious, ominous, and also incredibly gorgeous, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea aka Book of Long Title is a story for all Gothic horror lovers who crave a rich atmosphere and originality The cover portrays it perfectlyI liked to cut her, just a little, and watch her cry It passed the timeAn advance copy was provided by the publisher for review.Forof my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads DNF at p 200 This book promised to be a gorgeously terrifying gothic horror, but for me, it ended up being a cheesy bad ghost or devil, I should say story To call it a nightmare would imply that I was emotionally moved intrigued, nervous, scared and the only feeling I had for it was disappointment that it was so silly I really tried to like the book, but I just felt Tucholke missed so many opportunities with this one because it had potential to be so great ELEMENTS OF STYLE WORLD BUILDING First of all, the writing felt elementary and was very simple, which would have been fine, but I was hoping Tucholke was going to throw me into a creepy, dark setting I pictured Sleepy Hollow for the town of Echo and Jane Eyre s Thornfield Hall for Citizen Kane But the world building was weak, at best, with bare minimum description of setting or anything else With such a premise, I was waiting to see that beautiful writing with descriptive imagery Unfortunately, it never came to be.And as for symbolism and analogies I was hoping Tucholke was going somewhere with them because she name dropped several books and stories including William Faulkner and Agatha Christie I suppose I get the idea of where Violet was coming from, but she treated them so frivolously that there is no impact of their possible symbolism to the story.Also, there was potential for the paintings to be used as such, but they weren t either There was one instance where Luke was painting a girl holding her shadow, and there was a lot of potential here to possibly compare the girl to Violet or maybe even River But his metaphor seems almost backwards If the shadow is the one that needs her support, why is it her that feels like she doesn t exist Unless I m not understanding correctly or I m lacking an imagination, I would think it should be the other way around, right Who knows CHARACTERS Now I m just going to put this out there I do not like the characters in this book Any of them At all.Violet is eccentrically odd and not in the spunky kind of wayof the quiet girl with strange, disturbing thoughts that you have to watch out for And I guess that would have been fine if she had been the villain in the book, but she wasn t She was different, yeah I get that But she was also pretty much without friends, and Tucholke never really set up the scene for us that way, except with Luke s occasional derogatory remarks Totally different from her twin.Speaking of the twin, I couldn t stand Luke Yes, I understand that Tucholke set him up to be a total and utter douchebag But I never understood why he was the way he was I know siblings fight, but their relationship was unnecessarily degrading It was never explained why Luke was so nasty to Violet if he was jealous of her growing up, if he had a bad childhood with Freddie or the parents, why it made him feelmanly to bully her It was just annoying, especially in the scene where he had taken off his pinstriped jacket and began to flex his pectoral muscles in the way that Violet hated No, they weren t outside on a hot day, where he felt the need to cool off and use that opportunity to show off It was just a random scene Um, okay I guess I Tucholke s purpose was to make him such a bad seed where he had room to change at the end Still, I think the character building was so flawed with his case, that it was hard to care about him.And Sunshine Can someone slap her please Again, I suppose the point was to make her as a self centered bitch so her personality can improve after everything they ve been through Like Luke, i felt she was too conveniently flawed so Tucholke would have the perfect set up for later Stop fighting Both of you It interrupts my flirting But wow, just get her to shut up and go away.River West I m sorry, but he creeped me out from the beginning I know he s supposed to be the mysterious stranger that shows up out of nowhere, so you re not sure if you can trust him But I thought his lines were very cheesy and anything but smooth In fact, if a guy tried to say some of those things to me, I would roll my eyes and try to stay far, far away So, okay, Violet is lonely, and attention from a hot boy is exactly something that would make her melt, and there may be the addition of being under the influence or something like that Still, at least make him a Rico Suave instead of some creepy stalker guy.I won t mention any other characters because I don t want to ruin the story But I do want to say that how convenient it is that the parents are gone and that other parental figures are just about absent from this book do not like what Tucholke did to Freddie s character And by the end of the book, connections were made, but Tucholke didn t really hone in on their significance I get the Will thing, but who cares about John PLOT STORY DEVELOPMENT First, it took forever to get there, and even when it did, it wasn t clearly formed into a coherent thought I kind of wish she stuck to one thing instead of trying to throw in twists and turns none of with was unpredictable, by the way to keep the readers interested.I won t say much about the plot except that it s silly I mean no disrespect to Tucholke, but really THAT was the story behind everything I was really hoping for something huge And I was so disappointed to find out the truth.But back to the story development I called it I called it at the mention of Texas, and I called it in the attic and the aftermath And it really messed up everything that Tucholke was building toward That s all I m doing to say about it.All in all, I think there was a lot of potential for this to be a truly amazing, beautifully written, gothically descriptive, twistedly haunting horror story Tucholke had so much there that was already in place to be such But the fact that it lacked world building, had unlikable characters, slow developing plot and a scattered storyline, I just felt that it failed to live up to its potential I really tried hard to like it I just couldn t. Can t wait to read this Love the sound of the premise Almost has a Heathers feel to it, for those of us who remember the 80 s flick YUM I do love me a bad boy Update WHY ISN T THERE A TEN STAR OPTION This book is amazing Gothic atmosphere, check Creepy bloody horror scenes, check Hot guys, check, check Unpredictable outcome, check again I m officially a fan of Ms Tucholke When is the next one coming out Edit THE COVERRRRRRR, LORD HAVE MERCY I need this book in my life RIGHT NOW.I seriously cannot wait for it to come out.SO EXCITED. His name is River West, Sunshine slipped in And Violet s decided she s going to be mad as a hatter in love with him Sunshine was dead right, and we both knew it River West Sunshine Black Rose Redding True White Violet White Blue Hoffman.Did you pick up a copy of US Weekly by mistake Oh, these silly celebrities and their strange baby names Oh, wait, no These are some of the names of the characters within this book I should have known something was wrong when our big man, River West, sauntered up to the aging ballerina house in his pressed linen pants and his wallet full of benjamins and his fifties car What do they always say Listen to your instincts I never listenand I am always drawn to a beautiful cover In my defense, that is a gorgeous cover, people.All these high ratings, I can t help but feel like I m missing something I didn t understand this book, I really don t I think it was a waste of the time spent reading it The writing is lovely, although it leans towards the side of purple prose at times This book tries to sell itself off as Gothic and it does have a gothic feel to it by way of the ancient rotting house and the small town setting the writing reinforces this, and it really is beautiful.This book has a timeless feel to it, which is how a good gothic styled book should be It s supposedly set in the present day, but I feel like this book could easily be set in the 1950s or 60s by the old fashioned atmosphere of the book The town itself feels out of place in modern time the town is still focused on social standing and family history, there are the odd eccentrics I actually think this book hasof a lazy, summery cicada chirping, mint julep sipping, American Southern atmosphere to it Our main character Violet also has her head phased solidly in the past, wearing her dead grandmother Freddie s old clothes, reading her letters and reminiscing through her nostalgic tales of the Grand Old Days when the White family still had money to go along with their status.I always feel bad giving a poor rating for quality writing, but to me, the writing was all that this book had going for it.What is severely lacking is the plot Read the summary, because I honestly have no idea what I just read I didn t know what the big mystery was, I didn t feel like there was a sense of anything urgent that I was supposed to expectit was dull It feelslike a summer contemporary YA with some scary paranormal children of the corn elements sprinkled into it for shits and giggles Things just happen out of nowhere, for no reason the plot did not follow any reasonable expectations, the story just diverged into whatever direction it felt like As with a lot of paranormal type YA this year, this book completely fails in delivering an intriguing plot and believable, complex characters The summary promised me faded decadence and the thrilling dread of gothic horror, but this book only delivered on the former, not the latter.I didn t hate Violet, but I didn t like her character either She has a personality, that of the annoying kid in your class who constantly quotes obscure authors and factoids at you and unwittingly make you feel bad that you didn t get the reference Violet is a reader, she loves books, and makes rather pretentious references to them throughout the story Her twin brother Luke, describes her bestWe all know you re a smug bookworm, sister Stop showing offThere were seriously so many references to art, poetry, music, literature throughout the book It would be a fun scavenger hunt for a reader, but for me, it just made me dislike Violetand think of her as a smug hipster prone to bragging about all the obscure shit she knows that others don t.Jack Kerouac Aldous Huxley Faust W H Auden Wuthering Heights James Faulkner Cab Calloway Zane Grey An American in Paris Jackson Pollock Impressionism Casablance Fucking enough already, you re smart, we know that, Violet.Have I mentioned I hate insta love Let me re emphasize I hate insta love, and it really is insta love with River the moment he quite literally swaggers into her life like a swanky 40s Clark Gable Violet, who has never been in love until now, who has never expressed interest in anyone in all of her 17 years, who is a stark contrast to her slutty alpha male twin brother Luke, takes one look at River and madly falls for him Their attraction is inexplicable, instant, and incredibly painful for a rational reader to see I breathed in the warm, boy smell of him, the smell of leaves and autumn air and midnight and tomatoes and olive oil His face nestled into my hair, and the last thought I had before I fell asleep was that I d known River all of one day and yet it felt like years and years. There s also a sad attempt at a love triangle, too Nope, nope, nope Run, don t walk.River is not even an attractive character He s good looking, certainly, because god forbid Violet should fall in love with an ugly guy He s good looking, he even sleeps beautifully, like a woodland creature or someone under a fairy spell Sweet and pretty and quiet, with glossy eyelids and mouth in a soft pout His personality is not at all attractive in short, he is a fucking psychopath, and yet Violet maintains her delusion for him anyway It s foolish, and makes me think the less of Violet for yet another failure in her astoundingly dull character.There was no point for the existence of her twin brother Luke, or his pseudo gf fuck buddy Sunshine in the book The only purpose I can think of is that they serve to be the carnal, sexual foil to the sparkling pureness of the innocent and all that is holy Violet.Sunshine s character bothered me too, the portrayal of her character borders on insidious slut shaming Sunshine is an unabashedly sexual creature, she flirts shamelessly with Luke, she shows off her body, particularly her breasts Even if it s not outrightly stated BY Violet, as the reader, I get the sense that our narrator disapproves of Sunshine scarnal nature There s a very holier than thou Mary Magdalene feeling of disapproval towards Sunshine.In summation there was no discernible plot there is action, but it largely made no sense, and I did not enjoy the book for anything besides the writing. JAUNARY 2015So I reread this book a while ago because when I read it initially I couldn t put my finger on why I didn t like it After rereading it I realized what I didn t like I felt like it was somewhat sexist And I couldn t get behind the romance because of the way that River uses his power ability to force Violet to do things, sometimes physical It was just not okay with me It seemed like the author was aiming for a sort of angsty romance but it wasdisturbing then anything else JANUARY 2014I would give this a 3.5 I really enjoyed this book It was definitely different then most books that I read More of a creepy book I had a few problems with the characters, at times they were a bit annoying and the plot seemed far fetched at times but I read this book in a matter of hours so it obviously kept my attention It was very intriguing and I always wanted to know what was going to happen next While this is not the best book I ve ever read I did enjoy it and I am definitely going to read the sequel when it is released Also the cover is gorgeous.

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April Genevieve Tucholke is the author of Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Between the Spark and the Burn, and Wink Poppy Midnight She also curated the horror anthology Slasher Girls Monster Boys She has received five starred reviews and her novels have been chosen for the Junior Library Guild, Kids Indie Next picks, and YALSA Teens Top Ten When she s not writing, April likes wal

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