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Bell, Book, and Sandals Sometimes Life Can Be A Real Witch Meet Maxie Duncan Your Average Year Old Blonde If You Can Call Being Wealthy, Gorgeous, And Knowing What The Future Holds At Times, Average After Her Fianc Blindsides Her With A Breakup At Their Favorite Restaurant, She Leaves Maine For A Shot At Being Hollywood S New It Girl There S Only One Problem She S Never Acted A Day In Her Life When A Big Hollywood Director Sends Her Packing, She Realizes If She Wants To Stay In LA She May Have To Become A Normal Girl After All But Normal Has Never Been In The Cards For Her Strange Things Keep Happening Wherever She Goes, A Red Eyed Shadow No One Else Sees Is Stalking Her, And To Top It Off, She May Be Falling In Love Again, With Either The Bookish Guy Next Door, Or Hollywood S Hottest Leading Man But Everything Isn T What It Seems Someone S Keeping Secrets From Her Is It Her New Friends At The Apartment Building She Moved Into Or Is It Ryan Everheart, The Actor Who Wants To Sweep Her Off Her Feet And Why Are Her Feet Suddenly Floating Off The Ground It S Enough To Drive A Girl Insane All Maxie Wants To Do Is Ride Off Into The Sunset With Her One True Love And Find A Killer Pair Of Manolo Blahniks On The Way But How S A Girl Supposed To Focus On A Love Life And Shopping When Everywhere She Turns Someone Or Something Is Trying To Kill Her This was a fun little story with a girl who was annoying but seemed to grow a bit The characters were fairly real to life because I really disliked Maxie when she started acting all stuck up and that type of dislike is reserved for someone I can relate to The story got me interested and kept me interested to the very end with a few twists I did not see coming Maxie is a little rich girl who thought she was going to have the perfect little rich life Then her fiancee dumps her just weeks before their wedding for a nobody girl named Sunday Unhappy and just wanting to get away she runs to Hollywood thinking that she can become an actress, even though she has never acted a day in her life, and that she will become famous Well, that is not the case and she ends up having to actually work for the first time in her life She is lucky enough to find someone who offers her a place to live and a job.When she meets Ryan, a real movie star and starts a relationship with him she starts to turn her back on the people who took her in and helped her Thinking that she is meant for better things than simply working for a living But there are things she does not know about Ryan or herself for that matter When she finds out things are going to change in ways she could not have seen.I got into this story and the characters and was hoping for , but have been unable to find the next book. The main character was vain, shallow, and a stereotype of the rich girl There was absolutely no depth to this novel at all Thankfully it was not that long, and it was a freebie. I received this book as part of the Bewitching Book Tours in return for a honest review Maxine is all set to marry her high school sweetheart when he sends her a text asking her to show up at their place, which she expects to be good new since it s the place he proposed, she never expected him to break up with her After her fiance breaks up with Maxine she decides just like that it s time to move to L.A to become a actress.Maxine isn t prepared for what it takes to be a actress at her first audition she doesn t bring her head shot photo or a resume and her acting doesn t dazzle them Even though it didn t go as planned after a little pep talk Maxie decides to stay in L.A she even moves into a apartment called Enchantment Cove Maxie even get s a job, and is amazed when she makes it the first four hours At her job she meets her crush Ryan Everheart who happens to be working on the movie she tried out for As if fate had a hand Ryan is head over heels for Maxie putting her on cloud nine but something strange is going on she just can t put her finger on it Her new L.A friends don t want her spending time with Ryan but she s to head over heels for Ryan to listen Then she s attacked by a stranger with large front teeth in the elevator and saved by a shadow creature After being rescued by her friends after found bleeding in the elevator the truth comes out changing her life forever It s a whirl wind adventure full enough to keep Maxie busy and she just needs to stay alive I really enjoyed reading Bell, Book, and Sandals it s a entertaining read Maxie has such a great personality reminds myself a lot of me in the emotional aspect since I m not blonde or rich The book delves right in drawing the read and not letting go till the end I actually couldn t put it down and had to finish it in one sitting I feel that character are well written you have a good perspective who they are, and it makes it easier to relate to them I also love paranormal romance stories and this one was great I enjoyed the mystery in the story flows along smoothly which is something I enjoy in a good book, plus I love it when I find new twists Overall a very well written first book, and I can t wait to read the next one since I loved this one. When I was in 2nd grade or so, I read the best book ever No Flying in the House by Betty Brock For her own protection, Annabel s parents had left her with only a 3 inch white dog named Gloria to keep her safe Long story short, Belinda, an evil fairy tells Annabel she actually is a fairy and Gloria and her parents lied to her Proof was that Annabel could kiss her elbow Annabel could do it easily but no one else she knew could do it So naturally, I spent the rest of childhood trying to kiss my elbow because I was pretty sure I actually was a fairy but hadn t been told of my special abilities.What s this have to do with Bell, Book, and Sandals Good question About halfway through this book, when Maxie suddenly discovered at 23 she was not only a witch, but an extremely powerful witch, I thought, Oh my gosh This is No Flying in the House for grown ups So the book was fine I don t know if I am into the plot line any Then add in the battles between witches and vamps I was set up not to like the book.However, Webb did handle the now trite characters in a unique manner Which is selling point.This is a quick light read Enjoyable No fantastic, but certainly not bad either. Maxie Duncan is the typical poor little rich girl She gets dumped by her fiance for another woman Knows how to do nothing but be arm candy, so she decides to run off to Hollywood to be an actress Once she s there she believes she ll take the city by storm but she s really just another face in the crowd She blows her first audition instead of figuring out what to do to learn how to act, she has a meltdown in the hotel hallway.This is where she meets her new BFF Evangaline Van takes her home to be her new roomie Maxie tries and spectacularly fails at her first 2 attempts at regular jobs Most likely because she again has no clue what she s doing But Van believes she d be perfect working at the hotel So she goes to work for Van where she meets movie star Ryan Everhart, who promptly asks her out She s starstruck immediately accepts even though she s made plans with Van s boyfriend s bestie All three of her new friends try to warn her away from Ryan, but none of them give her any concrete details Wham, bam Instant love for Ryan Maxie.Then strange things start happening Maxie starts to be attacked by strange people And other strange things happen as well Then she discovers she s a witch And Ryan s a vampire And Ryan s family wants to use her in a vampire power play. Rich and spoiled, but sweet and naive sums up Maxie Duncan nicely She isn t ashamed of being who she is, and acknowledges her faults, but she wants to be something than a rich man s wife Little does she know just how much she really is I love other books from Melissa Webb, and the Maxie Duncan series doesn t disappoint. Bell, Book, and Sandals a true delight I didn t know what to expect when I started reading this book, but it sure surprised me A nice surprise I must say It was very entertaining and watching this witch come into her own with the help of her new friends was something else Just a fun and interesting read for anyone wanting some good times and some adventure too. I am so excited about this book BELL, BOOK, AND SANDALS is one of the most delightful novels I ve read lately It s true to both the paranormal and the chick lit genre, and readers who are looking for the next weekend read will love this.When Maxie Duncan s fiance dumps her, she decides it s time for a drastic change She moves from Maine to Hollywood, determined to live off her good looks instead of her parents overflowing bank accounts But at the first audition she attempts, she gets her dreams crushed Luckily, not everyone in Hollywood is out to get her she stumbles into a quirky but loveable set of friends, and Maxie finds herself living on her own and loving it.Then, as if things weren t already good enough, she gets a chance to go on a date with the hottest leading man in Hollywood But when something seems too good to be true, it usually is Maxie s life is about to take a turn for the weird.Fans of Shopaholic will love Maxie s innocent, sassy demeanor, and readers who enjoy a magical twist will love the strange world that Maxie tumbles into Get ready for a delightful read I can t wait for of Maxie s adventures Intriguing

About the Author: Melissa L. Webb

I m an author who enjoys all things paranormal I currently live between the ocean and the redwoods in Northern California, with my dog, Buffy.

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